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Good afternoon and hello to the start of a new week (and the last one of February)!  It also happens to be my eldest daughter’s birthday {happy birthday, Amanda!}
Newsletter ::  Some of you who follow me on Instagram may have participated in a recent poll that I launched, namely to ask whether readers would prefer a newsletter over the blog.  Surprisingly, a record 81% of you favour receiving a newsletter.  It was mentioned to me that finding the link to a particular blog article was perhaps a hindrance to accessing the blog.  While I have always had a link to the landing (front) page of the blog in the bio of my instagram feed, I can understand that finding a particular post can be somewhat difficult, especially if you’re in a catch up mode.  While I was tempted to temporarily shut down the blog, I’ve decided against it.  For one reason, I invested a lot of money in working with web designers to come up with this customized look and also, I personally like all of its features.  For example, did you know that you can use either “Popular Tags” or “Search for Articles” both located in the sidebar at the right of this post [NOTE: if reading via a mobile device, the right side bar actually shows at the end of the blog post]? Each will bring up all the articles that contain the tag of choice, but shown in different ways.  Try it out for yourself [preferably on an actual computer, but it will also work on your mobile device]. 

Getting back to a Newsletter, I am working on it!  I just have to find the right software, as I want to be the proprietor of my distribution list and I also don’t want to have to pay for future upgrades, etc.  As soon as I find one that I like (which I believe I have found), I will be notifying everyone how to subscribe.  This newsletter will definitely have a ICYMI (in case you missed it) feature, which will be a quick recap of my blog posts and links back to the blog, a section that you can glance over if you are an avid reader of the blog.  It will also have a section relating to anything of interest that I came across while perusing the internet and magazines, etc, that couldn’t be made into a blog post, something like chatting with girlfriends! Actually, I have decided to use a former feature, “Weekend Musings :: Lovely & Interesting Links” as a template.  p.s. I share more personal stuff, like what I have been up to and other random things in a monthly feature entitled “Moodboard and Musings“.


New Pinterest Board
:: I have started to pay a bit more attention to Pinterest.  I am in the process of cleaning up my  boards, but most importantly,  I recently created this board to which I’ll now be adding all of my curated finds there, so follow along and check it out!  Your support is greatly appreciated. p.s. you can also get quick access to this particular Pinterest Board via the black & white photo at the top of the blog, entitled “The Edit”, located on the right sidebar of this post and at the footer of the landing (front) page of the blog.  Note: you can always access home by clicking on the logo “Forever Champagne” at the top at any post.

Right sidebar (of a blog post) :: Speaking of the right sidebar, sometimes it will not be visible.  That is because I have chosen to use a customized format, which increases the margins of the post in question — see here and here for example.  In doing so, the right sidebar is not visible.  I will try to alternate between the default and the customized version as much as possible, but do know that anything that is of importance is usually accessible on the landing (front) page of the blog.  p.s. In case you haven’t noticed, I have recently added all my new favourite {and curated} spring items from Moda Operandi, one of my favourite retailers!  What about these shoes; to die for!!
Trying to keep this post short, so this is it for now.  Will keep you posted on the progress of the newsletter via instagram stories.  Until then, have a great week ahead. 
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