Weekend Musings :: Lovely Links and Recent News Articles, 3 Jan 16

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L O V E L Y  L I N K S :: 

* Celebrities: A cool Instagram Feed of Celebrity Photographs and Quotes. 
* Interview:  The CEO of an Exclusive Art Club on Career-Building and Balance. 
* Health: Radiant Rejuvenation
* Photography: Time Magazine’s Top 100 Photographs of 2015. 
* Music: Top 100 DJs, selected by Resident readers’ poll.  
R E C E N T  N E W S   A R T I C L E S :: 
Health and Well-Being:  France Figured out to make its grocery stores feed more people
* Science: 15 science breakthroughs from 2015 that made our world a little better.
* Gun Control:  Obama details executive action on gun restrictions.
* Foreign Affairs:  Saudi Arabia cuts ties with Iran over execution of cleric .
* Business: Markets sharply lower to start 2016 after China triggers worldwide sell-off.
W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S :: The few days of leisure after the Holidays and before returning to work are always precious.  For me, it is a time to rejuvenate, relax and rethink my approach and attitude for the year ahead.  My new attitude for 2016? Positivity and being grateful!  As for this past weekend, ironically, we had absolutely no snow up to Christmas day, but then the storm came which caused a bit of chaos for a few days, but led my husband, grandson and I to go snowshoeing.  Hope your week is off to a great start, xo  

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