Weekend Musings :: Lovely Links and Recent News Articles, 11 Nov 14

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First off, to all our fallen heroes, lest we forget.

L O V E L Y  L I N K S ::

* Travel :: Top 10 Cities to visit in 2015.
* Delectable Recipe :: Spiced Fava Bean Soup with Rice and Tomatoes.
* Current Obsessions :: the cutest beanie and this crossbody bag.
* Culture :: Leonard Lauder on Cubism.
* Fashion News :: Cara Delevingne divulges her mini Mulberry collection.

R E C E N T  N E W S  A R T I C L E S  ::

* Art News :: Andy Warhol’s Missing Elizabeth Taylor Work in Court.
* Health News :: Decoding the Brain.
* Celebrity News :: Jian Ghomesian’s Implosion was Overdue.
* Current Events :: Five current news stories.
* Planet News :: Earth’s magnetic field flips more often.

W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S ::
The weekend flew by and now we are Tuesday, realizing that my weekend links weren’t posted, am soooo terribly late, but better late than never.  Weekend shopping, planning for the Holidays and taking time to relax, baking ginger and raspberry muffins, has just been the best.  There are many, many new projects in play that I can’t wait to share with you, and there is never enough time, but for now, wishing you all a beautiful week ahead, xo
Images :: No. 1 // No. 2 [unknown]  // No. 3 // No. 4 // No. 5 // No. 6

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