The Notables :: Mix Items: No. 1, January 2020

Already halfway through January 2020! I hope all is going well for you so far.  In this round-up I am taking a different approach and sharing some of the items that I have recently purchased, with accompanying justification for my choice, and introducing other notable possessions that I am coveting.  My guiding principle for such purchases is sustainability, choosing first second hand and/or products that align with my (consumerism) values.

  1. These Swarovski crystal imitation pearl & 14k-gold fill earrings by Beck Jewels were first brought to my attention by a long time favourite blogger, Jacey Duprie, Creator of Damsel in Dior. Every time she wears them makes me want them more and more, see here for her version.  They are such an elegant yet modern twist on a pearl earring, which I am almost never wearing.  Perfect choice for special events, or to glam up a casual look.  The price point makes them appealing too. These are definitely on my wish list.
  2. You must already be aware, but in case you are not, Project H from Canada’s luxury retailer, Holt Renfrew, connects consumers, causes, and communities to inspire a new generation of purposeful luxury and to drive positive change in the world, which makes checking out their site for unique gifts of this nature very worthwhile. I was on the hunt for some vintage coasters on Etsy, but these handmade iraca palm coasters may just end up being the ones I end up getting.  
  3. I can visualize this vintage designer chair in my current home, or any of the other spaces I dream about from time to time, regardless of design period.  The chair was designed by Eero Saarinen in 1948 for the Knoll furniture company.  While an authentic Eero Saarinen womb chair can cost about $13K, which is definitely out of my price range, a second hand replica would be ideal for a reupholstery project, in sheepskin as shown above.  I may also buy a replica first hand and have a sheepskin cover made, so that I can swap out looks depending on season and my mood! This style of chair will also match nicely with my existing oval tulip table, from the same designer. I am on the hunt!  
  4. There are only a few Canadian beauty sites that sell only clean products.  The Detox Market is such a site and their selection of products are just enough to keep it interesting.  I have purchased a number of products, including their monthly box, from them and they are such a lovely company to deal with.  I’ve had my ‘eye’ on this eye balm for some time.  This particular balm is a powerful blend of Botanical E, organic shea butter, pomegranate and sea kelp. It helps to smooth, firm and provide continuous hydration day and night.  Full disclosure, I haven’t yet tried it, but 100% of the ingredients is from natural origin of which 91% is from organic farming, which makes me feel good about it.  I can’t put a product that is too harsh around my eye area, as I am very sensitive there and will tear up if the product is too powerful. As some of you will know, about seven months ago I embarked on a quest to get through all my products, full size and samples before purchasing anything new. Like my wardrobe, I am intent on a simplified and focussed beauty routine. 
  5. This poppy-tie vegan leather shirt, purchased second-hand (yay!), by Nanushka is mine! It is being shipped today and I can’t wait to show you how I plan to style it!  I have long admired the designer of Nanushka, Sandra Sandor, for her signature style of confident ease and subtle femininity.  I am on a quest for a thoughtful and carefully curated wardrobe, pieces that will stand the test of time and I am so excited for this addition.  Stay tune for further updates.
  6. Isn’t this card holder from Chloé a beauty!!  I gave up large wallets years ago and haven’t missed it at all.  Not only has removing the additional weight of a fully packed wallet from my purse diminished back and shoulder pain, there is peace of mind in knowing that I would have only a few cards to cancel should they be stolen or lost. I will keep my eye on luxury resale sites for it, but if I do buy first hand, know that it is because I take very good care of designer items, in the event I decide to put them up for consignment.
  7. These alabaster napkin rings were spotted when I was on the hunt for an alabaster lamp (next).  My sister-in-law had requested napkin rings for Christmas, but ended up receiving something else on her wish list. So when I saw these, I thought how lovely they would be for her upcoming birthday.  Unfortunately, this retailer, does not ship to Canada. I couldn’t resist sharing them as they are true beauties for someone to snag!
  8. This blog post from the lovely Ashley over at Brunch on Chestnut had me coveting something I never knew I wanted — an alabaster lamp!  Ideally, a vintage lamp is preferred, but if I can’t find one in my area (they are costly to ship given their weight), both my husband and I really like this one, available by this Canadian retailer (at an exceptional price point) and that offers free shipping and does not charge for duties or brokerage fees!  I am also coveting, and actually prefer, this one, albeit more expensive, and this pendant
  9. Another from Holt Renfrew’s H Project, are these super soft organic cotton jersey lounge pants.  Exactly what is required to get me through the winter months. Best of all, they are currently on sale. 
  10.  The Monk who Sold His Ferrari is a must read book! With more than four million copies sold in 51 languages, it is not just me that thinks so.  I just picked it up from my library on Saturday am already half-way through.  The principles of this book are so timeless, and a good reminder to invest in self-care, as the benefits are truly transformative, in all areas of one’s life!

Thank you for visiting and please do comment, if only to say hello!  Working on more blog posts for this week, so come back soon. Bisou, Linda

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