Décor Inspiration :: Spotlight, Summer Thornton Design

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* hello and happy Friday! The new year has filled me with inspiration and I am pleased to share with you this lovely pied-a-terre in Chicago’s famed art deco Palmolive building. The talented designer, Summer Thornton of Summer Thornton Design created this fabulous art-deco inspired retreat. Read below for some of Summer’s design advice…

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Summer Thornton’s design advice: 

* Do at least one thing your mother wouldn’t 
* Reference the past, don’t repeat it
* Use patterns and colors recklessly! 
* Insist on natural fabrics
* Colors don’t clash 
* Never say never 
* More is more 
* Always say no to faux
* Every home should have at least one thing from a flea market 
* Traditional designs need-not be boring 
* God’s neutral is green
* Fresh flowers are a room’s best accessory 
* No great room was ever designed without taking a risk 
* If your neighbours are doing it, you probably shouldn’t

All images and design tips from Summer Thornton Design. Follow Summer’s Inspiration Pinterest Board, you’ll not be disappointed!


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