Moodboard & Musings :: February 2020


February 2020.  So happy January is (finally) over!  As you may know, I wrote a blog post on setting new routines.  I hope you have been successful in tackling any new goals you may have set for yourself and that they are fully ingrained into your daily habits.  If so, congratulations!  If, however, you are struggling, do not despair!  Just carry on and know you CAN DO IT!   

While winter can be so cruel, it can also be wonderful, at the same time.  Ottawa is currently celebrating Winterlude up to February 17, 2020, so there is no lack of opportunity to go out and play!  
On the blog front, had a bit of a spurt and then tapered off again, but this was due to some expected (and unexpected) family obligations.  February should be a slow month, which I plan to fill by generating as many record blog posts as possible!
Wishing you all the very best this month.

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