Décor Inspiration :: Parisian-Inspired, No. 2 [Gilles & Boissier]

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Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are opposites that attract. Joyfully engaged in constant, creative disagreement, they find inspiration: more, it’s precisely this ceaseless game of verbal and mental ping-pong that gives form to their ideas. Partners in life and in design, each one has a specific role and style, but together they form a unified whole. 
Since 2004, they have designed a variety of projects from residential to hospitality projects, luxury boutiques and lifestyle restaurants.

Presently working on the interiors of Four Season’s Hotel in Mexico, Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech and the first ever Baccarat Hotel opened in March 2015, across the street from the MoMA, New York – Gilles & Boissier thrive in translating local cultures. 
Blending elegance and creativity, Patrick and Dorothée give, in every project they direct, “carte blanche’ to an artist (like François Houtin, Cyprien Chabert or Alix Waline) to create a mural or intricate drawing, and further transform the perception of the space. 
A timeless approach to style and interiors that has brought them international recognition…

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