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* Happy Birthday, Libras! Libra [September 24 to October 23] ::  Welcome to Libra season! The Sun and your ruler, charming Venus, are both in Libra until October 23, adding some extra sparkle to everything you do. While your sign rules all things interpersonal, during this time of year, you might scale back on the dynamic duos and focus on Numero Uno. What do you want for the coming year of your life? With a birthday either just behind you or right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your hopes, wishes and personal trajectory. 

With the stars throwing us all a few curveballs, a little life review might be even more in order. October is an active month astrologically, with two change-making eclipses and a retrograde (backward) spin for Mercury that will touch your sign. Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel and technology, and from October 4-25, it will reverse its cosmic course, disrupting the status quo in these areas of your life. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so at the very beginning of October, back up electronic devices, digital photos, contacts and precious files. If you’re traveling, triple-check all your reservations and get an early start. Many Libras are notorious of a lack of punctuality—you hate to be rushed—but all the valid reasons in the world won’t help when you’ve missed a flight or blown a deal-making deadline. Better to arrive early or finish a project ahead of schedule than cut it dangerously close. 

Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio, your second house of work and money, until October 10. Get ready for a few breakdowns on the job, such as the office computer network crashing or a budget calculating error. On the 10th, Mercury will march back into Libra until October 25, foiling your first house of appearance and solo initiatives. So while you’re busy plotting your birthday reinvention, stick to behind-the-scenes planning or at most, a soft launch. This is NOT a favorable time to make any grand debuts (or to post that #iwokeuplikethis selfie), since messenger Mercury retrograde can scramble signals and create unnecessary setbacks to your agenda. Might as well wait until after the 25th before dying your hair Nicole Richie-lavender or debuting a new entrepreneurial offering. By then, you might even have spotted a few kinks in your agenda or tweaked your formula—and you’ll be perfectly prepared for a grand coming-out in late October. See, Libra, the stars DO let you “procrastinate”—as long as you do so productively.

The silver lining of Mercury retrograde? It brings back the past, and that can include some cherished friends, hobbies and colleagues that may have fallen to the wayside. Think of the prefix “re-,” which means to go back, as a guide for where to turn your attention while Mercury is retrograde. Don’t be surprised if you hear from an old contact out of the blue, or if you’re inspired to plan a reunion. With Mercury retrograde in Libra, you might even page through old photos for style inspiration. Hmmm, maybe the ’90s weren’t as bad as you thought—is it time to bring that dark plum lipstick or to wrap a flannel around your waist as the temperatures cool?
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Scorpio [October 24 to November 22] ::  Relax, recline and release that tension. The Sun has decamped to Libra and your restful twelfth house until October 23, making its annual solar sojourn through this zone of your chart before birthday season arrives. If you’ve got any grand plans or debuts, you might want to save them until later this month, or even for November—and use the time until then to tie up loose ends. The twelfth house is the zodiac’s final segment, and it’s associated with endings, closure and healing. Think of this as your annual season to complete those lingering obligations so you can enjoy a clear slate in time for your birthday.

Another reason to power down a bit? Communication planet Mercury will be retrograde (backward) from October 4-25, a time that’s also tricky for launching anything new. Mercury retrograde is best used for revision, review and completing unfinished business (that includes handling any forgiveness work or lingering emotional baggage). Mercury is the ruler of travel, technology and interpersonal relations, and these things can go a bit haywire when Mercury shifts into reverse three or four times a year. Most astrologers suggest that you avoid travel, signing important documents and buying new technology—although these days, it’s kind of hard to do that for three whole weeks! So our advice is to keep that to a minimum, and if you DO go there, make sure to read the fine print and take extra precautions. Back up your data and devices (including photos), as Mercury retrograde is notorious for erasing valuable electronic files. Don’t trust the cloud alone, either—double-protect with a USB key or a removable hard drive for those precious documents and images.

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Sagittarius [November 23 to December 21] ::  Spread your wings! The Sun is in Libra, your eleventh house of groups and networking, until October 23. This is collaboration season for you, social Sagittarius, a chance to delve into lofty ideas, visionary alliances and other world-changing pursuits that your expansive sign adores. A natural community organizer of sorts, you’ll love playing super-connector with your tribe, matching up people and sparking synergies. In fact, these two Forbes-identified habits of the world’s best networkers—extreme giving and consistent introductions—come naturally to the affable, generous Sag. So reach further into your existing circle to make October shine. While you’re at it, ask for a few introductions, too—or head out to meet some interesting, like-minded people.

Of course, there may be a few bad apples to weed out of your posse, as you could discover when Mercury goes retrograde (backward) from October 4-25. Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel and technology, and it makes a challenging backspin three or four times each year. This is the third and final Mercury retrograde of 2014 (the others were in February and June). Prior to the retrograde, get proactive. As October begins, carve out time to back up your electronic files, photos, contact lists and devices, as Mercury retrograde can crash computers and wipe out electronic data. Retrogrades turn our attention to the past—and to unfinished business. Think of this is a quarterly review period of sorts, and focus on tying up loose ends or reconnecting with people you’ve been too busy to see.

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Capricorn [December 22 to January 20] ::  
Ask, believe…achieve? This month, set your sights on a lofty goal, and don’t let it out of your crosshairs. The Sun spends its first three weeks of October in Libra, your tenth house of success and professional endeavors. As the natural ruler of the zodiac’s tenth house, you feel right at home when you’re striving toward a big end game, taking deliberate steps and marking your progress along the way.

Of course, your journey to the top could be a winding one this month, so do remember to enjoy the ride. October will bring two game-changing eclipses and a retrograde (reverse) turn for Mercury. Even if you think you’ve got it all figured out, the best-laid plans are still subject to change without notice. Mercury retrograde, which happens three to four times a year, can cause technology, communication and travel to go a bit haywire. From October 4-25, Mercury will be retrograde, so get ready. Plans get derailed and devices can crash. Emails get lost in cyberspace and people forget to show up at meetings, or you get stuck in traffic on the way to a big event. Flights are delayed and people fight over the stupid things.

We tell you this, Capricorn, because we know you like to be prepared. So follow the words of your signmate Benjamin Franklin and remember that “an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.” Start the month by Mercury-proofing your life. Back up your electronic files and data. Put off any big launches until November—and if you can’t delay, plan to do lots of beta-testing to work out any unforeseen bugs. Make sure everyone is getting along, and that obvious sources of tension or conflict are addressed and cleared before Mercury goes retrograde on the 4th.
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Aquarius [January 21 to February 19] :: Ready for liftoff! Or…are you? October’s stars call forth your expansive spirit, with the Sun and dazzling Venus both in your ninth house of travel, adventure and new horizons until the 23rd. However, there are other planetary players scrambling signals. So as much as you may want to lift the wheels, you might not get the all-clear signal from the astrological air traffic control towers. The best use of your precious energy this month? Plot your trajectory, make big plans, but wait to implement some of them (if you can) until the end of October.

Why the holdup? For starters, communication planet Mercury will be retrograde (backward) from October 4-25, which can cause misunderstandings, travel delays and chaos with technology. Mercury takes a backspin three to four times a year, and this is the final of 2014’s three Mercury retrogrades (the others were in February and June). Mercury retrograde turns our attention to the past, so it’s kind of like a cosmic quarterly review period. Think of the prefix “re-,” which means to go back. Mercury retrograde is an ideal period for revising, rethinking, reunions, and so on. It can also be a time for reconnecting with old friends, colleagues and even lovers.
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Pisces [February 20 to March 20] :: 
Swim into the depths, Fish, as intimate and profound waters beckon you this month. The Sun and magnetic Venus spend the first three weeks of October in Libra, your eighth house of intensity, privacy and merging. You’re in the mood to tighten your circle, letting in only the people you unequivocally trust. And this is not a bad thing, Pisces—not at all. Let’s face it, with your compassionate personality, some shady characters can slither into your orbit. Now is the time to purge those unsavory types from your sphere. You don’t have time for their drama!

The eighth house governs shared finances and resources (time, money, attention). As you tighten your focus, one or two particular people could play central roles in your life this month. A joint business venture could be on the table, or perhaps you’re considering taking a relationship to the next level (engagement, babies, a walk down the aisle…or a trip to the divorce lawyer). The spotlight is on any kind of financial agreement that involves another person or entity—taxes, credit cards, real estate, loans. Passive income is also governed by the eighth house, so you could explore ways to “make money while you sleep,” perhaps from royalties if you’re a writer, or affiliate sales from a downloadable product or an Amazon store. You might even invest in the stock market or start learning how to make your money work harder for you. Even network marketing can bring this in, though we always advise treading carefully here, since you don’t want to get sucked into any sketchy pyramid schemes. (Rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true…um, it is.)
Laying low is not a bad idea now, as October’s stars have some unpredictable moments in store. For starters, Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, will be retrograde (backward) from October 4-25. As the month begins, back up your devices and data in preparation, since Mercury retrograde is notorious for computer/network crashes and lost electronic files. Watch what you put in writing, and if you have contracts to sign, do so before October 4 if at all possible.

The silver lining of Mercury retrograde is that it gives you a chance to press pause and review, completing unfinished business and reconnecting to the past. Old friends (and even exes) can appear out of the blue, and it’s a great time for planning reunions. Think of the prefix re-, which means to go back, as a guide for where to turn your attention while Mercury is retrograde.

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Aries [March 21 to April 20] :: Oh what a month! October has your indelible stamp all over it, Aries, especially during the first couple weeks. Cosmic events this month will bring your trademark individuality front and center, putting your name on everyone’s lips. Get ready for your big guitar solo, Aries—and make sure you look every inch the rock star. Self-expression is high on the October agenda. Whether you’ve just got something to get off your chest, or you’re planting the seeds of a personal revolution, the cosmic megaphone is firmly in your hands. What have you got to tell the world, Aries? Go ahead and share. 

Even better, you’ve got people who want to play on Team Aries. All month, another set of planets clusters into your relationship and dynamic duo sectors. The Sun and harmonious Venus will be in Libra, your seventh house of relationships, until October 23—then, both celestial bodies move into Scorpio, your intimate eighth house of joint ventures, sex and long-term finances, for the rest of October. Your closest bonds are on the front burner, and they need your attention. You’re the zodiac’s solo star, but in October, teamwork makes the dream work, too.
The most important date this month for you could be October 8, a total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Aries. Drumroll! This is the second of three annual game-changing eclipses in your sign—the first was on October 18, 2013 and the next will fall at the end of September 2015. You’re midway through a personal revolution, Aries, one that could completely revamp your identity—if not your whole approach to life. At the lunar eclipse, a personal project with your name all over it could get catapulted to new heights. Don’t be surprised if fame and public attention come calling.

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Taurus [April 21 to May 21] :: 
Dive in to your life and organize! The Sun is in Libra, your sixth house of health, fitness and efficiency, until October 23. You’re revved up to start your fall fitness routine, or to turbo-clean a cluttered area of your home and office. Streamlining is the name of your game—and you’ll be grateful for any system you CAN keep in place, as the cosmos do a little freestyle dancing this month (more on that in a minute). Ah, Taurus, even the best-laid plans can be foiled in October, but there’s no shame in making your best attempt to get life back on track.

So what’s all the hubbub in the heavens about? This month is an active one in the stars, with two change-making eclipses and a retrograde (backward) spin for Mercury, the planet of communication. Taurus, you like to know where things are headed, but you’ll have to expand your capacity to be flexible now—and rely on your steadfast sign’s trademark patience. It could be hard to get clear answers at times, or to know what to expect, as many things are subject to change without notice in October.

So, more on that topic: On October 8, the Aries full moon brings a game-changing lunar eclipse, which could firmly close one door to help you soon open another. Lunar eclipses can bring sudden endings, turning points or manifestations—and yes, that can make your life feel topsy-turvy for a minute until everything sorts itself out. This eclipse falls in your twelfth house of endings, healing and spirituality. Time to firmly close one door—or have the universe bolt it shut for you. Taurus, your sign cans seriously resist change, but it’s time to really let something go to clear the space for a new chapter. 

 The beauty of this lunar eclipse? Guardian angels are everywhere, popping up in serendipities, little signs and in human form. People could come out of the woodwork wanting to help you, connect you and open doors. You have a direct line to the divine at this eclipse, so work your powers of creative visualization to manifest some miracles. If your earthy sign is skeptical, that’s okay. Just be willing to let the universe surprise you and lend an assist. Your psychic receptors are wide open now, and there won’t be anything subtle about the messages you get now. This full moon could also end an important chapter of your life—or force your hand if you’ve allowed a messy, energy-sucking situation to drag on. It’s time to say “buh-bye” to toxic people, limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that keep you stuck in a narrow box. Buried emotions about a loss or heartbreak could also surface surprisingly. Time to let ‘em out, Taurus…ready or not.

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Gemini [May 22 to June 21] ::  
Let’s have some fun, shall we, Gemini? The Sun bounds through Libra—your fifth house of passion, play and fearless expression—until October 23. The fifth house rules romance, so a visit from Cupid—or the stork—could even arrive this month. While there are a few cosmic speed bumps in the forecast this October, the bold Sun can help you take them in stride—or at least, turn them into raw material for your next performance piece. Nobody can tell colorful stories quite like a Gemini, and with the Sun in this theatrical zone of your chart, you’ll regale a rapt crowd—perhaps attracting a few admirers while you hold court. 

 Just make sure that your sharing doesn’t veer into off-color TMI terrain. From October 4-25, your ruler Mercury goes retrograde (backward), a notoriously tricky time for communication, technology and travel. Mercury reverses its path three or four times a year, which can cause your plans to go a bit haywire. Heed the saying “loose lips sink ships,” especially since your sign can have a bit of a gossipy streak (you call it information-sharing, but that can be subject to interpretation). Don’t play for laughs at someone else’s expense. Snark will not win you fans now—and it can even come back to haunt you if you offend the wrong person.

Mercury begins its retrograde spin through Scorpio, your sixth house of health and organization, from October 4-10. Watch out for those seasonal germs and viruses floating around, as you could be extra susceptible to catching them. From October 10-25, Mercury dips back into Libra, your fifth house of romance, drama and self-expression. Since Mercury retrograde can bring back unfinished business from the past, you might hear from an ex out of the blue, or even be tempted to reengage in a “complicated” situation. Your fuse could be short, and Mercury retrograde in this outspoken zone of your chart could lead to blowout fights. Watch your knee-jerk reactions and don’t push someone’s buttons for spite, even if it feels temporarily satisfying to do so.
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Cancer [June 22 to July 22] ::  
Let’s get cozy, Cancer! The Sun is in Libra, your fourth house of home, family and all things domestic until October 23. And since your sign is the natural ruler of this zodiac sector, you’ll be in your element, ready to spruce your domain to welcome the fall season. Swap some of your home accents, adding new printed pillows, a richly textured ottoman or a cozy cashmere throw. Try muted hues like navy and olive green for an interesting twist on “neutral,” set off with cheery pops of color to lift your mood as the temperatures start to drop. 

 Playing decorator will also give you somewhere to channel your energy while Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, is retrograde (backward) from October 4-25. This three-week cycle can wreak havoc on all things electronic or related to the spread of information. Computers crash, electronic devices fail, flights are delayed and people argue senselessly. The silver lining? Mercury retrograde IS a good time to turn your attention to the past—something sentimental Crabs are wired to do. Focus your energy on anything with the prefix “re-“: reconnect with old friends, redecorate and remodel your home, repair a relationship. 
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Leo [July 23 to August 23] :: You’ve got something to say, Leo—actually, a lot! The Sun and outgoing Venus are both in Libra, your third house of communication, until October 23. For the first three weeks of the month, you’re in the mood to mix and mingle, and to share all the brilliant ideas you’ve got percolating with synergistic people. You could find yourself dashing between meetings and social engagements, with a full dance card and lots of multitasking to do. While this might exhaust other zodiac signs, it’s a pace that your go-getter sign thrives on. So take advantage—say yes to after-work cocktails, a breakfast presentation, a lunchtime power yoga class with a colleague or friend. You’ll find a way to squeeze it all in! The third house rules neighborhoods, so you could get involved in local affairs or just start exploring cultural offerings in your own backyard.

Of course, it’s not going to be all shaking hands and kissing babies in October, Mayor Leo. This month is an active one, with two eclipses and a retrograde (backward) spin for Mercury, which can make travel, technology and communication go a bit haywire. Mercury is retrograde from October 4-25, so you’ll want to start taking your preventive measures early. As the month begins, back up your electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) and data in preparation, since Mercury retrograde is notorious for computer crashes and lost electronic files. Watch what you put in writing, and if you have contracts to sign, do so before the 4th if at all possible.

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Virgo [August 24 to September 23] :: Lean in, Virgo. The Sun is in Libra, your second house of work, money and security, until October 23. Now that birthday season is behind you, it’s time to follow your signmate Sheryl Sandberg’s advice and hunker down with your goals and priorities. Not that YOU need an excuse to go into “executive planner” mode, Virgo! So go ahead and don that project manager chapeau as you get your finances and affairs in order. October is the perfect month to prioritize.

 The stars are busy this month, with two game-changing eclipses (on October 8 and 23), and your ruling planet Mercury going retrograde (backward) from October 4-25. That’s all the more reason to stay organized, since these cosmic events can definitely shake up the status quo. On October 8, the Aries full moon is also a total lunar eclipse, which touches down in your eighth house of shared resources, intimacy and joint ventures. Lunar eclipses can bring turning points, sudden endings or manifestations—and this could push a business or personal relationship into rather official terrain. Are you in or are you out? If you’ve been vacillating about whether to move forward or to call things off, there won’t be much grey area after this eclipse, since events near this date could even force your hand. A sudden proposal, pregnancy or breakup could be on the agenda. Or, a thrilling financial offer could cross your transom—perhaps a real estate deal or an investment. You might also get news of an unexpected expense from this eclipse, although here’s hoping it brings you a bounty instead of a bill!
The second eclipse is a milder solar (new moon) event in Scorpio on October 23, which shines in your third house of communication and ideas. You could get exciting news near this date, so stay wired and in touch, as a sweet offer could come through email, text or even a coffee date. If you thought of cancelling a meeting, don’t—the conversation you share could plant surprising seeds for something bigger in the coming six months. Hello, collaboration! A sibling could also be part of events near this eclipse.
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