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Happy Birthday Virgos!! Virgo [August 24 to September 22] :: FOMO alert! With the sun joining lucky Jupiter in Virgo until the 23rd, you’re trading in your cautious nature for the spirit of adventure. September’s the time to dabble in new activities and meet as many interesting people as you possibly can. Be sure to snap selfies as you go! You have planetary permission to strut your stuff this month — and even brag a little. On the 13th, a solar eclipse in Virgo (the first eclipse in your sign since 2007) activates your independent nature. You’ll be motivated to start fresh and pursue one of your passions with gusto! This might even include going back to school or starting an entrepreneurial venture. Don’t hesitate if a promotional opportunity comes your way. Eclipses bring big change, but you have to act quickly to capitalize on them. Fortunately, there will be lots of grounding energy, too. On September 17, stable Saturn plops down in Sagittarius and your domestic fourth house for two years. You could put down roots with a long-term rental or even purchase a place of your own.

Family obligations could weigh on you during this Saturn cycle. Don’t take on more than you can handle for your loved ones. Make a birthday present budget early in the month. From September 17 to October 9, Mercury will be retrograde in your money house, which may call for some belt-tightening. Look to the past if you need more cash. A former colleague or client may have work for you during the retrograde. Your love life will be rather nebulous this month, as Mars and Venus swamp through the vague waters of your 12th house together until the 24th. Don’t press for labels or exclusivity clauses. There may be more to the object of your affections than meets the eye. When Mars enters Virgo on the 24th, it could be YOU who wants to wriggle to freedom. And a lunar eclipse on the 27th will bring all hidden information to light, including how you REALLY feel about the one you adore. If you’re still totally into it, this eclipse could bring some epic developments for your relationship — not to mention a storehouse of sexy surprises!

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Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: Keep that suede jacket handy, Libra — to layer over your summer festival-wear, that is. You’re not quite ready to settle into “back to school” mode this September. Until the 23rd, the sun nestles in your dreamy, ethereal 12th house. Your imagination will be super-sized, making this an ideal time to develop a creative project. But you could be a little paranoid, too, and you’ll need to deal with some emotional baggage before your birthday season begins on the 23rd. Having a hard time letting go? The solar eclipse on the 13th buoys your courage, helping you release what no longer serves you. This could happen quite suddenly, too! An “earth angel” type could pop up near the 13th to be your sherpa for the emotional journey. Seek wise counsel, like a coach, therapist, spiritual guide, or holistic healer. Messenger Mercury will be in Libra all month, blessing you with the gift of gab. But from September 17 to October 9, he’ll be retrograde in Libra so really, REALLY think before you speak, tweet, or hit send on an email. Hasty thoughts — or impulsive reactions — are bound to get lost in translation.
Choose your allies wisely, too. On September 17, disciplinarian Saturn embarks on a two-plus year tour through your friendship sector. Partnering up with the RIGHT people can bring you epic happiness and success. But one rotten apple can spoil the whole barrel. Be discerning. The Festival Of Libra begins on the 23rd, when the sun beams into your sign for a month. Hit the restart button and shake off the drama from your last year of life. It’s time to focus on the new and invest in your own self-development. (Not to mention a little treat yo’self indulgence, too). On the 27th, the lunar eclipse in Aries rocks your relationship house. Big developments could come in the game of love (do we hear bells?) or you could be offered an amazing contract — a book or record deal, perhaps — or an offer to partner up for business. This comes as a result of two years of hard work. Reap those rewards and make it a double!


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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] :: Geek is chic for Scorpios this September. With the sun beaming through your tech-savvy 11th house until the 23rd, you could learn a new kind of girl code — the type that involves WordPress themes, programming languages, or new software. (The S.T.E.M. fields need you!) Or maybe you’ll record a how-to YouTube series for one of your hidden skills — or polish up your online profiles at long last. Stop being so enigmatic and let the right people search you out. Of course, that means cleaning up the tipsy tweets or questionably posed ‘grams, too. Get any such endeavors underway before Mercury turns retrograde in your shadowy 12th house from September 17 to October 9. The solar eclipse on the 13th could bring a kismet connection through social media. Teaming up on a project with other superstars will take you higher this fall. 
The BEST news of the month comes on September 17, when taskmaster Saturn ends a grueling three-year tour through Scorpio (and won’t return to your sign until 2041!) Congratulations! You’ve officially graduated from cosmic boot camp. Since October 2012, you’ve struggled, but you’ve also grown by leaps and bounds. Now, Saturn puts the focus on your wallet: How can you monetize the talents you’ve developed over the past three years? Working with a coach can help you develop a plan. The lunar eclipse on the 27th blows the whistle on bad habits. Get back on the wellness wagon and schedule routine checkups to keep your body in tune. This eclipse could bring some changes at the office, including a promotion or a re-org. Go with the flow, because your willingness to be flexible is what will peg you as a team player.
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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: Locked and loaded! A major goal is in your crosshairs this September, Sagittarius, so keep your eyes on the prize. Until the 23rd, the sun rides shotgun to lucky Jupiter (your ruling planet) in Virgo and your 10th house of success. Prestigious opportunities pop up everywhere and you’ll feel driven to pursue them, too. The Virgo solar eclipse on the 13th could launch you into a new league. Take the initiative: Start a business or talk to corporate about growth opportunities. While you’ll leap at least one rung up the ladder, slow and steady wins the REAL race. On September 17, disciplinarian Saturn hunkers down in Sagittarius until December 17, forcing you to follow due process. Wax on, wax off, o’ Sagittarius grasshopper. You’ll build lasting strength through daily practices. That includes your physical body, too. You’re an indulgent one, but Saturn helps you become a healthy hedonist now. Find enjoyment in nourishing food and exercise that doesn’t feel like punishment.

Life lightens up on the 23rd, when the sun grooves into Libra and your 11th house of teamwork and technology. Before it gets lonely at the top, seek collaborators who are on the same path. Get involved in group activities in your off time, too — and make sure they are low-pressure and pure fun. You could get on the ball with a website or YouTube channel, too. One hitch: Mercury is retrograde from September 17 to October 9. Protect your sensitive data; password-protect or change to stronger secret codes. You could also find your IRL tribe then — a group of true blue pals who share your soulful outlook on life. Mercury retrograde could bring happy reunions with a crew from back in the day. Romantically, September 27 is major. A lunar eclipse in Aries brings a heart-thumping moment. You could get engaged, pregnant, or even cut loose from an unfulfilling partnership. Get ready for your close-up as your efforts of the last two years could draw media attention, too!
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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] :: September is a “bophisticated” (bohemian and sophisticated) month for you, Capricorn, filled with travel AND some epic business moves. Until the 23rd, the sun blazes through Virgo and your free-spirited, horizon-expanding ninth house. Your backpack will be your BFF, whether you’re loading it with couchsurfing gear or books for that class you’ve been dying to take. Exciting news comes from afar near the solar eclipse on the 13th. This could even involve an airline trip, so make sure your passport is up to date. At the very least, set up Viber on your phone. On the 17th, your ruling planet Saturn flows into your dreamy, enchanted 12th house for two years. Dial down your die-hard ambition and strive for better work-life balance. Incorporate meditation, yoga, dance, art, and music into your life — or just some dedicated chill time. Believe it or not, you’ll be MORE productive when you give your brain some breaks. 
But don’t worry: You’re not going to lose your edge. On the 23rd, the sun beams into Libra and your 10th house of career, ramping up your drive for a month. Ping some professional contacts from the past while Mercury is retrograde from September 17 to October 9. There could be a successful sequel in the works! Watch out for power struggles, too. You may have to step back and let someone else be the boss…for a minute, at least. Feeling stressed? Work it out in the bedroom. Venus and Mars spend most of the month in your erotic eighth house, making a rare, exact connection on the 1st! (#FallFever) Ready to move or host a house party? The lunar eclipse on the 27th lights up your home sector and could even bring big changes under your roof.
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Aquarius [January 20 – February 19] :: Pucker up, Aquarius! September brings some exhilarating news for your love life. On the 1st, cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus host a rare, exact meetup in your relationship house. Put an end to the squabbling (hello, makeup sex!) or keep your searchbeams on high. Sparks fly with an “attractive opposite,” who might just be a recently single crush. Then, on the 13th, a scintillating solar eclipse energizes your erotic eighth house, spicing up your bedroom game. Already taken? The eclipse has “mergers and acquisitions” written all over it. Sharing resources is the way to win, whether you’re co-signing a lease with your sweetie or doubling down with coworkers on a massive project. Caught in a bad romance? Devise your exit strategy as this eclipse buoys your courage to get far, far away. 
And when sun heads into Libra on the 23rd, your travel sector will be on fire. If you’re not relocating, book an airline ticket and get outta Dodge for a spell. There’s just one hitch: From September 17 to October 9, Mercury is retrograde. It’s not that you shouldn’t travel then, but stick to reputable hotels rather than huts in the middle of Nowhereville or revisit a place you loved in the past. On the 17th, serious Saturn moves into Sagittarius and your 11th house of teamwork and technology for two-plus years. Join forces with positive, proactive, and productive people and you will soar. Got an idea for an app or invention? Set up an Indiegogo campaign or talk to investors. This wild scheme could make you rich by December 2017. BFF alert! The lunar eclipse on the 27th promotes a pal from girl crush to bestie.
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Pisces [February 20 – March 20] :: Autumn was made for lovers — well, if you’re a Pisces, that is. All September long, the sun beams through your relationship houses, putting pair bonding at the top of your agenda. Opposites attract while the sun holds court in Virgo until the 23rd. A solar eclipse on the 13th could bring a hot prospect out of the blue. Don’t do the vague Pisces thing here or you could miss your shot. Eclipses bring epic results, but you must move quickly. The same holds true for business partnerships and creative collabs. Explore any options that arise this month. If you’ve already found the Joe to your Gigi, make your relationship a bigger priority. Plan something couple-y near the eclipse on the 13th; even kick off a co-created mission, like a business venture, or the search for a shared apartment. Some Pisces could get engaged. 
Warning: Pesky Mercury turns retrograde from September 17 to October 9 in your erotic and intense eighth house. Jealousy could bubble up or you could hear from an ex. Sure, this person might still hold the #BestSexIEverHad title, but opening that door could lead to obsession. Proceed with caution. Besides, you don’t want to throw yourself off your career game. On the 17th, success-obsessed Saturn hunkers down in your career house until December 2017. You could be groomed for a leadership position, rising through the ranks one rung at a time. Be patient though, because Saturn allows for no shortcuts. September’s second eclipse — a lunar eclipse on the 27th — increases your cashflow, but forces you to be more mindful of how you spend your money.
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Aries [March 21 – April 19] :: Bring on the practical magic! September’s stars direct you to organize, systematize, and get your life running like a well-oiled machine. With the Virgo sun beaming through your sixth house of healthy routines until the 23rd, you’ll be excited to roll up your sleeves. Don’t overload your social calendar this month! Work will be busy and demanding — in a rewarding way. The Virgo solar eclipse on the 13th could bring rapid developments, like a new job, a promotion, or a challenging project that will help you put your name on the map by early 2016. Healthy living is also a hi-pri item on the agenda this month. Lace up those Air Zooms and get your fitness plan back in motion. Schedule routine checkups, massages, and acupuncture, too, since preventative medicine will help you avoid seasonal sniffles.

Love will be exciting, yet complex, this month. With Mars and Venus traveling together through your romance zone until the 24th, passion will be plentiful. But from September 17 to October 9, Mercury turns retrograde in your commitment zone. You could get cold feet about a relationship or make the mistake of letting and ex back into your life. (So disruptive!) This signal-jamming cycle could bring epic lovers’ quarrels. Then again, sometimes it takes a raw and honest argument to get everything out into the open. Think before you speak, though, and wait until that fiery temper of yours cools down. September 27 will be epic as a lunar eclipse in Aries (the third and final in an annual series of three), which puts your talents in the public eye. Step forward and shine. The hard work you’ve done since October 2013 will really pay off. Ready to embark on a brand new path? This eclipse will launch Aries 2.0 into motion!
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Taurus [April 20 – May 20] :: Ready the selfie stick, Taurus. With the Virgo sun illuminating your fifth house of fame, glamour, and romance until September 23, the attention whore in you wants a turn at the wheel. Bring on that “borrowed from the band” style — and while you’re at it, how about learning guitar or singing lead in your own group? (And hey, there’s always karaoke night…)If you’re thinking about inking, dying, or piercing anything, make your appointment before Mercury turns retrograde from September 17 to October 9. Romantically, September is high season. The Virgo solar eclipse on the 13th ignites slumbering passion. Single? Keep your love light beaming, because this eclipse could zing a sexy someone straight into your arms. Coupled Bulls could soon be celebrating a proposal, pregnancy or other milestone moment in love. While PDA could be plentiful, DO get a room. Cosmic couple Mars and Venus shack up in your domestic sector until the 24th, and playing house will be a turn on. Cook dinners together, nest, consider a lease for a cohabitation station. (Again, best to sign that before — or after — the Mercury retrograde.) 
Also, on September 17, modest Saturn moves into your sultry and intimate eighth house for two-plus years. From bedroom to boardroom buddies, you’ll be playing for keeps. Beware your jealous streak! Saturn here can make you uncharacteristically possessive. You could catalog your own secrets, too, but engaging in anything shady could bring some real penalties. The lunar eclipse on the 27th could reveal a frenemy or someone’s hidden motives. Put up a boundary and make self-protection your number-one goal. On the 23rd, the sun beams into your healthy living house for a month. Figure out your fall fitness regimen and clean your plate of junk food. Work will get busier, too. Suit up and go play ball!
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Gemini [May 21 – June 20] :: Where would you be without your girl gang, Gemini? With the Virgo sun lighting up your feminine fourth house until the 23rd, September could bring some epic ladies’ nights. Need to refresh your inner circle? The solar eclipse on the 13th illuminates a new confidante; someone who you can trust with all your secrets. You could turn over a new leaf with a female relative this month, too. Extend the olive branch and stop squabbling with your sister or your mom. Domestic matters take priority, too. Whether you’re restyling your bedroom or looking for new digs, you’ll have plenty of momentum. The eclipse on the 13th could illuminate a lucky listing or inspire you to host one of your legendary dinner parties. Planning a big decor overhaul? Get started before Mercury turns retrograde from September 17 to October 9.

Alas, Mercury’s backspin could bring some drama for your love life. You could find out some unsavory news about the one you adore. Truth or gossip? Do your own independent research before jumping to conclusions. Getting on the same page as your partner won’t be easy during the retrograde — and an ex could run some interference, too. But this won’t dissuade you from your urge to merge. On the 17th, serious Saturn hunkers down in Sagittarius and your committed relationship zone for two-plus years. Never thought you were “the marrying kind?” Guess again, Gemini, because relationships could become rock solid by December 2017. If you’ve been trying to turn a player into a prince, however, Saturn could banish the loser from your kingdom. (Good riddance…trust us.) When the sun heads into Libra for a month on the 23rd, you’ll have a bit of a romantic renaissance. New options could come out of the woodwork or you could stoke the embers with your significant other. The month wraps with a lunar eclipse on the 27th. This one could bring a major team victory or a brand-new set of friends who you’ll hang with all fall.
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Cancer [June 21 to July 22] :: If you see something, say something — at least in the first half of September. Until the 23rd, the Virgo sun lights up your third house of communication, blessing you with the gift of gab. Pitch, perform, present. You’ll have them at hello, making it easier to seal those deals. Just don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash. People will expect you to deliver on your promises. Festival season may be winding down, but your social calendar doesn’t have to suffer. Pick up the baton and get your crew organized for concerts, road trips, book signings, and more! The solar eclipse on the 13th brings a kindred spirit your way. This person could become a fast BFF. If you’re overloaded, the eclipse helps you seek a legit partner, someone you can trust as your co-pilot. But there will be some communication meltdowns, too. Mercury turns retrograde from September 17 to October 9 in your zone of home and family. Rumbling with a roommate or relative is a distinct possibility. To avoid a total meltdown, wait until cooler heads prevail before addressing conflict. 
On the positive, you could also reunite with beloved family or BFFs from back in the day. Ready for some levity in your love life? Happy news comes on the 17th, when taskmaster Saturn ends a grueling three-year tour through your romance house. You’re free to flirt, experiment, and enjoy more playdates once again. Now, Saturn hunkers down in Sagittarius and your house of work and healthy living until December 2017. Slap on the Fitbit and step up your professional game! Taking great care of your body keeps you sharp and productive. The lunar eclipse on the 27th brings a career triumph and helps you wrap the month with a feather in your cap — and an ambitious goal in your crosshairs.
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Leo [July 23 to August 22] :: September is off to a sensual start! On the 1st, cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus make an exact connection in Leo, blessing you with extraordinary powers of attraction. Your supernatural sexiness lingers all month as both planets travel through your sign until the 24th. In an LTR? Take more initiative and generate some sparks. Single? Hang on to that final rose. Upgraded options could roll in this month making you SO glad you didn’t settle. This is especially true once Venus ends a five-week retrograde on September 6! Another reason to pace yourself? Serious Saturn nestles in your love zone for two years on September 17. Once you commit, it won’t be so easy to get out — make sure you’re sure! This Saturn cycle could bring some bigger responsibilities for coupled Leos too, like a mortgage, baby, or dueling schedules. While this Saturn cycle might not be the most romantic energy, you could mature in the game of love — and attract the caring, stable type, even someone a little older.
Your moneymaking efforts get a boost from September’s stars. With the Virgo sun lighting up your income zone until the 23rd, you’ll be the office wunderkind. The solar eclipse on the 13th could bring a job offer or the inspiration to start your own business. But watch your words! Mercury will be retrograde in your communication house from September 17 to October 9. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all — and DON’T put it into a text or email. Even if you’re just venting, the snark could come back to haunt you. Make sure your passport is up to date. On the 27th, a lunar eclipse could bring news from afar or an unexpected travel opportunity.

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