Weekend Musings :: Lovely & Interesting Links, 30 Oct 17


L O V E L Y  & I N T E R E S T I N G  L I N K S ::

* A Noteworthy Collaboration:  have long, long admired the art of the Unskilled Worker (found via Instagram) and was therefore not surprised of her collaboration with Gucci, no less!

* Entertainment:  If you haven’t already watched or heard (unlikely) of the new season release of Stranger Things, here is a fresher of season one!

* Fashion: in case you missed it and are looking for a warm coat this winter, have a peek at this post of my curated collection of shearling and faux-fur coats.  Also, inspired by the Net-a-Porter’s recent The Edit, have just purchased this less expensive version of this black patent coat.

* Art:  How to Talk about Art – A Beginner’s Guide.

* Business, Fashion, Design & Art:  There is a new wave of boutique/showrooms popping up to provide shoppers with a new retail experience, which I am really happy about.  Some who have already embarked on the trend and trailblazing are:  the Apartment (NYC) and (Los Angeles) by the Line and Sézane’s L’Appartement in Paris and New York!  Also, learned about this annual art and design exhibition located in a Paris apartment recently via This is Glamorous.

* Current skincare favourites:  For nighttime cleansing, love, love this one. And for an overnight lip treatment (good to get into the habit now to keep your lips kissable during the fall to winter months) I really recommend this one.  Also, I am really loving this newly purchased youth preserving moisturizer, which is truly effective and smells so divine.

* Health:  6 Psychology Tricks from Research to Get into Shape

* Coveting these nighttime skincare beauties:  this sleep oil, followed (always) by this moisturizer and this treatment.

* Mind Booster10 Daily Simple Habits to Get Smarter.

* Royals:  Princess Margaret, the late younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, lived a luxurious life with a decadent morning routine that could have given a young Marie Antoinette a run for her money.



W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S :: First off, thank you for your patience!  Unfortunately, life took a terrible turn since my retirement in mid-September, with a personal family issue that occurred almost immediately thereafter.  All I can say for now is that… life is extremely precious and we should make the most of every single moment, cherishing and investing in the connections we make and relationships we establish, especially with loved ones and family members.  As for me, I continue to be on a personal journey, the objective of which is to dabble in whichever creative outlet I feel like pursuing on any given day, for example, blogging, photography, painting, creating collages, etc.  Truth be told, I felt a bit lost at first, and still am actually, without any of those imposing deadlines or accountability forced upon us from our employers, but I know this is a process and a journey which can’t be forced and I am really grateful to have this time of self-reflection and to be finally living a stress-free life!  This past week, I tackled a few technical blogging issues that I have been avoiding and am happy to have introduced the Edit which was created as a separate page for the blog and will be updated on a regular basis.  On Saturday, I went to a Halloween party at the Museum of History, which was a blast!  If you caught my instagram stories earlier in the week, you would have seen both a preview (test run) and final Day of the Dead Halloween look, which was inspired by Sincerely Jules’ look last year; this year’s version is that of a chic hobo!  I hope you had a fabulous weekend and that your week ahead is truly enjoyable, productive and a memorable one!

Images:  via Forever Champagne tumblr.

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