Moodboard & Musings :: May 2020



So much has happened since April! We’ve spent one entire month in isolation due to COVID-19! Scary times, yet some glimmer of hope, as our country (Canada), and others (Italy, yay!), are slowly lifting restrictions. Without dampening this positive news, personally, am a bit apprehensive that Canada, in particular, may be acting too fast.  Time will tell.  Let’s be and stay positive & follow health safety guidelines diligently!! 

Although it has been quiet here on the blog, behind the scenes, I was busy creating a second Pinterest Board (with many subsections) to support Canadian businesses!  My first Board was focussed on home decor/design products, whereas this latest Board is dedicated to fashion & jewellery designers that are 100% Canadian; that is to say, designed and produced in Canada.  I’ve had so much fun finding and curating my favourites!  It took a lot of my time, truth be told, which is why I publicly released the Board before creating a blog post to promote it!  Not to fear, I will create one soon.  In addition to putting a spotlight on a number of gems, I will also provide a reference list of Canadian fashion online retailers that carry international brands. There are so many that I was unaware of.  My plan of action is to subscribe to everyone’s newsletters to be kept informed of any sales, etc. and to share these with you! I will update my sidebar to promote these businesses.  More on this and much more will be revealed in the post.
Aside from the blog, there have been no new subscribers to my newsletter, which truth be told, affected my momentum.  Although I know readers like consistency and regularity, it was never my intention to put out a weekly newsletter because I just can’t commit to that level of intensity at this time.  But, I am working on an Etsy exclusive to reveal my favourite shops and my tips and advice to scoring special finds, like the collectible crystal candle holders I recently purchased and posted about on my IG feed!  If you are curious to learn more and want exclusive content, subscribe here!

Lastly, my creative journey continued this past month, as I delved more deeply into creating collages again.  I am determined to create an authentic and elevate aesthetic.  I know, practice, practice!
May the month of May bring you positive energy, continued good health and joy! Take it one day at a time 🙂


p.s. there have been so many heartbreaking and overwhelming events that occurred in April (some personal and others on a national level), that I choose not to specifically mention in this post, simply to avoid causing anyone reading undue grief or anxiety.  But do know that my thoughts go out to those directly or indirectly affected. As for those personal incidents, everyone is doing well now. We are, indeed, very blessed.. our lives go on, for which I am eternally grateful. Never take anything or anyone for granted.

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