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What a beautifully curated treasure!  On the real-estate market in Stockholm, this gem checks off all the boxes that is my dream space.  In an attempt to train my eye on what I find aesthetically pleasing so that I can make better décor purchases in my own home, I will point out a few observations.  Let’s start with the living room (above), shall we?  I spy a lot of negative space*, filled with exquisitely well curated and placed objects.  Take for instance the protruding shelving unit, therein lies only a few pieces, a book, a decorative box and a sculpture of some sort.  The vintage lamp on the floor (no less), draws your eye immediately to it and nothing but two objects in the windows, the large vase and a sculpture in the other allow the viewer’s eye to float from one to the other seamlessly.  The gorgeous soft tone, muted palette chosen for the walls and cabinetry throughout the home creates a sense of warmth and serenity.  The enormous floral branch set on the corner table and within a vase brings a welcomed dramatic scale, that without otherwise would have left the space lacking.  The style of the couch and pillows lend a bit of a laissez-faire, welcoming ambiance that juxtaposes beautifully against the other pieces (see below) in this room.  And lastly, the smaller painting placed on the floor, opposite to the lamp is a brilliant interior décor move that I love as I can never commit to hanging artwork myself! I imagine that if hung, it would have the effect of cluttering that wall/shelf and interrupting the flow of the negative space*.

*The concept of negative space pervades all aspects of design, from art and architecture to interiors. Negative space is, quite simply, the space that surrounds an object in an image. Just as important as that object itself, negative space helps to define the boundaries of positive space and brings balance to a composition.  In  interiors, an area of negative space ensures the piece, e.g., furniture, object, art, takes centre stage, without being interrupted by any objects around them.


On the flip side of the living room are more beautifully curated art pieces and of course, the lovely chair adds such a museum-like touch to the space. I love the understated elegance of the vintage Italian brass mirror above the fireplace and scones flanking it.  I am also noticing a lot of black accents, such as the glossy black doors, the fireplace facade, the floor lamp and accent table in front of the fireplace, and the curtain rod and ceiling fixture in the living room is also black.

This welcoming kitchen is so utterly gorgeous! To me, it is a perfect blend of Scandinavian design, with touches of French Provence (ceramics, linens and wooden farm-like table and benches) and Italian elegance (the marble and brass accents).  I absolutely love the light fixtures, most especially the candle sconces on the wall opposite the cupboards; a perfect exercise of restraint!

The dining room, centrally located between the living room and kitchen, blends the best elements of both rooms, making the transition between them seamless.

Is this bedroom not flawless?  A delicate balance of moodiness and airiness. I love the touch of layering several blankets and throws on the bed, so unlike pretentious North American-style bedrooms.  Also, instead of night tables, layered with unnecessary nicknacks and matching lamps, in its place, are well appointed built-in cabinetry (even on the opposite wall — see below) for that extra storage every home definitely welcomes!  In this room, the door knobs are cut glass (instead of brass, as used in the kitchen), so French!

More strong black accents, yet strikingly so.

A serene master bathroom, predominately in marble and accents of brass hardware.

A gorgeous & inviting child’s room!

The lobby entrance is absolutely stunning, and those light fixtures would make leaving this building almost impossible.  The only reprise is that it would be such a welcoming sight after a long day at work!

Source:  Citizen Atelier


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