Weekend Musings :: Lovely Links and Recent News Articles, 11 Jan 15

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L O V E L Y  L I N K S ::
* Delectable Recipe :: Plum Tarts with Honey and Black Pepper.
* Weekend Style :: Wardrobe Staples and a Top Knot.
* Beauty :: 5 Inspiring French Twist Ponytails.
* A Perfect Birthday Gift :: Don’t you love Pinterest’s secret boards? Well, I have posted some great ideas for birthday gifts and just had to share this one — Zodiac Watercolor Giclee Fine Art Print on Etsy.
* Literature :: Book Review:  Outline by Rachel Cusk [Note:  Adding this book to my Surprise Gifts Secret Pinterest Board, for myself!].
R E C E N T  N E W S  A R T I C L E S ::
* Current Events :: Paris‘ Rally against Terrorism.
* Science :: Cousins of Earth found deep in Space. 
* Television :: New Streaming Services Are Changing TV and Viewers too. 
* Lifestyle :: How to Get What you Want. 
* Architecture  :: Museums as Architectural Masterpieces
* Travel :: Travel Photographer of the Year 2014 Winners — in pictures.

W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S ::  Hello everyone!  How was your first week back to work from the Holidays?  For me, it was a bit stressful, as we had bitter cold days, of ice and snow storms. Am sensing enormous changes occurring at my place of work, and am feeling that it is also time for me to move on.  I have been wanting to change professions before retiring for a long time, am now thinking this is the right time to reach out to hiring managers and see what will result. Over here on the blog, ideas are plentiful, but it is the time to put these posts together that I just can’t find.  Therefore, look forward to more frequent posts, but with less images.   The travel category has been lacking, because I haven’t quite figured out a creative way of bringing my ideas together.  I am reading a lot of online magazines, so I’ll bring in a few screenshots of interesting articles as well.  Last week’s Weekend Musings article mentioned one of my resolutions is to tackle my debt;  it isn’t large for my income, but I don’t like debt and so this weekend am happy to report that grocery planning was my first focus and I’m thrilled it resulted in some great savings.  This upcoming week I look forward to taking my first free yoga class at work.  Lastly, I witnessed my granddaughters getting their ears pierced and they did so bravely, not shedding one tear.  My oldest granddaughter also got her first haircut!  She is 3.5 years old and to see her sitting in a beauty salon chair was priceless [refer to soon-to-be posted instagram images].  I hope your week ahead is a great one, xo  
Images:  No. 1 [edited by Forever Champagne] // No. 2 // No. 3 // No. 4 // No. 5 // No. 6

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