Weekend Musings :: Lovely and Interesting Links, 4 Sep 17


This Weekend Musings Post features events from the 74th Venice International Film Festival, the line up of new TV Fall Shows (am most excited for the new Will & Grace that will start on September 28!) and some sage advice for places to take great instagram photographs in New York City, and much more.



L O V E L Y   A N D  I N T E R E S T I N G  L I N K S :

* Film:  The 2017 74th Venice International Film Festival, currently on until September 9, and the loveliest red carpet appearance and again here.

* Television:  The best new Fall 2017 TV shows.

* 20th Anniversary of Princess Diana’s death:  The People’s Princess and here and here.

* Travel:  Foods to avoid eating before a flight.

* Fitness:  Yoga poses to improve your core.

* Health:  5 Surprising Ways Sleep affects the Brain.

* Blogger Advice:  Noteworthy places in New York City to take Instagram Photos.

* Décor:  Searching for a mirror, search no more!

* Currently coveting:  this velvet classic purse;  and this one for its lovely colour.

* Pinterest:  Spent the weekend cleaning up boards and pinning.like crazy… help me reach 16K!


W E E K E N D  M U S I N G S :: So the long Labour Day weekend has come and gone and we are now officially in La Rentrée.  Over the weekend North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic test missile Hwasong-14, the aftershock of which was felt in Montréal and life is just beautiful! I wish I didn’t have to write this, but this event has played on my mind over the weekend… not only are we threatened by terrorists on our soil during everyday activities, we now have missiles to worry about and we are in the hands of two idiots!  Aside from that, the weekend was spent binge watching movies on Sunday and Monday because of relentless rain!  I have a few parcels coming in the mail, which is guaranteed to cheer me up and will show you them on instagram stories!  A bevvie of posts are already done and will be coming out this week.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and that your week is off to a great start!

All images from Forever Champagne Tumblr

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