Moodboard & Musings :: May 2018


Welcome May and a return to blogging!

My intentions for the month of May are to ::

  • be fully aware of my camera’s features and to practice photography every day.  My first serious camera purchase was a Nikon D5100.  For my husband and I’s 2016 European cruise, we purchased an Olympus OM-D E-M10 for its compactness and image quality.  It is a beautiful camera and travels easily.  Since then, I have only taken out the camera for birthdays and occasionally on weekends when I think there might be something worth photographing. This is such a waste of opportunity.  The Olympus has so many features, which is great, but also a bit overwhelming. The trick is to master a few and then explore other features when I feel more confident.  With the Nikon, I had taken a photography course and was determined on never setting it to automatic, which was foolish, but I convinced myself it was necessary in order to learn the camera well before relying on the automatic settings.  It became too overbearing.  With the Olympus, I took the reverse approach — using only the automatic setting in order to focus on developing my creative instincts, like composition, light etc.  However, this past weekend, I felt extremely frustrated in the fact that I had not mastered my camera.  It is my hope to bring my own photography to the blog.  For now, will aim to practice daily.  That said, all the beauty shots (posts) on my Instagram account are taken by me.


  •  practice positivity and gratitude.  There are ongoing family obligations that will necessitate putting off my post-retirement celebration trip.  Next February is a special wedding anniversary milestone, so we would like, and by then, will need to take a sun and beach vacation.  I have seen so many trips taken to Tulum and feel this would be a great destination for this purpose.  With three trips to Hawaii under our belt, a destination which is hard to beat, I think Tulum will not disappoint if I can convince my husband to go — he is reluctant to go to Mexico for safety reasons.  Morocco was originally my post-retirement destination for a solo trip, a yoga retreat, however, due to affordability, there are only so many trips that can be taken in the same year.  I would rather aim for Tulum in February and then return to Italy, i.e., the Amalfi coast, or Barcelona, Spain in the summer.


  • blog again.  The winter was long and the abstract art class I took from January to April helped.  The class gave me an enormous appreciation for the artist’s creative journey, determination and instincts that are necessary to produce a beautiful painting, with thoughtful composition, colour and individual style.  It is not simple. I have always been interested in a variety of creative outlets, but master of none (lol!). I gave abstract art four months, which is not long, but I didn’t feel a passion for it, as I had hoped, in order to continue trying to perfect it. I won’t give it up completely, but I have to be realistic, it isn’t the creative outlet that I look forward diving into.  With family obligations and the art class, I didn’t want the blog to suffer or detract from those priorities, so I put it aside.  Also, truth be told, I felt a bit distain believing I had to prescribe to a certain blogging ritual, technique, formula — call it what you will — in order to achieve the “numbers” for that level of recognition that we supposedly need to feel is worth the effort.  Mixed into this, was identifying what my niche would be.  I still haven’t figured it out. Currently, I am really into skincare and trying to focus on well being.  I love fashion, but have always gravitated towards the high-end market — that will likely never stop, so the idea of pursuing more affordable retail sites for endless hours to offer fashion insights, is not appealing to me — others can and do a much better job than I.  I also love beautiful imagery and when I visit my Pinterest or Tumblr platforms, I feel really inspired.  The following quote by the late Diane Vreeland, noted columnist and editor in the field of fashion, sums up my blogging mission nicely:  “There’s only one thing in life, and that’s the continual renewal of inspiration.”  I would like to think that I am contributing to one’s need for a “continual renewal of inspiration”.  I also love to curate objects. I am especially addicted to 1stdibs.  This month, I will try to explore these areas of interests to, hopefully, bring you something different and unique.

Hope your month is a happy, rewarding and adventurous one! It would be great to hear what your intentions are for this month.  

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