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The image of this elegant dining room might not be ‘our’ situation; well it isn’t for me at least, but I do love simple, elegant dinners that make the grind of everyday weeknight dinners something to look forward to.
Over time, have been collecting some tried and true recipes, which I thought you might enjoy trying for yourselves. As some of you may know, I do not eat meat, but I do eat fish on occasion, so am a
No. 1 :: 
Bucatini with butter-roasted tomato sauce:  for an easy pasta meal with the right amount of spiciness, so easy to make and very economical.  Don’t be scared off with the inclusion of anchovies.  Their flavour is almost lost, but adds the right amount of meatiness.  Recipe here

No. 2 :: Spicy fish tacos with cabbage slaw lime crema: this recipe may take a bit more preparation time compared to the one above, but it certainly does not lack in flavour.  Recipe here.

No. 3 :: Lemon basil pizza with spinach and mozzarella:  This and the next recipe couldn’t get any easier and it is so tasteful.  Recipe here.   

No. 4 :: Roasted tomato caprese panzanella:  A classic. Get the best of summer tomatoes before it is too late.  The balsamic glaze really makes the recipe, so ensure time to make this as well. Recipe here.

No. 5 :: Pesto tortellini with asparagus and capers:  The delightful combination of fresh basil pesto and cream cheese in wonton pastry sheets paired with asparagus cooked in oil and butter and topped with honey and capers is simply divine. Recipe here.

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