Canadian Spotlight :: Interior Décor Items & A New Pinterest Board

To support Canadian businesses during COVID-19, I am so thrilled to announce that I have created a resource of highly coveted & lovely items for the home — if I do say so myself!  Most items that cross my instagram feed are normally from international sources.  Thankfully, the Québec (provincial) government launched Panier Bleu, which is an online directory of businesses in Québec, so I will be using this and other sources from now on.  I had already started to profile Canadian businesses as a special feature of this blog, but it took a back seat to other posts. 

With COVID-19, I have a renewed enthusiasm to continue to highlight these exceptional businesses and products.  After a few days of scouring the internet, I just released a Pinterest Board with several sections for most areas of the home.  These boards are a curated selection of products, either made by Canadians, ranging from candles to ceramics, or are the inventory from Canadian décor businesses that have an online site.  I am so excited and feel this is just the niche that will keep this blog interesting for my fellow Canadians and followers from the States too, given the favourable currency rate!  I am just getting started and will be adding new items gradually every day, with occasional round-ups through blog posts, such as this one and a new IG story feature I will start shortly, highlighting my finds!
As an aside, I ordered the small scalloped marble bowl from Rainsford Company and the Tobacco and Ylang Ylang candle and the terracotta matches from Maison Noir!  I can’t wait to show them to you via Instagram stories and an Instagram post!  There are so many other items I am coveting, like the vases shown in this post!  As you  may know, flowers, candles & wine are my life line these days!
Do follow this Pinterest Board for new updates!
Lastly, FYI, none of the products in these boards have an affiliate link, so I am not receiving any compensation for doing this; am just a proud Canadian!!

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