Personal Notes :: Why I Thrift

I have always enjoyed thrifting for myself.  I consider Etsy as a form of thrifting, but most of my thrift shopping is either done at Value Village or Saint Vincent de Paul stores.  There is an undeniable rush in scoring a treasure that sparks a little something from within.  Although I use to thrift on occasion years back, recently this past time was rekindled and now I may go as often as two times a month.  Time easily stands still when I thrift, because I am so present in the moment.  I particularly enjoy thrifting for art books, cookbooks, jewelry (as photographed in this post), handbags and home decor items.  One of my most outstanding finds included a fur coat (seen here) for a mere $39.00!  On occasion I come across items that have clearly been donated from a retailer, likely as an overstock item, with the price tag still on!   While I can appreciate that thrifting is not for everyone, I take comfort in the fact that my purchases are helping the community, people in need and is sustainable!  Before summer ends, I plan to take a train to Montréal to thrift at a few stores.  I may videotape the experience and share it…. what do you think, would you be interested in watching my adventure?





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