Moodboard & Musings :: September 2019


S E P T E M B E R  …  the final goodbye kiss to summer…

September has always been my favourite month of the year.  This may have to do in large part because it is my birthday month.  Aside from that very important point (wink, wink), September is special to me for all that is represents — the potential for new beginnings, the crisp air, unique sunlight and a final fling with summery days and nights.  Unlike January with its implied obligatory resolution or intention setting, I feel more enthusiastic for new projects or goals come September.  Perhaps it is the weather’s slow transition from one season to another.  I for one, will be focussing more on creating content for all my social media outlets, but mainly on this blog, with the incorporation of  personal content, while amping up the inspirational content.  As for projects, I would love to take a pottery class or another photography course.  There are also a myriad of small projects, like knitting an oversized chunky mohair sweater or completing a painting that I will be proud to actually display, etc.  I am also determine to go to Montréal myself by train in order to go vintage and antique shopping.

As we transition from sun kissed tans and champagne coloured swimsuits into snuggly creams, ivories and winter whites, remember to always find gratitude and to set your mindset to positivity, to all that can be!

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