Beauty Inspiration :: Short versus Long Hair, Which is Right for You?

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Not sure about you, but when last year’s Louis Vuitton ad campaign for their spring handbags came out featuring Michelle Williams, I was obsessed with her modern pixie hair cut and seriously thought about copying it.  However, I know from experience that keeping a short mane tame, takes a lot of maintenance, i.e, regular cuts, that never seem to do justice after the first cut.  I also didn’t know whether a hair cut this short would suit me,  so I chickened out.  However, now there is a way to determine once and for all whether short hair would suit you, and it has to do with math!  Read on… 
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Spring 2014 ad campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh.

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Color Wow International Training Director Giles Robinson picked up the trick from his mentor, John Frieda. According to Robinson, the measurement works because it helps you find “… the angle of the jawbone, which determines whether or not someone would look best with short or long hair.”
o take the 2.25-test, start by placing a pencil on the point of your chin horizontally, then hold a ruler to your earlobe vertically (the two should create a square, see below). The intersection where the two meet is your measurement. If it’s less than 2.25 inches, your face is made for short hair.” 

Source:  here

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Spring 2015 ad campaign, shot by Peter Lindbergh.

Which do you prefer for Michelle, short or long?  Or more importantly, which hair length is right for you?

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