Weekend Musings :: Lovely Links and Recent News Articles, 29 Dec 14

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L O V E L Y  L I N K S ::
* Beauty :: A One-Minute Timelasped Video featuring 100 years of Hair Styles and Makeup. 
* Style Inspiration :: Sweater Dress with Over-the-Knee Boots.
* Beauty :: Perfectly Soft Hair [in case you missed it!].
* Reading :: A Beautiful Mess‘ Favourite Posts of 2014 and This is Glamorous‘ Favourite Articles of 2014.
* Fashion :: A Video Interview with Kate Moss about the Industry.

R E C E N T  N E W S  A R T I C L E S ::

* Science :: The Most Beautiful Space Photos of 2014.
* Fashion :: A Timeline of Fashion “The Year in Style“.
* Culture :: The Story behind Madonna’s Release of Six Surprise Songs.
* Health :: [not really news, but a great reference anyways] Tracey Anderson on Getting and Staying Fit for 2015.
* Business :: Looking to 2015, Economists see Five Reasons to Celebrate.

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W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S :: Can’t believe in a few days, it will be 2015.  Have to say, with the exception of two very special events, 2014 hasn’t been that much of a memorable year.  In July, my husband and I had the pleasure to welcome our third grandchild, adorable Kelly-Anne.  We’re truly blessed and she has such a lovely personality already at six months.  Secondly, in September was the launch of this blog.  I am extremely happy and fortunate to have this platform to express my creativity and would like to personally thank everyone that has stopped by and/or followed/liked it. Although all is working well technically, there are plans in the near future to revamp the home page to make it more visually appealing. There will also be a few exciting collaborations coming soon.  It has been a long and stressful year, but am looking forward to a more enriching and authentic year ahead, full of adventures and insights.  Until next time, xo
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