Weekend Musings :: Lovely and Interesting Links, 7 Aug 17


L O V E L Y  &  I N T E R E S T I N G   L I N K S ::

* Body beautiful : Benefits of dry brushing

* Travel : An Insider’s Guide To Alaçatı, Turkey’s Hidden Coastal Gem. 

* Photography & Provence : You must absolutely follow Jamie Beck‘s adventures in Provence, France and her exquisite self-photography essays, such as her rendition of the The Last Supper

* Health : The 39 Best Ways to Burn the Most Calories in an Hour. 

* Science : This Giant Exoplanet has a Glowing Atmosphere.

* Summer Staples : these stunning shoes; this one-shoulder ruffled silk blouse; this gorgeous skirt and this coveted jean jacket.

* Literature & Travel : 19 Novels to Stoke your Wanderlust . 

* Recipes : 31 easy summer recipes to make this month; one for each day of August. 

* Art : Lavish Show Celebrates 70th anniversary of the fashion house that Christian Dior built.

* Art : Only in New York, 10 World-Famous Paintings Exhibited in NYC



W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S :: It certainly feels like summer is slipping away. I really do not know how to digest the fact that we have had, in the National Capital Region and to date, the highest rainfall in Ottawa’s history.  That being said, when we did have sun, it was well spent, as planned, leisurely at poolside, very early mornings until Noon, strategically tanning and reading up on the series of books by this author. Not the absolute best, but still a pleasant way to spend time.  We are fortunate this summer to be celebrating a number of outstanding exhibits and events to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, such as MosaïCanada, La Machine and others (which I haven’t experienced yet, but tickets are purchased for August 20!).  MosaïCanada and La Machine were excellent and are highly recommended [note: La Machine is now over].  Lastly, in case you haven’t read the previous Weekend Musing post, I am now on vacation and will not be returning to work, as I am officially retiring from the Public Service of Canada after 35 years of dedicated service. Which means all my time has been freed up to build my brand!  I hope you will enjoy the new and exciting changes to come!!

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