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First off, so terribly sorry for not posting since November 16th!  The truth of the matter is that my computer had a complete melt down.  It took us a few days to determine the cost to repair it, but it was simply not worth it in the longterm; so it was decided, given this blog is a business venture, to invest in a brand new Macbook Air.  Tonight is the first opportunity to post [all back-up material restored, etc], given this was a post in draft, I decided to go with this one….
This is the first in a series of posts brought back from my previous blog… it appears most of the over 1K posts imported have failed, so am bringing them back anew… at the time of writing the post that accompanied these images back on December 28, 2011, I wrote the following… “am now enjoying free time at home with the hubby, simply relaxing and planning for the New Year… it is always a period of reflection for me… to reflect on what worked (staying authentic, being more positive and enjoying the moment), on what I want to work on (perfecting photography, cooking and finishing creative projects), on what I will refuse to let myself get trapped into (working through lunches and being around people that are not positive)… that’s it for now… btw, I received a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay and thought I would share it with you; it is called “Felina” 2010 from Argentina.  UPDATE:  the lovely necklace in image 3 can be purchased here.}”

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