Weekend Musings :: Lovely Links and Recent News Articles, 1 May 16

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L O V E L Y  L I N K S  :: 
* Bloglovin:  Haven’t had time to discover new blogs, so here a nice round up from one of my favourites.
* Travel:  A great resource for travelling.
* Art:  Serene and perfect; a great collection; and another.
* Gift Guides: for Mother’s Day // No. 1 // No. 2 // No. 3 // No. 4 .
* Coveting:  this balm; this backpack; this scarf; these pjs and this frayed denim overalls.
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R E C E N T  N E W S  A R T I C L E S ::

* Music:  Review of Drake’s latest album, Views.
* Science:  Understanding the principles of travelling the speed of light.
* A Monarchial Update:  Princess Charlotte is a Feminist in the Making [and see new snaps of her here].
* Syria:  Desperate bid to save Syria truce as Aleppo bombed.
* Currency:  Craig Wright revealed as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

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W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S :: Have taken up running again, along with my eldest daughter and husband, while still keeping up the 30-minute, every other day, cardio-abs-weight exercises have been doing for the last six months.  It has been gruelling, but am seeing results.  My thought about exercise, is that there has to be variety and you just have to make the time to do it.  Variety for me is getting outdoors.  While I like running, am also looking to playing tennis soon.  I hope your weekend was wonderful and wishing you a great start for the week ahead.  Oh, and am also wishing for warmer weather 🙂  Linda, xo

No. 1 // No. 2 // No. 3 

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