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Capsule Collection, Autumn Edition No. 1

A lot has been written recently about how to be sustainable with our wardrobes, and rightly so.  My struggle in reviving my blog and posting regularly has been, quite frankly, in finding both a niche and the unpleasant realization that I might be contributing to the purchase of more clothing.  This is not my objective.  My objective is to inspire you with ideas, to either look at what you already possess and consider new ways to make those items relevant again, or/and to make thoughtful purchases for items that may be missing.  In this particular post, I describe the appeal of the items featured and why I believe they would form an ideal autumn capsule collection, to last for the long run, or at least until they are passed on to another to be re-lived for another decade or so of enjoyment. See my recap at the end of the post.



Style // No. 8, 13, 14, 15, 17 & 18 ::  The style pieces featured in this post may be a bit pricey, but they are only to provide a visual presentation of foundational pieces that, in my opinion, could form a capsule collection for autumn.  The pleated trouser.  I love classics and pleated pants are definitely popular again, which suggests that they will always make a come back.  Investing in the classics, at the top end of whichever price point you can afford, will ensure that you are getting quality that will last.  Look for similar pieces from luxury consignment retailers, such as The Real Real, the OutNet or Vestiaire.  You can also search E-bay and Etsy.  I paired these trousers with an off-white long sleeve versatile sweater that would look equally beautiful with a silk cream skirt.  Classic black pumps or knee-high boots (leather, faux croc, suede) finishes the look.  No. 18 features an outfit, at a very reasonable price point, from Massimo Dutti, which is a sister company to Zara, but higher-end, focussed on classics.

Sweater // Wool Trousers // Knee High Boots // Cream Silk Skirt // Suede Pumps // Flannel Wool Trousers

Accessories // No. 3, 4, 7, 9 & 11 ::  Here is where we have a bit of fun, either to jump onto a trend, or using accessories to inject personality in your style.  I prefer the latter.  The hair clips are definitely a trend, as are the earrings, trendy but worth splurging for this up and coming designer.  I consider sunglasses a worthy investment.  They really can add immediate interest to an otherwise basic minimal outfit, think black leggings, white shirt and black loafers.  I will therefore splurge on sunglasses and purses.  A Chanel bag is always a wise purchase.  This particular one is up for grabs on The Real Real.  My rationale for considering this bag for purchase, rather than a classic 2.55, double flap or Boy, which typically would be the default first-time Chanel purchase, is that there are so many other beautiful everyday black leather purses at a much lower price point, think Boyy or Loewe’s Puzzle Bag. Regardless of the fact that I am super careful with my handbags and daily use would pay for itself, I would prefer to invest in a Chanel bag that is a bit different and unique, whether for the colour, material or style.  The beauty and appeal of this bag is that it is so unique and for my style, fulfills that part of me that seeks to be somewhat different to others, yet subtly so (more of this point will be explained in a future post)!

Wool Scarf // Fur Bag // Earrings // Sunglasses // Hair Clips

Beauty // No. 5, 6 & 12 ::  I absolutely love beauty products, but my lord they are expensive!  Given I rarely react to products, I fell into the trap of purchasing a massive amount of products the past two years, falling victim to multiple choices of cleansers, toners, serums, etc., and trends (i.e., 12-step Korean routine), which hit my wallet way too hard.  Really, who needs so many multiple products to tackle two issues, lacklustre and dehydrated skin in my case?  Lesson learned the hard way! However, I do not regret that I got to explore clean brands.  I have a few that I absolutely love and will post about them in a future post.  At present I am going through my existing products (including samples) and only then will I purchase, but more wisely.  As much as I want a product to be absolutely effective, for me, it is also about the texture, scent, ease of use and (don’t judge) the aesthetic of the packaging that will prompt me to investigate and then purchase.  I love rose, floral or citrus scented products.  Thus why, I have featured two rose-scented products in this post, the hand wash from Byredo and the vitamin C serum from a new to me clean brand, Femmue.  I love the idea of having a dedicated hand wash in my handbag.  Tell me, is there anyone who loves a public washroom hand wash? The best part of this product is that it is rinse-free!  Can’t wait to try it out.  The Tom Ford lipstick from his Boys & Girls line is a new shade for me (I still love my neutrals though), so will apply sparingly for day wear or full on, for a dramatic look.

Lipstick in Shade Jordan OT // Rinse-free Hand Wash // Vitamin C Serum

Decor // No. 1, 2, 10 & 16 :: Art and decor items, thoughtfully curated, not based on trends, but classics which have stood the test of time and have retained their value is my recommendation going forward.  These purchases may pinch your wallet at first, but there should never be regrets here.  Choose what you absolutely love and magically it will work itself out.  Add new items slowly.  Be adventurous in positioning.  In doing so, you will be amazed how your initial (default, or obvious) choice is actually better elsewhere in your space.  Consult an interior decorator if you are uncertain about the price point, or need advice for collecting within a certain period, or even identifying which period you predominately prefer, e.g., contemporary, mid-century, traditional, etc.  Lastly, I read and agree with the recommendation that every space needs a bit of black, thus the beautiful bowl from a Canadian online boutique of quality home goods for simple living.

Abstract Art // Pendant // Mango Wood Bowl // Tiffany Lamp


Recap – My Capsule Collection Guidelines – Autumn Edition, No. 1

Recommend to always purchase used, or if new, from a brand that is ethical and has sustainable practices.  Also, if new, wait for sales, especially if it is a luxury item

A pleated wool trouser (consider a slightly cropped & flared version, or cuffed for a more modern look, in a neutral colour of your choice, black recommended)

A versatile lightweight long sleeve sweater (in every neutral colour, wool, cashmere or merino recommended)

A silk skirt (in cream and black)

Classic black pumps (suede over leather)

Knee high boots (preferably with a mid block heel (for comfort), or flat.  Higher heels can come later, as a splurge)

Invest in sunglasses and purses (decide whether resale is your endgame, then  choose a designer accordingly, but if not, consider buying something unique to personalize)

Top Image:  Azahara Fernandez

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