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Scorpio [October 23 to November 21] :: Bring on the birthday bliss! Scorpio season is in full swing this November as the sun stays lit in your sign until the 21st. You’ve been known to ruminate on the past, Scorpio, but, effective immediately, it’s time to flip to that front-facing lens. The future is yours to script and with lucky, adventurous Jupiter in your sign from October 10, 2017 until November 8, 2018, the world is legit your oyster. Treat yourself to travel instead of blowing a paycheck buying champagne and cupcakes to share with all your friends. You could find a home away from home — and maybe even roll the dice on some real estate at this second destination. If the past is still dogging you, power-scrubber Mars spends the whole month in your 12th house of transitions and helps you sort through that baggage at lightning speed. Bye and BYE! On the 18th, the new moon in Scorpio — the only one this year — is like an early New Year. Take time to write out wishes for the next six months. Then, while your vision is this sharp, start taking steps to bring them to fruition.

If you’re wiping away tears over a love situation, fear not. Cupid’s got a quiver full of arrows marked “Scorpio,” this November. The first one hits on the 4th when the annual full moon in Taurus could reveal a keeper for unattached Scorpios or nudge relationships to new stages of commitment. On the 7th, romance-addict Venus parks in Scorpio until December 1 and brings back the love, big time. Whether you’re making amends with your S.O. or re-activating your Hinge account, a fresh start awaits. If you feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of bad dates, use this three-week cycle to take a time out from the whole dating scene. Reconnect to your passions and personal interests. That way, you can re-enter the playing field feeling centered and whole in early December.

And, excuse us, but is that you bringing the gourmet dish to Thanksgiving? With the moon in your foodie-friendly fourth house this November 23, you could level up the holiday go-to’s with even fancier ingredients. You’ll revel in the family-friendly vibes, at least with certain relatives. Dodge any drama by helping with prep, airport pickups, and dishwashing. Don’t be a martyr, though! Ask for help and assign duties so you can have fun, too.


Sagittarius [November 22 to December 21] :: Got closure? ‘Tis the season for wrapping ish up and moving on, Sagittarius. Until the 21st, the sun joins your ruler, jovial Jupiter, in Scorpio and your 12th house of endings. Cleaning up the past could feel downright bliss-inducing, even if you’re simultaneously a little sad to say goodbye. In your heart, you know that you’ve outgrown these aspects of your life — and even the people involved. And with heart-centered Venus also flowing through Scorpio after the 7th, you can make your exits gracefully, diplomatically and with love. Why burn bridges, o’ fiery one? After all, these people may evolve and one day become compatible again. Try to make the cleanest breaks possible.

Forget about falling into a sedentary slump. The full moon on the 4th could ignite a health kick for Archers. But you’re not about to suffer your way through boot camp hell. No need for that. Dancing could become your fall-winter obsession, whether you’re practicing Beyoncé’s moves in the mirror or hitting the clubs. (Just schedule a pre-funk disco nap!) And when Sagittarius season begins on the 21st, you’ll be back in your wild-child element! Your independent spirit is lit, which makes breaking free from draining obligations even more of a no-brainer.

If you’re in a relationship, you may be craving greater autonomy this month. But that’s a slippery slope for you, the Zodiac’s confirmed bachelorette. With your love of the hunt, you could get caught up in an endless cat and mouse game — even if “nothing is happening” physically. Your rock steady bae will seem boring in comparison, but you can’t put a price tag on people who have earned their loyalty points. If you’re feeling a little bored, don’t go searching outside the relationship. Lean in to lusty Mars who spends the month in Libra and your experimental, communal 11th house. Try some new adult toys and make a point of socializing together as a couple. Single Sagittarians could crush on the dating apps during this tech-friendly Mars cycle. If at first you don’t succeed, swipe, swipe again!


Capricorn [December 22 to January 19] :: So many people, so little time! Your popularity shoots to the moon this November as the sun joins supersizer Jupiter in Scorpio and your communal 11th house until the 21st. With every messenger app on your phone blowing up, you’ll have no choice but to embrace the group hang. Thankfully, social director is a role you’re well suited for, Capricorn. Mix it up, bringing together friends who might not otherwise wind up in the same room. The experimental element could be the most entertaining part. Stay open to new recruits, too, and don’t cut anyone from the squad until you’ve given them a fair shake. The new moon on the 18th can help you figure out who belongs in your innermost circle and who will probably just be a casual friend. If you’re hunting for a new scene, you could find your people near this new moon. You tend to warm up slowly to folks, but you’ll no doubt feel a strong, synergistic click with this crowd, even if you slowly work your way in.

Romance will be big, bold, and splashy in early November, thanks to the flamboyant full moon on the 4th. And if you’re ready to put a ring on it — or consider a bun in the oven — these moonbeams might just expedite matters. Looking for love? An attraction that’s been slowly getting hotter could finally boil Enchanting Venus will cruise through Scorpio from the 7th on, which could draw some romantic interest from the friend zone and the dating apps.

Life takes on a fairy-tale quality after the 21st, when the sun slips into Sagittarius and your 12th house of fantasy. Rock the rose-colored glasses and enjoy sweet, romantic escapes. But cast yourself as Sleeping Beauty regularly: This month-long cycle can be a bit low-energy. Don’t ignore your body’s screaming signals when it’s time for some R&R. A cozy Thanksgiving is on tap with the sun nesting in your decadent second house. Learn about wine pairings and special bastings and add some gourmet flair! Ask older relatives to regale you with family stories, too. You’ll love logging these in your personal archives, so if everyone’s comfortable with the idea, how about capturing them on video?


Aquarius [January 20 to February 18] :: Power lunches, pitch meetings and playing in the big leagues! Aquarians are ambitious AF this November as the sun and supersizer Jupiter tandem tour your 10th house of success until the 21st. Adding to the radiant heat is enchanting Venus who uplevels your creativity and your networking skills. Why, yes, Aquarius, you could take on the world and you have the green light to take a gamble on one of your professional dreams. Maybe you’ll apply to be promoted to management, sign on to do some public speaking or start your own side hustle. Get ready, because an elite opportunity could fall in your lap near the new moon the 18th. New moons favor initiative. Don’t wait to be discovered! Besides showing up at all the industry events, spearhead a game-changing project that will build your career cred and get your combat boot in the door.

Office romance, anyone? With Venus in the mix, the line between business and pleasure could blur. We don’t have to recite the warning label on that one, but if you feel something legit is brewing, gently explore. You’ll get a clear read by the new moon on the 18th. Attached Aquarians might even team up on a business venture with bae. Just make sure your roles are clearly defined so you each have your turf over which to reign.

Travel is also on November’s agenda as thrillseeker Mars spends the entire month in Libra and your nomadic ninth house. Is there a far-flung business contact you’d like to meet face to face — or maybe materials you need to source as you explore your future sportswear line? Good excuse to book the flight, if you really need one. But thing of the scenery-change as a motivating refresh, even if there’s no real “purpose” to the journey. And no matter your Google Earth coordinates, go out of your way to connect with people from different cultures this month. In 2017, that’s somehow become a revolutionary act, but it’s also one that will expand your world in amazing ways.

You’re the star of Thanksgiving, thanks to the moon hovering in Aquarius this November 23. Were last year’s celebrations demolished by the election? Don’t let things devolve into a repeat performance this year. What refreshingly original touches can you bring to shake up the traditions that seem to be dividing more than uniting?


Pisces [February 19 to March 20] :: Choose your own adventure, Pisces — just make sure you’re casting a wide enough net! The sun and jetsetting Jupiter are tandem-trekking through Scorpio and your worldly ninth house, urging you to go global with basically everything. No need to wait until Thanksgiving to slip off to the Bay Area…or Bali. A change of scenery revives you before the 21st. And with amorous Venus joining up from the 7th on, your travel could turn into a baecation (planned or spontaneous). Can’t skip town? Journey in the figurative sense by exploring new hangouts and connecting to different crowds of people — the more diverse, the better. Self-discovery is a noble cause this month, so if a weekend workshop is calling your name, take the plunge and be prepared to have your mind blown by your own innate awesomeness.

With sultry Mars heating up your erotic eighth house all month, there’s no dodging the dating scene. But the randos you right-swiped in October won’t cut it in November. Clutch that final rose and don’t let go until you find someone who turns you on mind, body, and soul! (Which might happen under the influence of the new moon on the 18th.) And once you’ve found them, uplevel your erotic exploration with a tantric twist. Paired-off Pisces could be making serious plans for the future before the month is through. No apologies for wanting it all or having custom tastes! It’s your love story, so write the script that will satisfy you most.

Your ruling planet, Neptune, wakes up from the five-month retrograde snooze on the 22nd, and you’ll be feeling back in your element. After a few wrong turns and “learning experiences,” you’re ready to make an important decision about what’s next for your life. As a result, you may have to gracefully ghost a job, friendship, or collaboration that you’ve outgrown. On the 21st, the sun blazes into Sagittarius and your 10th house of career. You’re ready to crush those last few end-of-year goals which might mean skipping a couple of those seasonal mixers. But don’t miss the ones that double as networking events! Stock your wristlet with business cards and go deck the VIP halls!


Aries [March 21 to April 19] :: Down, down, down you go, Aries. With the sun, supersizer Jupiter, and amorous Venus plunging into sultry Scorpio this November, rolling in the deep is the only option for you. Fake friends, fauxmances, and casual sex? Some other time…maybe? This month, you’re doubling down, demanding that there be loyalty to accompany the chemistry. Hang on fiercely to that final rose until you find someone who can go the distance. And the new moon on the 18th could reward you for your willpower. And with your ruler, red-hot Mars, in your relationship house all month, you’ll find security super sexy. Single Rams, don’t rush right past the quiet ones — or talk over them just because they’re willing to listen to you drone on endlessly. Their mystique may belie a rich inner landscape — worth excavating, for sure, so ask lots of questions. Already cuffed for the season (and beyond)? Cast your shared viewfinder toward the long range. The next natural iteration of your union could become clear before the 21st.

Financially, November could start with a windfall thanks to the Taurus full moon on the 4th. If you’ve been interviewing, an acceptance letter could arrive — or, you could be tapped for a juicy assignment at your 9-5. Your entrepreneurial side comes out to play when the sun sails into Sagittarius from the 21st on. Don’t sleep on that holiday side hustle! Last-minute shoppers may be looking for the very thing you have to offer. This is high season for travel if you’re a Ram, so don’t wait until the end of the year to hop on a plane. You might just skip the turkey in favor of a Tokyo noodle house or a bowl of fresh poké in Maui.

But if you do stick around for November 23rd, put an extra chair or five at the Thanksgiving table. With the moon in your communal 11th house on Turkey Day, you’ll feel inclined to invite a few “orphans” to your celebration or even organize a bigger potluck feast with your chosen family of friends. Or, since these moonbeams will fire up your inner activist, you may decide to boycott the increasingly controversial holiday to sit in solidarity at a protest — or even create some woke performance art.


Taurus [April 20 to May 20] :: Set your devices — and your heart — to pairing mode, Taurus. With the sun, amorous Venus, and expansive Jupiter in Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships, you’re a total “relationship person” this November. Scorpio is your opposite sign and that’s what attracts. Seek a complementary force instead of a clone — and don’t be surprised if you discover this synergistic soul sitting right under your nose. You probably didn’t notice them because they seemed so…different. But there’s where the dynamic part comes in. The new moon on the 18th will be especially potent for developments. Couples could leap towards a life-changing love goal while solo Bulls could find someone worth charging after like a crimson cape. Jupiter the gambler has got your back, so follow your instincts. You’ll never know unless you try! When the sun plunges into your playing-for-keeps eighth house from the 21st on, relationships become even more serious — and seductive. This erotically-charged cycle, which lasts until December 22, will bring some sexy entries for your locked diary.

Throughout the month, keep your hooves planted on greener pastures — we’re talking health and wealth here, Taurus. Motivator Mars is plowing through your sixth house of work and wellness until December 9. You can’t afford to let self-care slip — or get too distracted and fall behind on the job. Constant interruptions can derail progress and leave you stressed. Set clear parameters with friends and interested romantic parties. No texting during work and you’ll fill them in on everything when you meet for drinks later! Or how about starting your hangouts at the yoga studio? Socializing doesn’t have to involve opening a bottle or dropping half your paycheck on an expensive meal. In November, you might just turn your bedroom buddy into your workout buddy, then enjoy the fringe benefits with an endorphin-fueled, post-game erotic romp.

On Thanksgiving, raise a toast to an important father figure in your life, whether or not he’s with you, present day. With the moon hovering in your paternal 10th house, you’ll feel a sense of gratitude for the guidance a certain guy provided for your life. You might also dash off an “I’m thankful” text to a few people who have had your back in the business world in 2017. In a year where running water and electricity aren’t even available to all U.S. citizens, any abundance you have is worthy of deep appreciation! And in the karmic sense, that attitude of gratitude invites in more flow.


Gemini [May 21 to June 20] :: It may be the season of the Sugarplum Fairy, but November will find Geminis leaning in to a healthier groove. With the sun, vital Jupiter, and radiant Venus converging in your salubrious sixth house, you want to feel energized and lit like the tree at Rockefeller Center. Working out with a trainer, incorporating more vegan recipes into your roster, and living an active lifestyle? Yes, please. At the same time, Mars will be whooping it up in Libra and your festive fifth house all month, so it’s not like you can choose Pilates over parties. Make “all things in moderation” your theme for November as you strike a balance of healthy hedonism. While you’re out mingling and making merry, don’t forget your business cards. Those soirees could suddenly turn into the right moment to make an elevator pitch about your latest business adventure. Who knows? Your future investor could be standing next to you at the champagne bar.

Cupid has Gemini in his crosshairs, early in the month and again, at the end. Cosmic co-pilots Venus and Mars are cuddled up in Libra and your true love zone until the 7th. Under this swoon-worthy starmap, you could meet someone well-qualified for the role of your “other half,” or start talking about baubles and babies with bae. Lusty Mars will hang in Libra all month, which will keep your mojo rising. The only caveat: You have to be careful that you don’t come on too strong! On the 21st, the sun dives into Sagittarius and your seventh house of relationships, and things get real. If you had cold feet about commitment, you’ll find yourself warming to the idea of a sexy, er, stocking stuffer for the holiday season and beyond. Relationships could hit a happy groove, especially if you add more adventure to the shared calendar. Plan a weekend at an Airbnb, and even a longer baecation before the holiday madness (and relatives!) descend upon you.

With the Aquarius moon lighting up your travel zone on Thanksgiving (November 23), you might forgo the traditional celebration to hang out in a hammock in Tulum or on a remote Thai beach. If you do make the rounds with relatives, go easy on the truth serum! Your words will pack a punch that day and,while it might seem like the coast is clear to talk turkey about political events, things could go off the rails really fast.


Cancer [June 21 to July 22] :: Open heart, insert love arrows. Cupid is coming for you this November, Cancer, and it’s time to stop dodging his attention. The Sun, lucky Jupiter, and love planet Venus will all visit Scorpio and your fifth house of true love this month. Suddenly, your horizons are broadening and you’re not even sure what your type is anymore. If you’ve generally gone for the clean-cut jocks, you could suddenly swoon for the activist with rock star ambitions or vice versa. Coupled Crabs could get excited about a new shared milestone, like hunting for an apartment together or meeting each other’s parents over the holidays. The new moon in Scorpio on the 18th could bring sweet developments like a proposal or pregnancy — or, if single, a promising prospect with long-term potential.

At work, focus on building your name as the fifth house also rules fame and leadership. Humility is a noble quality, but not if it means getting left behind. Stop letting the loudmouthed mansplainers win all the trophies! November is the month where you speak up in meetings, dress to impress, and make sure that your name is stamped on all your hard work. Do the requisite schmoozing and mingling, too. If you keep skipping the company happy hours to go cuddle your cat and watch Netflix, you’ll also continue to miss out on the best chance you may have to win over the office influencers. When the sun beams into Sagittarius and your industrious sixth house on the 21st, you’ll be ready to roll up your sleeves and produce. This solar cycle also ignites an oddly timed health kick for Crabs, since the sixth house is also your wellness zone. Screen out the body shamers and make this quest about feeling energetic and vibrant. Instead of cutting out sugar, just add more veggies and proteins to your plate — plus warming ingredients like ginger, pepper, and onion. Schedule all your medical checkups before the year is through and drop in on some fun, new classes at your gym. Physical activity — even outdoors — will turn on your internal furnace and save you from freezing all winter.

Turkey for two? Thanksgiving falls on November 23 and with the moon in your intimate eighth house, you might skip out on the huge family celebrations. Canoodling in a cozy cabin would be more your speed. But if you do join the fam, this might be a year where it’s smarter to rent an Airbnb than to crash on a relative’s couch. You know how you get when you don’t have your space, Cancer. Don’t be the one to start the family feud with your grouchy mood!


Leo [July 23 to August 22] :: The lure of your lair is impossible to ignore this November, as a posse of planets huddle in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. But with decadent Jupiter and decorista Venus in that pack, you probably won’t be taking any long winter’s nap. Hanging chandeliers, hacking your IKEA finds, and even upgrading to a grown-up mattress? Now we’re talking. With worldly Jupiter on a year-plus tour here since October 10, some Lions may be prowling for a new pad — perhaps in a faraway zip code. Set up those Zillow alerts and see if anyone you know might be looking for a roommate. The new moon on the 18th could reveal the lucky listing or bring some much-needed improvements under your roof. Whether you’re staying or going, you need a happening cultural scene this month as restless Mars pulses in your third house of local activity. Kindred spirits await at trivia night, hip-hop spin class, and the feminist meetup group.

You could make a lucky career connection on Saturday the 4th, when the full moon in Taurus elevates your professional profile. Some Leos may even have to dash in to the office to prep for an amazing opportunity that “drops in your lap.” But let’s be real: You’ve earned this one with your hustle of the past six months, so stay confident as you go for the gold. The two weeks that follow this full moon are your harvest period: Make sure your bio, résumé, and LinkedIn profile are all on point.

Don’t sashay too far away from the celebratory scene. When the sun flows into Sagittarius for a month on the 21st, you’re on deck as the Zodiac’s life of the party. This is your annual selfie season, so have fun putting together Instagrammable OOTDs (every damn day). Ready for a romantic renaissance? Mistletoe will not be required, because Cupid puts you at the top of his favorites list during this solar cycle. Bored on Thanksgiving? With the Aquarius moon hovering in your relationship house, your “random right-swiping” could draw someone with real potential. Attached? Enjoy some turkey for two or a round of “Meet the Parents.”


Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: Queen of the local scene? That crown could be yours this November, Virgo, as the sun, charming Venus, and expansive Jupiter convene in Scorpio and your third house of hometown happenings. You won’t be satisfied by a basic dive bar. But if they add some specialty cocktails, open mic night, and a pinball machine? You’ll drag all your friends there and turn it into the place to go. Chat up the business owners in your ‘hood, because they’ll no doubt be open to your friendly and creative suggestions. You might even take on a bigger role in your community as a facilitator or events organizer. But do get out of Dodge the weekend of the 4th when the full moon in Taurus activates your wanderlust. Rent an Airbnb in the woods or take a quick flight to visit friends in another city. And if there was ever a weekend to play a few hands at the casino, this full moon does give you the gambler’s instinct. Bring a set amount of cash and stay away from those pawn shops!

Should you blow through too much cash — whether at the poker table or on Pat McGrath’s limited edition line, go-getter Mars is revving up your money mojo all month. Take more initiative: Send out proposals, set up pitch meetings, and bend the boss’ ear about your brilliant idea. Are you being paid fairly for your work? In November, you need to advocate for what you deserve. Research competitive market rates and pull together your own portfolio so it’s clear that you’re informed and prepared. Present your case near the new moon the 18th when you’ll be powerfully persuasive. If you work independently, these moonbeams will kick off a fresh, six-month cycle. Polish up your branding materials and raise your rates.

Hibernating urges kick in after the 21st and you’ll need more downtime in between all your social engagements and appearances. Inviting friends over to Chateau Virgo might become your new favorite thing during this month-long cycle. But, before you raise your hand for Thanksgiving hosting duties, consider this: On Thursday, November 23 the moon will be in Aquarius and your intensely private eighth house. You won’t take kindly to people poking around in your kitchen or even being in your space. Or, just keep the guest list small and intimate. Inner circle only!


Libra [September 23 to October 22] :: Game on! Ambitious career goals will top your agenda in November, so be ready to sell your skills at a moment’s notice. Make-it-happen Mars is rocketing through Libra all month (’til December 9), a biennial blast-off that can majorly elevate your professional game. But you can’t coast when the red planet is driving. Hit seasonal celebrations with business cards in tow and don’t shut down the shop talk while you’re out mingling. Are you past due for a raise? Request a performance review. Your initiative could lead to a promotion or a plum assignment that puts your name on the map, especially near the new moon on the 18th. And you’ll get a bonus boost from the sun, lucky Jupiter, and your ruling planet, enchanting Venus. These heavenly bodies are motoring through Scorpio and your second house of income throughout November. Warning: Your appetite for luxury and your impulse control are inversely proportional now, which could lead to burning through all your earnings. Make a list — and a budget — and check it thrice before you try on the Chanel “just for the fun of it.”

Love might take a backseat to work this month, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in some quickies. With lusty Mars in your sign, your engines will be revving. You’re the opposite of a two-pump chump, Libra, but you don’t have to forgo an erotic life just because you don’t have hours and hours to spend on foreplay. (A 15-minute nooner can be hot!) And when the sun sails into Sagittarius and your flirty third house for a month on the 21st, your calendar will be flooded with cultural activity dates, or, if you’re single, texting and meetups with the Tinderonis.

A playful, romantic Thanksgiving could be on tap as the moon dances through Aquarius and your hedonistic fifth house. That long weekend might be better spent on a cultural activities super-tour through a cool cosmopolitan hotspot than nodding off in a food coma in your childhood bedroom. If you do celebrate with the fam, take it upon yourself to play entertainment director. Bring a board game, cue up the playlists, and maybe push back the furniture for a multi-generational dance party!

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