Canadian Spotlight :: Fashion House, Ça Va De Soi

It is with immense pleasure that I introduce a new feature on Forever Champagne, the objective of which is to spotlight Canadian talent, whether it is related to fashion, the arts, design, a person or an event worth bringing attention to… That said, I think I will have a lot of material and inspiration to keep me blogging for years to come as we all know this country of ours is so fabulous


Yesterday, I attended an event in Ottawa hosted by ça va de soi and the lovely Alyssa Beltempo, an Ottawa blogger, to celebrate Wool Week 2017 and the Campaign for Wool.  At the heart of both Alyssa and ça va de soi’s philosophy, is slow and sustainable fashion.   A concept that I totally endorse!



Ça va de soi is a well-established fashion house in Canada with stores in Montréal (three locations), Québec, Toronto and Ottawa.  The Ottawa store is located at 519 Sussex and I encourage you to visit the boutique!  The staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable and the boutique itself is inviting and of course their knitwear is of exceptional quality.  Alyssa picked out some stylish pieces for customers (photo below) to have a look at up close and I can’t stop thinking of a beautiful soft pink long sleeve merino sweater and another beautiful red cable knit sweater that a customer was also eyeing… 

* Quote and images of the photo collage above were sourced from ça va de soi’s instagram account. 

* A point worth noting is that ça va de soi will also repair any knitwear, as well as offer a laundry service (çavanbain), staffed by meticulous craftsmen.

Gift bags included some of the soaps and accessory products to maintain the longevity of the knitwear, available in stores and online (see product photo below).


*the first photograph (above) was sourced from ça va de soi’s Instagram Stories feed.

It was a pleasure to visit the boutique, meet the owner and staff, and of course, Alyssa. 

Photography:  All images taken by me or as otherwise indicated.


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