Lovely Inspiration :: Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas & Gift Suggestions

image:  guy aroch for So It Goes Magazine, Fall/Winter 2015

Am a bit late with Valentine ideas, and rather then spend time providing a mood board of products, etc, am taking the following approach.  Hopefully you approve, especially if you are just now searching for ideas on how to celebrate and what to purchase.  But before diving in, let’s take a moment to reflect that Valentine is about expressing your affection for loved ones, not solely for a significant other (partner).  Therefore, if you are without a partner, reach out to those you are thankful for having in your life.  Alternatively, give the singles in your life some extra attention.  Best to celebrate or express your affection in small, yet thoughtful ways rather than purchasing a gift (although one is always welcomed).  Get creative and try creating an experience to be remembered, whether romantic or anything fun.  Below are a few ideas:

Ideas that are easy on the wallet $$:

No. 1.  Purchase a vintage valentine card, beautiful stationary or get those that kids get for school buddies and include candies, chocolate or homemade cookies. Write a heartfelt note of your affection for the recipient.  If you are able to indulge, top it off with either flowers (arranged & purchased from a florist, not the supermarket), a bottle of wine and/or a sweet treat that you can both enjoy.

No. 2.  Take a picnic outdoors, yes even during winter!  Go for an evening walk or go snowshoeing under the stars, stop along the way and have a quick picnic.  Bring along a packsack with your camera, a pillar candle, matches, a bottle of wine & wine glasses (break-proof), or thermos with beverage of choice, select cheeses, crackers, dates or dried fruits.  Enjoy, take photographs, then hurry back home to get warm under the covers!

No. 3.  Stay away from the television for the entire evening and plan an elegant dinner at home with candles & music, slow dance, followed by secretly writing out adventures you would like to do together for the year ahead, then pick them at random a week or so before a designated monthly date night to act on the suggestion.  This then becomes the valentine gift that keeps on giving.

No. 4.  Instead of preparing an elaborate dinner, purchase a great bottle of wine and order-in your favourite meal or a pizza or make a charcuterie board, then spend the evening (at least a part of it) painting a canvas (supplies purchased in advance), as your gift for each other.  

No. 5.  Choose a favourite photo of yourself with the recipient and have it professionally printed to be placed in a picture frame. 

No. 6.  Personally select a poem and hand write it yourself on beautiful stationary, sign and date it.  If you are a woman, leave your lipstick print on the poem and/or lightly spray the paper with fragrance the recipient most favours on you.

Ideas that are a bit more lavish $$$-$$$$:

No. 7.  Book a hotel for the night.  Include dinner at the hotel restaurant, or order room service (sneak in a bottle of bubbly).

No. 8.  Try a spa date.  In my area, there is the Nordik Spa.

No. 9.  Purchase a gift (suggestions below), included with a valentine card or a handwritten note of affection:

For HerBody polish & oil, bath salts, jewelry case, candle, lingerie (sexy, elegant or every-day elevated), perfume & vase.

For HimFavourite candy, candle, skincare, hair balm, belt, glovesfancy sockspost-shaving lotion, breakfast cookbook, slippers, & cashmere beanie





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