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Happy Birthday Libras!! Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: Ready the tiara and put that top-shelf bubbly on ice. With the sun percolating in Libra until the 23rd, you’re zodiac royalty. Although you’re the sign that rules partnerships, your independent spirit is shining bright like a diamond. Gift yourself an experience that helps you develop your personal passions: acting lessons, a weekend yoga retreat, French immersion in Paris. But wait until after October 9 to actually book anything, because Mercury will be retrograde — in Libra, no less — until then. Alas, getting people to understand your perspective could prove frustrating early this month. Develop your grand ideas on the DL; then, plan your big reveal during the Libra new moon (your personal cosmic New Year) on the 12th. 
Mars and your ruler, Venus, sail together through your fantasy-fueled 12th house from the 8th on, bringing both highs and lows. While you’ll have no trouble attracting interest, pinning people down could be an exercise in frustration. Try to enjoy the moment without worrying about the happily-ever-after part. If you’re so done
 with a bad romance, the Mars-Venus pairing gives you the power to say goodbye. For good. On the 23rd, the sun heads into Scorpio for a month, sprinkling your life with practical magic. Your focus turns to making money — and managing the funds you have in the bank. Looking for opportunity? The full moon on the 27th could bring a gig with better pay and benefits.
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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] ::
Surrender, Scorpio! Yes, we know that’s easier said than done for the zodiac’s (un)official control freak. But with the sun slipping through your 12th house of transitions until the 23rd, you really should let go of certain situations. You’ve given them your best, but the returns aren’t adding up. Time to clean house, before your birthday season starts on the 23rd. While you don’t have to go on a de-friending spree or haul your grandmother’s heirloom china to Goodwill, do put the user-friendly types on the back burner. And don’t worry: Giving them a cooler shoulder doesn’t mean your social life will implode. From the 8th on, charming Mars and Venus pair up in your 11th house of community, raising your popularity to new heights. In between de-hoarding missions, head to networking events and check out intriguing new scenes. You might even start a band, women’s support group, or a weekly happy hour with coworkers. The new moon on the 12th definitely helps you find your tribe. 
Be laid-back about love, because it will come when you’re least looking this October — through a group activity or the introduction of mutual friends. A little right-swiping wouldn’t hurt, since the 11th house is the tech sector. Someone from a different culture could capture your heart near the 15th or 25th. The full moon on the 27th electrifies your partnership sector; you could put a ring on it or attach some strings. Coupled Scorpios should make a point of getting out together more. Hello, relationship refresher. But honestly, the real action starts on the 23rd, when the sun blazes through Scorpio for a month. You’ll feel like your best self again — ready to seduce, charm, and take on the world! Be a trailblazer, because without risk, there can be no reward.
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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] ::your geek game up to code. With the sun pinging through your tech-savvy 11th house until the 23rd, you could spend a good deal of the month developing an online project (future YouTube celebrity?), learning new software, or making sure you represent in your social media profiles. There’s just one hitch: Messenger Mercury is retrograde until the 9th, screwing with your code. Research, plan, and develop — but wait until the 9th to launch anything or plan a photo shoot for your new profile pics. The community spirit is strong this month, so bring on the collaborations. Reconnect with an old group while Mercury’s in reverse; then, start recruiting for new members to the dream team. Stick to those “high vibes” types — capable optimists who share your enthusiasm. The new moon on the 12th awakens your humanitarian spirit, and you could find a truly fulfilling way to give back. 
Career-wise, you’re on the upswing as charming duo Mars and Venus spend almost the entire month bonding in your ambitious 10th house. Socializing is as important as whirring away behind your computer. Bring on the power lunches, cocktail hours, and networking events. Your ruler, Jupiter, connects to Mars and Venus on the 15th and 25th, respectively, which could bring epic developments in your professional life. Both are great days for taking a gamble in the name of growth. There could even be an office love affair in the cards, and coupled archers may go into business with a boo. Your energy may lag after the 23rd, when the sun decamps to Scorpio and your 12th house of transitions for a month. Clear white space in your calendar for unstructured relaxation time, dancing, decluttering, and following the muse.
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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] :: You’re at your businesslike best this October, Capricorn — happy news for your ambitious sign. With the sun blazing through your 10th house of success until the 23rd, your hard work will yield real results. Looking for more gainful employment? Circulate your résumé and ask your social network for leads. The new moon on the 12th could bring an interview, offer, or a promotion at your current gig. Warning: With Mercury retrograde until the 9th, you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin. Write down the top three goals (max!) you want to accomplish in October, and focus solely on those. After the 9th, you’ll feel the pace pick up at the office. Since this can get stressful, make sure you’re burning off steam with regular exercise. Try “sweatworking,” the new buzzword for holding meetings at the gym or while going on a power-walk. Record on an audio app while you’re on the elliptical and transcribe later. With all that oxygen pumping into your brain, you’ll be keener and more creative.

Wanderlust could hit you hard this month, too — with an emphasis on the “lust.” Cosmic couple Mars and Venus are backpacking through Virgo and your nomadic ninth house from October 8 on. Traveling could bring a romantic rush, whether you’re single or spoken for. (Why yes, this would
 be the time to reunite with your summer festival crush.) If your love life has been nothing but complicated, you might just go on a heart-healing hiatus from the whole right-swiping scene. Pour that energy into a personal interest, like starting your own Etsy shop or learning conversational Spanish. With lucky Jupiter sailing alongside Mars and Venus in your entrepreneurial ninth house, a side business could really take off. The full moon on the 27th could bring your efforts into the public eye. Don’t shy away from the spotlight. A well-timed humble brag could launch you into a leadership position that is SO yours for the taking.
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Aquarius [January 20 – February 19] :: Ready, set, expand! In October, you’ll stretch in ways you never dreamed possible, as the Libra sun lights up your ninth house of adventure, education, travel, and entrepreneurial ventures until the 23rd. It’s all about growth experiences now. Fumble, get messy, and don’t worry about being the best. Making “mistakes” is the way you’ll learn. Enroll in teacher training or get plans underway for that green-juice delivery business. Cross-cultural connections heat up under this solar-powered spell. You could reunite with someone from your summer travels or decide to give a long-distance relationship a go. Boarding flights could be part of your work this month, too, but call Uber early when heading to the airport. Mercury will remain in a signal-jamming retrograde until the 9th, which can screw with travel plans. Time to move? The new moon on the 12th could bring an opportunity from another postal code.
In love, you won’t feel quite so capricious. Cosmic couple Mars and Venus are slinking through your erotic eighth house from the 8th on. While you’ll feel like a minx this month, you’ll need more security from anyone who slips between your sheets. Careful, though: The green-eyed monster could take a hold of your brain, causing you to act irrationally. Get the facts before you react, especially on the 15th and 25th. For some Aquarians, the Mars-Venus merger could bring a soul mate or inspire you to take a relationship to a deeper level. (Do we hear bells?) Your money mojo improves under the Mars-Venus spell. Think outside the nine-to-five box, because you could earn a killing this month from a commission check, property sale, or by hawking unused goods on eBay. And when the sun sails into Scorpio and your 10th house of success on the 23rd, a job offer could come that’s too good to pass up.
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Pisces [February 20 – March 20] :: You’re more than just a passing right-swipe, Pisces. And in October, you’re sure to let ‘em know that you want to be taken seriously. From the 8th on, cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus sail together through Virgo and your seventh house of committed relationships. On the 15th and 25th, lucky Jupiter rides shotgun, making you bolder than ever about asking for what you want and need. Adding to that is the sun, which is parked in Libra and your erotic eighth house until the 23rd. You want it all now: soul mate or bust. Clear the decks of players and people who just can’t give you a straight answer. Yes, that includes all the toxic exes who pop up while Mercury is retrograde from September 17 to October 9. If you’re in a relationship, take the initiative to keep things fresh and exciting. Pick up pairs of tickets, plan parties together, take off for weekend road trips. And don’t forget to spice things up in the bedroom, too. The new moon on the 12th could bring some fantasy-fueled escapades. 
A creative collaboration or exciting business partnership could become official this month, too. Draft a contract to make sure you start off with clear agreements — the best way to avoid future meltdowns. The entrepreneurial bug will bite when the sun heads into Scorpio for a month on the 23rd. Have you been mulling over the idea of going back to school (even part-time) or starting a business of your own? Get on the ball with applications and development. Things could take off at a fast clip! Traveling could figure in to these plans, too. Basically, you can’t go wrong by packing your bags and exploring the world during this four-week phase. Bonus: The full moon on the 27th could reveal the perfect kindred spirit to join you on your journeys.
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Aries [March 21 – April 19] :: Single Aries could become rare this October, thanks to the sun’s tour of your partnership sectors. Until the 23rd, el sol will blaze through Libra, bringing attractive opposites into your orbit — people who can pick up where you leave off. With Mercury retrograde until the 9th, these charming candidates could even be people from your past. You may realize that you wrote someone off too soon (a frequent Aries design flaw) and request a second chance. The new moon on the 12th brings new candidates — or a refreshing new chapter for coupled rams. When the sun blazes into playing-for-keeps Scorpio for a month on the 23rd, you’ll want to lock ‘em down. You’ll bring sexy back with a vengeance then, too. Bring on the black leather jackets, lacy lingerie, and badass motorcycle boots. You’ll be attracted to the mysterious types. But unless they woo you (mind, body, and soul), you simply can’t be bothered. 
The playing-for-keeps vibe extends from the bedroom to the boardroom. As the month progresses, you’ll be focused on financial security. If you’re a freelancer, have clients sign longer contracts to ensure you’ll have money coming in. Don’t skip out on happy hours! With social Mars and Venus pairing up in your work house for most of October, casual conversations with colleagues get you in good graces — and your name could come up for an opportunity as a result. There could even be an office romance with this sultry celestial duo here, but proceed with caution before blurring any lines. After the 23rd, learn more about investing. The last third of October could bring a real estate deal or a lump sum of cash from the sale of property, commissions, or an inheritance. In the market for a new job? The full moon on the 27th could deliver a promising prospect or promotion from within your current gig.
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Taurus [April 20 – May 20] :: 
 for greener pastures? They’re all lined up for you this October as the Libra sun lights up your house of work and wellness until the 23rd. Replace those pizza nights with quinoa pasta and roasted Brussels sprouts. Grab a ClassPass and try out different studios. You could find the perfect fit near the new moon on the 12th. At work, make a point of being more organized and efficient. What distractions zap your time each day? Close Snapchat while you’re finishing up your assignments, and you’ll leave the office at a respectable hour. And try a healthy life hack, like sitting on a stability ball instead of a standard-issue chair. You’ll strengthen your core while whirring away. Some of you bulls may discover that you’re ready to delegate duties. Interview assistants or get an intern to help with more basic tasks. And, let your calendar make you its bitch. Sticking to your schedule will save you the burnout of overcommitting. Set both start and end times for appointments, and let your alarm announce your departure. (“Gotta go!”)
Of course, this won’t be an utterly boring month — not by a long shot. Cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus tandem-surf through Virgo and your passionate fifth house from the 8th on. When it’s time for a date night, raise the romantic stakes. Get super creative with your planning, hitting up openings and being bold with the PDA. Coupled? Talks could turn to engagement baubles, babies, and love nests this month. With daring Jupiter riding alongside Mars and Venus, you could make a bold leap — even eloping, in some cases. But, your day to shine as a solo star is the 27th, when the annual full moon in Taurus brings your talents to the main stage. Get ready for your close-up.
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Gemini [May 21 – June 20] :: October will be a passionate month for Geminis. The sun blazes through Libra and your fifth house of romance, fame, and creative expression until the 23rd. You’ll have strong and theatrical reactions to everything — and you’ll definitely dress the part. Make no apologies for your desire to turn heads. Just remember the difference between famous and notorious while Mercury is retrograde through the 9th. Making your mark on the world is a must this October. You could even attract some media attention near the new moon on the 12th. Ignite your competitive spirit and jump in the ring. Work with the pros to polish up your presentation: stylists, graphic designers, coaches, branding experts. This is the time to put your best foot forward. Gemini performers will be in their element. 
Can’t stop thinking about “the one that got away?” While Mercury is retrograde through the 9th, you could stoke the embers of an old flame. If you pulled a Gemini and disappeared too soon, you may have some recon work to do. But if it’s worth it, work it — and you could lock down a sexy sequel. The new moon on the 12th could also bring a hot prospect — or, for coupled Gems, some big developments, like a pregnancy, moving in together, or an engagement. Mars and Venus hunker down together in your fourth house of nesting from the 9th on. Things could be just as steamy behind closed doors. Work gets busy again after the 23rd, when the Scorpio sun takes the helm. The devil is in the details, so don’t let daydreaming interfere with your focus on the job.
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Cancer [June 21 to July 22] :: Summon your girl gang: The sun tours Libra until the 23rd, brightening your fourth house of female friendships, family, and home. Reconnect to your girls from back in the day while Mercury is retrograde on the 9th. The new moon on the 12th could bring an inspiring woman into your orbit — perhaps a powerful she-mentor who can help you climb through the ranks at work. Domestic bliss is on the agenda, too. Feather your nest and get it set up to entertain. You could throw an epic dinner party — or even a slumber party for out-of-town friends — before October’s half through. If you don’t love where you live, start surfing the listings with that new moon on the 12th. Scout out up-and-coming neighborhoods, but visit during both day and night to make sure you feel safe at all hours.

In love, keep things light. Without all that pressure to fill some role of what a GF/BF should be, you can actually get to know the person sharing your bed. With Mars and Venus in your flirty third house from the 8th on, you might prefer dating casually for a change. Right-swipe away and taste the rainbow of options before settling on a favorite flavor. Shyer Cancers could feel the click with someone in the friend zone. Let those lines get blurry. When the sun heads into Scorpio for a month on the 23rd, your passionate fifth house will get a boost. Take the lead in affairs of the heart — and don’t be shy about showing off your talents, because you could get your 15 minutes of fame as the month draws to a close.
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Leo [July 23 to August 22] :: Flex those social butterfly wings. With the Libra sun lighting your garrulous third house until the 23rd, you’re the uncontested queen of the scene. Your scene, that is — so whether it’s a party of five or 50, pick up the social organizer’s baton. Be sure to include some friends from back in the day while Mercury is retrograde until the 9th. But be careful about how you express yourself early this month. Your message could get lost in translation if you try to be too provocative. The new moon on the 12th brings a fleet of kindred spirits, including someone with bright BFF potential. The only hitch: This free spirit might be hard to pin down. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket; you can have multiple besties, you know. 
Cosmic coquette Venus hovers in Leo until the 8th, blessing you with extra magnetism. Then, she joins her dance partner, Mars, in Virgo and your sensual second house for the rest of the month. Slow down and savor the moment, Leo. Someone you considered “boring” early in the month could surprise you with a hidden sparkle. Don’t let the nice guys or girls pass you by. You could even meet someone through work or kick off an office romance. Bring more creativity to the office this month — and don’t skip out on socializing with colleagues. Organize lunches or even a team-building field trip. You could be tapped for a major promotion or rep-boosting opportunity near the full moon on the 27th.
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Virgo [August 24 to September 22] :: From October 8 on, dynamic dance partners Mars and Venus samba through your sign, making you the hottest thing in town. Yes, Virgo, you’ll be in demand — but you might not be as keen on committing right now. If you’re single, let yourself play the field. With jet-setting Jupiter activating Mars and Venus on the 15th and 25th, sparks could fly with someone from another culture. This worldly, well-educated soul could be a bit intimidating, but don’t lose your nerve. You are more than qualified to attract this catch. If you’re in a relationship, give yourself a longer leash. Flirting isn’t the same as cheating; in fact, remembering your powers of attraction can inspire you to bring sexy back. Be more adventurous, too. Developing your personal interests is what makes you most attractive this month — and if your lover has to wait for you, so be it. 
But, all play and no work is not the Virgo way. Things will be extremely busy at the office while the sun tours Libra and your fastidious second house until the 23rd. Keep your nose to the grindstone. Your small, daily efforts can add up to a big win. Develop plans behind the scenes while Mercury is retrograde until the 9th. Then, present, pitch and promote. The Mars-Jupiter meetup on the 15th can make you totally ambitious, too. Cast a wider net: Opportunity may be waiting in another corner of the country, or even the world. The London office could scout you out, especially near the full moon on the 27th. While you may burn the candle at both ends, reinforcement arrives when the sun heads into Scorpio for a month on the 23rd. Partnering up with kindred spirits — even people you considered “the competition” — can give everyone involved a leading edge.

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