Delectable :: Peach, Cherry & Coconut Milk Slushie

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Have been following the lovely Sarah Yates’ blog, A House in the Hills for a very long time.  Drawn to her blog initially because of her yummy salad creations posted to her instagram feed, I instantly became a fan of her blog for the honest writings, her savvy style and for her strength in dealing with her health struggles.  When I saw this delicious summery treat, I knew I had to post it to my own blog… thank you Sarah for your continued inspiration!
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Ingredients ::
* 2 large, very ripe and juice peaches-halved and pits removed.
* 2 large handfuls of cherries, stems removed.
*  1 can coconut milk.
* 4 cups of ice.
Method ::
* Use a mortar and pestle to crush first the peaches, and then the cherries. Blend ice in a high powered blender until it is slushy. Remove any large chunks. Scoop ice slush into cups, filling to a little under 3/4. Top ice with spoonfuls of fruit mixture, pour coconut milk over top. Enjoy!


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Source:  A House in the Hills

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