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Boy, has the summer flown by!  Looking back, I am very happy to say that we created a lot of beautiful memories.  Most memorable and forever to be cherished was our family vacation in Prince Edward Island, Canada, taken with my husband and his father, our daughters, their husbands and our grandchildren.  A separate post on that trip is in the works.  Autumn is my favourite season and I presume for a lot of other people too!  Below are a few personal reasons why I love fall. 
On the blog front, as previously mentioned I plan to get more personal, in order to eventually switch to mostly original content.  I reached out to a local rising star photographer and we will be meeting on Sunday to discuss the type of photography that will best suit my brand.  My goal is to share more of my style and taste for interiors.  This will obviously be a work in process, as I haven’t done this before — that is focusing on me and working with a photographer to create visual stories.  I am nervous, but in a good way.  Obviously mistakes will be made, which is why I need to hear from everyone following along in order to get timely feedback so I can adapt accordingly to what interests you.
Some upcoming blog post ideas include tips to consider in switching up your beauty routine for autumn and winter, how to identify & create a signature style & tips for creating a beautiful and warm ambience in your home, but to name a few.  My hope is to work with Canadian merchants and experts in preparing for these posts, as I really want to focus on our Canadian talent, see here for my first feature.


autumn love

* crisp air

* the sunlight, unlike no other, perfect for photography

* leaves, the changing of their colours

* cooking comfort foods (at least attempting to!)

* watching new television shows

* snuggling before a fire, and enjoying all the sensory pleasures that only a wood fire can provide, i.e., the smell and hearing the crackling of the logs

* walks or hiking in the Gatineau Park

* exploring new wines

* Thanksgiving & Halloween

* candles, candles and more candles

* taking long leisurely baths (with said candles!)

what are your autumn loves?

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