Beauty :: Hand Care Tips and Creams for Surviving Winter

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Winter is a harsh time for our hands.  With constant changes in weather temperatures, the lack of humidity and our exposure to indoor heating—which sucks moisture out of the air— leaves our hands prone to becoming dry, chapped, itchy and flaky.   A few tips to ensuring your hands stay moisturized and soft include:

* washing hands with a mild soap or creamy hand wash rather than a sanitizer, which can further dry out your hands;

* after washing, follow promptly with a hand cream while hands are still damp.  Hand creams are specially designed for hands and are more resilient than body lotions;
* look for ingredients such as Petrolatum and Shea butter which tend to be the thicker components of moisturizers and better ensure long-lasting protection; and
* lastly, just as SPF-enriched creams shield the face and body from harmful UVA/UVB rays, you can protect your hands from sunspots and other irregularities by moisturizing on both sunny and cloudy days.
Below are a few options of hand creams on the market…

Source:  Elle Canada // Image:  here, edited by Forever Champagne for this editorial

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