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* Raji Radhakrishnan is the founding and principal interior designer at Raji RM & Associates.  Focused on providing interior design services for  homes both in the city and country in the areas of Washington D.C. and New York, clients rely on Raji’s vision, based on her early classical dance training and extensive travel influences, expertise and taste to create beautiful and personalized homes, rich in architectural detail and exceptional craftsmanship.
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“take designing a few steps further….like composing music, design becomes the composition of spaces, passionate compositions created with high integrity for continuous visual stimulation, always inspiring and comforting….installations of both art and furnishings are curated, spatial quality and light are observed…in essence, peace, happiness and a bit of magic is imprinted in the very air.”

– Raji Radhakrishnan

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Source:  Rajirm [disccovered via Blog About Design]

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