Weekend Musings :: Lovely Links and Recent News Articles, 18 Jan 15

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L O V E L Y  L I N K S ::

* Art :: Pretty Paintings.
* Pinterest :: Carefree and summery-inspired pins.
* Travel :: 5 tips to help you save money while traveling.
* Finances :: A guide to stay financially on track from now until December.
* Colour Inspiration :: Camel and Black.

R E C E N T  N E W S  A R T I C L E S ::

* Career :: 7 Classic Tips on Creating a Career you Love.
* Health :: Why you can’t rely on calorie counts and what to do instead.
* Food :: 6 Easy Vegan Recipes for Everyday Meals.
* Intelligence :: Why is Einstein the Poster Boy for Genius.
* Art :: Let’s Make 2015 the Year we all Start Painting

W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S ::  It’s been one of those weekends.  One which was spent reflecting and resting. Tomorrow I start a four-day work week for the next several months.  Exploring my creativity, mediation and yoga will be top on the list of things to do on those days off from work.  It is now time to slow the pace and to concentrate on me.  With that, I wish you all the best for your week ahead and thank you for stopping by.

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