Moodboard & Musings :: March 2020


Already the 3rd month of the year and am so ready for spring! Not much to report on, but my neighbourhood has been under non-stop construction for about two years now, yes, even during winter.  Optimism aside for all the new businesses and new library that will be within walking distance this summer, I can no longer handle the sound of trucks beeping as they back up! I sometimes walk around the condo with my bose headphones, the ones that completely block out noise.  Speaking of libraries, I completed a few books and will be sharing what I have read and my thoughts in a separate upcoming post.

On another subject, the most anticipated fashion month of the year has just ended.  New York, London, Milan and Paris’ Fall Ready-to-Wear collections.  So much to take in.  I have noticed a few trends that are worth splurging on, so will create a separate post on that soon. As an aside, recently came home from the library with about 6 reference books on fashion.  A sudden interest to know more about the industry but mainly due to an idea that has been slowly taking shape {p.s. more on that subject to come in time}! 

Not much is on my personal agenda for March.  I still haven’t taken a trip to Montreal, which I had been hoping to do via train, but atlas Indigenous peoples have been protesting a natural gas pipeline development in the west of Canada, however the rail blockades have spread all over the country, causing enormous economic strain.  The plan was to go to Montreal to go antique and consignment shopping.  I might just drive up, weather permitting.
If you are looking for a show to watch, would highly recommend watching Schitt’s Creek! (see trailer image from Netflix below). The show has recently gained popularity, but it is in its final season which is not yet available on Netflix, leaving plenty of time to catch up.  However, if you are in Canada, all the seasons, including the current and final season, can be streamed for free via the CBC Gem app.


Best, Linda


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