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If you happen to be looking to purchase an apartment in Paris, look no further than this beauty.  A+B Kasha is  recognized in creating meticulously designed, turnkey apartments in the heart of Paris since 2004.  Alon and Betsy Kasha’s design philosophy is to respect the beauty and character of each property while updating it for modern living. That plus their incredible attention to detail set A+B Kasha apart from the rest. They are careful to incorporate modern conveniences while maintaining the original architectural character of each property. Wall and ceiling moldings discretely hide air-conditioning and heating fixtures; original wood flooring is painstakingly restored and re-laid; walls and floors are insulated and soundproofed when needed; double-pane, shatter-proof glass windows are installed.  
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Source:  A+B Real Estate; site discovered via This is Glamorous.

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