Destination :: Paris & Surrounding Countryside of France

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“Beautiful interiors at our friend’s place…I love the French countryside for all its hidden beauty! – Mauvières.
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“Un weekend à rien faire et à profiter de mes proches…”
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“Petite cour cachée”
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“One of my favorite Parisian scenes so far…A typical cafe awning, the bored writer, that sweet door & the man who just appeared at the moment to water his [plant/flowers]”
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Place De L’opera Paris.
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Musée Jacquemart-André.
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“Going to Normandy this weekend… So glad for the short break & will sneak a little hello to these lovely ones.” 
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“France is littered with beautiful ruins like this, perfect for exploring on a sunny day.” – Abbaye des Vaux de Cernay.
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“From busy Tokyo to the quiet French countryside, a happy day spent with family.  Time is the best thing you can give a loved one…” 
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“One of my favorite stores”.
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Paris, France.
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Paris, France.
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Paris, France. 
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Les Invalides – Musées Des Armées.
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“Beautiful day at my mother-in-law’s…It felt like summer!”.
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“Founded in 1686, the oldest restaurant & cafe in Paris witnessed many turbulent years, from the time of Rousseau & Voltaire to the French revolution.  My husband’s grandfather also dined here, then his own mother, then us; and perhaps generations after, this restaurant will still be here serving its wonderful coq au vin and tiramisu.  It was an evening in the best company, past & present, that one could ask for.” – Le Procope.
Source:  Images and text via the lovely @jasminetartine

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