Design :: Casa Luis Barragán & Studio, Mexico City


Casa Luis Barragán, built in 1948, represents one of the most internationally transcendent works of contemporary architecture, as acknowledged by the UNESCO when included in their 2004 World Heritage list. It is the only individual property in Latin America to have achieved such a distinct honor, being — as stated by the UNESCO itself — a masterpiece in the development of the modern movement that merges traditional and vernacular elements, as well as diverse philosophical and artistic currents throughout time, into a new synthesis.


I was on a favourite photographer’s instagram account early this morning (not to worry, after my morning routine, lol) and had a quick virtual story tour of this spectacular home and studio of the late Luis Barragán that she had visited. It moved me to create this post and share it with you.  Having never visited Mexico, it also made me want to go for the beautiful and vibrant colour combinations.  There is something to be said too about the calmness of the neutral colours in the main rooms and simple furnishings and sparse walls, allowing the architecture and/or streams of sunlight or light shadows from the lamps to be the focal points.  

Images:  Here (top 3 groupings) // Various instagram accounts (bottom two groupings).  Notice the slight variations of the ground floor (vestibule) entrance.

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