Sunday’s Seven :: 31 Jan 21



Hello!  It is has definitely been a minute (well months actually)! A belated Happy New Year!!  All is well on my end, just coping with the pandemic in my own way.  I hope you are all doing well?  For those of you who have subscribed to my newsletter will know from January’s, the newsletter will be sent out on a monthly basis.  You can subscribe here if it interests you.


This post is the first of what I aim to provide consistently, bringing you fresh content of items that have caught my eye.  I have called it “Sunday’s Seven“.  Seven items that I will share here on Sundays and to stories in Instagram


All these curated beauties come directly from Moda Operandi ~ a favourite retailer of mine!  And if you haven’t noticed, particularly spring inspired and items currently on sale!!  I think it will be easier to bring you curated items from one brand/retailer as it frustrates me to no end when others link items from different sources in one post and before I know I have like 10 different shopping carts on the go.  I’ll tag the brand/retailer each time, so that you can search for any in particular and eventually I will group them together so that it will be even easier to find.  All in due time… slow going here getting back into the swing of things!  


And for transparency, all items from this series are affiliate links… which means that there is a very small percentage from the sale that will come to me should you decide to purchase.  I will always post items that I have either purchased or would genuinely want to purchase myself or someone special.


That’s it for me!  Happy Sunday shopping and I can’t wait to bring you more content.  


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