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Happy Birthday Scorpios! Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] ::  Stop holding it in, Scorpio. With the sun and expressive Mercury synced up in your sign for most of November, it’s a “if you see something, say something” kind of month. Drop the mystique and tell them how you REALLY feel — or better yet, what it is that you desire. Your powers of persuasion are off the charts. And while you’ll readily win allies to your cause, November is also a month for independent action. Other people may simply slow you down before the 22nd. And thanks to Mars and Venus trekking through your 12th house of healing and divine inspiration, you’ll do some of your best work behind the scenes, too. Shut yourself away with your guitar, journal, art supplies — whatever the tools of your trade may be — and create your masterpiece. De-stress with a massage and a few sessions with a therapist. There’s a lot going on in that busy mind of yours and you need to unwind.
The 11th is your astrological New Year! That day, the new moon in Scorpio hits the refresh button on life as you know it. Say goodbye to outmoded situations from earlier this year and open yourself up to fresh adventures. This is the day to invest in something that will make you a stronger, savvier person in the year ahead. Romantically, November could be fantasy-fueled, but also a little hazy. While there could be some starry, seductive nights for the history books (especially after the 12th) you’ll have a hard time drawing boundaries or figuring out where anyone stands until December. The full moon on the 25th pushes an attraction to the hilt and could bring a long-overdue exclusivity clause to a relationship. If someone’s stringing you along, serve up a Thanksgiving ultimatum. It’s time to move ahead or just move on.
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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: Don ye now the rubber gloves and housecleaning apparel. With the Scorpio sun hunkered down in your 12th house of transitions until the 22nd, you’ll spend much of November sorting, releasing, and decluttering. Given that your birthday season begins when the sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd, this is a worthy mission. After all, you don’t need to drag last year’s baggage into your next year of life! From denim jeggings to heartless hookups…just. Let. Go. On the 11th, the new moon in Scorpio brings a shot of divine inspiration and even a spirit animal in human form. Pay attention to any wild ideas and (day)dreams that come to you that day, because they could be the seeds of genius that you develop by the corresponding full moon next April 22. An important mentor figure could step into your life then, too — reach up for wisdom and support from people who have “been there, done that.” 
Oh, and who are the people in your entourage? Teamwork makes the dream work in November, so reach out to your social network and attend events where you can form strategic alliances. You could see some #squadgoals come to fruition before 2015 is through — and even add some new recruits to the game. Romantically, Mars and Venus help you carve out goals in the early part of November. Get focused on what actually feels good — for more than just one night. You could meet your match through the introduction of friends after the 8th, or even a well-played right swipe. The full moon in Gemini lights up your relationships house on the 25th. Reuniting with a childhood crush could bring something unexpected to be thankful for. For coupled Archers, this full moon brings a moment to get real about your desires and the next steps you want to take as a pair. If you’re bringing your honey home for the holidays, get a hotel(!), as family dynamics could rattle your cage.
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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] ::  Hello, dream team! November will be filled with exciting collaborations — you’re just popular like that. This in-demand status can be draining if you don’t manage your time well. Organize group hangs instead of a thousand one-on-ones. With your #Superconnector status, you could wind up playing matchmaker for a few of your amazing friends. Have you outgrown your go-to crew? The new moon on the 11th lights the path to a new scene. You could find your tribe on this day or start the search. Let yourself dabble for a while before committing to an official membership. Online connections bring a high “clickthrough” rate, too, so jump into virtual communities if you can’t find likeminded souls IRL. This is an ideal month for kicking off a web venture, blog, or YouTube channel, too. Give all your social media profiles a once-over to ensure that you’re properly representing. 
In love, you’re playing the long game this November. Early in the month, that might actually refer to a long-distance relationship or traveling far from home with your boo. But after the 8th, you start thinking big picture: How compatible are you two REALLY? Do you share values and want similar things from life? While you’ll never find a clone, you DO need enough common ground if you’re going to invest further. Happily involved? Take time to map out shared milestones that you can achieve as a pair. Knowing you, that might even involve going into business together. Speaking of which, the full moon on the 25th could bring a solid work opportunity your way. Just before you slip off for Thanksgiving (or when you get back next week) you could hear word of a promotion or rep-boosting project that has Capricorn written all over it. This full moon could also bring an opportunity to pay your dues by apprenticing alongside an industry insider. You have two weeks to capitalize on this energy, so you might use some of your time off for prepping your résumé or a presentation to pitch next week.
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Aquarius [January 20 – February 19] ::  Power lunch, anyone? Your ambitious 10th house is on fire this November, setting you up to crush it in the career game. With the sun and messenger Mercury aligned in Scorpio for much of the month, you are charm personified. Use your gift of gab to advance your goals. Helpful men may step forward to pull you up the ladder — especially near the new moon on the 11th. Hanging out with the fellas will be socially rewarding, too. With your tomboyish nature and unfiltered sense of humor, you’ll ease right into the pack. Do you have designs on starting your own business? This new moon is a powerful launching pad. Start developing now and you’ll see big results by the corresponding full moon on April 22.
Love will be rather intense in the first week of November, especially on the 3rd, when Mars and Venus unite in your erotic eighth house. Don’t settle for less than a mind-body-soul connection, Aquarius, because whoever you attract could be playing for keeps. The vibes lighten up on the 12th, when both Mars and Venus have moved on to Libra and your adventure-seeking ninth house. You could click with a cutie from a different culture or fall for someone who lives a bit farther away from home that you’d prefer. Involved? With Mars holding court here until January 3, get plans underway for an unforgettable vacation before 2015 is through. The full moon on the 25th lights up your fifth house of fame, romance, and fertility. Baby fever could strike or you could finally share a kiss with a long-term crush. Your work of the past six months could get major recognition in the two weeks to follow. But this full moon also comes with a high drama alert. Be careful about teasing people, posting controversial memes, or picking fights to get attention, because it could all be terribly misconstrued.
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Pisces [February 20 – March 20] :: Hop on the Magic School Bus! With the sun and messenger Mercury teamed up in Scorpio, your high-minded ninth house, for much of November, you’re eager to soak up new information and expand your knowledge base. Sign up for classes and download DIY videos. And if you can, slip off for that yoga weekend retreat early on, so you can head home for Thanksgiving in a bliss bubble — instead of a stress sharknado — because there is an angsty full moon in your domestic sector on the 25th! This is also a “high vibes” month for you (and we’re not talking about dropping out of grad school to follow Phish on tour). Rise above petty dramas and focus on proactive solutions. In some cases, you may need to move on. If you’ve extended olive branch after olive branch only to be repeatedly disappointed, read the writing on the wall. Your ability to see the best in people is a beautiful thing, Pisces — but November is all about dealing with the truth. Sadly, some people just aren’t ready to rise to their true potential, not even with you (beautiful, you) cheering them on. The truth serum will flow liberally this month and the new moon on November 11 will bring a soul-baring moment. News of a long-distance opportunity could come then, too. Keep your suitcase and passport at the ready!
November’s romantic forecast is pretty epic, too. Cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus share a flight path all month, cruising through the most love-struck zones of your chart. Don’t settle for less than a keeper, though! A hookup is not just a hookup, especially after the 12th, when you’ll definitely get attached. It’s fine to obsess, but that feeling should be mutual. Hold out for someone who is equally smitten — not the elusive hottie you have to chase. On the 22nd, the sun heads into Sagittarius and your 10th house of career for a month. Gear up for the game and go easy on the spiked eggnog! Your biggest break of 2015 is yet to come, so when you hit the holiday party circuit remember that each soiree is also a “networking event.”
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Aries [ March 21 – April 19] :: Hang the Do Not Disturb sign, Aries. November’s magic happens behind closed doors as the sun simmers through Scorpio and your mysterious and seductive eighth house until the 22nd. Plan on staying IN more often, whether you’re entertaining a special guest star on your pillow-top mattress or furiously composing the lyrics and hooks for your future EP. Whatever you do, there’s no room for half-stepping. You might outright quit teams and activities that aren’t singing to your soul. And with cosmic couple Mars and Venus synced up in your relationship house from the 12th on, don’t waste time on anything — or anyone — that isn’t a great investment. Looking for love or maybe a funder for your latest killer business idea? The new moon on 11/11 could bring your missing puzzle piece. Coupled Aries will feel a push to make relationships more permanent, whether you’re getting engaged, enacting an exclusivity clause (casual dating can make you crazy this month!), handing bae a spare key, or playing Meet the Parents during Thanksgiving. Warning: Jealousy can overtake you in moments this month, igniting that famous Aries temper. When you find yourself “going green,” upcycle your emotions into a cathartic creative project or hit the gym hard. Nothing good can come out of speaking when you’re angry.
On the 22nd, life lightens up when the sun heads into fellow fire sign Sagittarius for a month and sets your adventurous ninth house ablaze. Your independent spirit takes the wheel again, so make sure you have as much “me time” as you do “we time.” The travel bug bites, too, so use up those untouched vacation days before 2015 is through! The full moon on the 25th is an optimal date for reconnecting with amigos around the globe. If Thanksgiving plans are wide open still, surely your friends in Berlin, London, or Austin would pull out the futon for you.
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Taurus [April 20 – May 20] :: Make it a double, Taurus! With the sun and flirty Mercury in Scorpio and your relationship house, November is the month to pair up. Maybe you’re ready to put a ring on it…or some ink. Twosomes of every variety get a favorable boost from the stars, as long as you make them a little more official. Since you’re a planner by nature, the formality will be a relief, helping you relax in the confidence that your investment of time and energy comes with a greater guarantee. Still looking for your missing puzzle piece? The new moon on the 11th could illuminate a promising candidate. Develop the connection organically and you could be joined at the hip by the corresponding full moon on April 22. Relationships intensify after the 22nd, when the sun blazes into Sagittarius and your seductive eighth house. Hang the Do Not Disturb sign, too, because you’ll crave spicy encounters behind closed doors (#MojoRising). Circle November 3, too: A rare connection between Venus and Mars could bring romance to Kimye levels, Florence wedding villa optional.
In-between bubbles and bon-bons, give your body some love this November, too. Radiant Venus decamps to your healthy living zone on November 8, followed by her companion Mars on the 12th. ‘Tis the season to indulge, but you can do so responsibly. Don’t fall off with your Pilates practice and plan more hangouts around physical activity (think: dancing, squash, the horizontal mambo). Swap out smoothies for roasted veggies, so you can warm yourself for the season. At work, this Mars-Venus merger makes you both creative and driven. Speak up in those morning meetings, Taurus, and take on a little extra responsibility to show your dedication. You could be in prime position for a raise or game-changing project when the full moon in Gemini lights up your money house on the 25th.
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Gemini [May 21 – June 20] :: Quality control time! November’s stars sound the call for precision and a higher grade of excellence. The good news is, that doesn’t mean adding more and more and MORE to the equation. Simplify. Minimize. Downsize. With the Scorpio sun galvanizing your sixth house of efficiency until the 22nd, whittling down to the basics can make the true gems shine. Be a purist, Gemini — whether you’re taking inventory of your closet, editing a presentation (or your friend list), or selecting locally sourced ingredients for your home-cooked meals. A somewhat untimely health kick takes hold, too, laying down the gauntlet: Can you make it through holiday season without bailing on your fitness regime or turning sugar, flour, and small-batch bourbon into primary food groups? Yes, you can — provided you don’t squeeze pleasure out of the equation. With cosmic coquettes Mars and Venus coupled up in your luxurious and romantic fifth house from November 12, you’ll need workouts to feel fun and nourishing meals to taste delicious, too, like these healthy lunches you can prepare for yourself. Pro tip: Since you like to feel glamorous at all times, make sure your workout wardrobe is as flattering as your work wardrobe. You’re likelty to spend more time in the weights room if you do. That said, your Louboutins will get just as much wear time as your Lululemons in November. The Mars-Venus combo could spur a romantic renaissance. It’s time to “take a lover” or two, Gemini, even if they don’t last longer than the run time of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. When the sun cruises into Sagittarius for a month on the 22nd, you’ll be more interested in magnetizing a keeper — or getting more serious in an existing relationship.
The hustle and flow won’t slow down for your career this month, either. While there will be lots of busywork to attend to, streamlining your processes can help, too. You might even hire an intern or assistant — or step into that role to learn the ropes of an industry that you’re dying to break into. The new moon on the 11th could bring word of a work opportunity or a dream connection with someone who can open doors for you. Another hot date on November’s calendar is the 25th! That day, the annual full moon in Gemini lights up the skies, putting all your hard work and talents into the spotlight. Self-promote via social media as you wait to board your Thanksgiving flight. That status update could reach the right feed, bringing epic award in the two weeks that follow. Take the lead with family celebrations, too. Holidays don’t have to devolve into family feuding — not with YOU organizing the entertainment!


Cancer [June 21 – July 22] :: Are you ready for your close-up, Cancer? November’s star map could shoot you into the spotlight, bringing recognition for your talents and opportunities to shine brighter. With the sun and expressive Mercury in Scorpio and your fifth house of fame, self-expression, and romance, people just can’t help but notice you. Instead of hiding in your shell, embrace your “spokesmodel” status. As long as you have all that attention, why not use it to promote a good cause? (And maybe shoot some YouTube vids while you’re at it.) Bring some creativity to your closet, too. Play with colors, mix patterns, get that wrist tattoo you keep pinning images for. The new moon on the 11th could bring the spark of divine inspiration or even a new love. If you’re in a relationship, the new moon could bring a refreshing new chapter to your bond. You might move in with your sweetie or at least give each other copies of keys and a drawer.
Single? Romantically, November is a hotspot, but you’ll need to be a bit more obvious about your desires. Take the lead and start up conversations with people who intrigue you. Alas, that could be challenging after the 12th, when cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus nestle into your old-fashioned fourth house. If you don’t feel comfortable copping to a crush, lay a more obvious breadcrumb trail to your heart. (Hints help, too.) The boy- or girl-next-door type could make you swoon. Who says the nice ones have to finish last? Let your friends play matchmaker. You could meet a great match through their introduction. Speaking of which, the company of your girl gang will be extra heartwarming this month. Keep a tighter boundary around your inner circle. You’ll relish intimate hangouts with the friends you can trust, the ones who will hold your secrets like treasures. Need to make amends? The full moon on the 25th may bring a long-overdue reconciliation. Be the first one to extend the olive branch.
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Leo [ July 23 – August 22] :: Hibernation time has arrived, Leo. With the sun and social Mercury nesting in Scorpio and your domestic fourth house until the 22nd, you’ll be more interested in perfecting your grilled cheese recipe than snapping selfies at the club. Let the cozy vibes take hold. If you’re looking for a new place to hang your wide-brimmed fedora, the new moon on the 11th could light the way to a dream listing or bring the perfect roomie your way. Get on the friends and family plan, too. With all the projects you’re juggling, your inner circle may be feeling shortchanged of quality time. Reshuffle your priorities so that the people who REALLY have your back get the lion’s share of your attention. Ready to upgrade your girl gang? New female friendships emerge in November, even someone with BFF potential.
Early in the month, Cupid’s spinning the slow jams and a connection could be slow to get off the ground. Take. Your. Time. Luxuriating in the buildup will just make it better when things manifest. After the 12th, both Mars and Venus will be in Libra and your flirty, playful third house. Settling down won’t be quite so easy then — or you’ll need lots more nights OUT together. Stock the shared calendar with concerts, gallery openings, holiday soiree, and DJ sets. The romantic vibes heat up after the 22nd, when the sun blazes into Sagittarius and your festive, flamboyant, and amorous fifth house. Whether single or spoken for, you’ll feel like dressing up — and even giving your image a total makeover in the spirit of ever-evolving and stylish signmates Kylie Jenner and J Lawr. The full moon on the 25th brings out your team spirit. Take the helm with Thanksgiving activities: Make a playlist, organize entertainment, and basically ensure that everyone is too busy having a good time to get swept into a family feud.
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Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: November is a “choose your own adventure” kind of month. With the sun and curious Mercury paired up in Scorpio and your social third house, your calendar will fill quickly with culture-vulture approved events. Set aside your responsible nature and let yourself dabble and play. Variety is the spice of your life this month! How can you know what your favorites are until you’ve tried the sampler platter, anyway? New friends crop up at every turn and the new moon on the 11th could bring someone with bona fide BFF credentials. Bonding with a sibling can also fill your fun tanks this month. No need to travel far to find what you need. The local scene delivers. You might just get a regular event started yourself, so chat up the neighborhood business owners to see who’d be keen to collaborate.
November 3 is major for love! Cosmic couple Mars and Venus make an exact connection in Virgo, making you the hottest thing around. You’ll find it easy to ask for what you want and need. This is THE day to have “the talk” or initiate a conversation with a cutie who catches your eye. Hello, future soulmate? Yes, it’s possible. Venus hangs in Virgo until the 8th and Mars until the 12th, so the magnetic vibes linger on. Then, both planets head into Virgo and your sensual second house. Set your Spotify to the slow jams station. After the 12th, you’ll favor old-fashioned romance over flash-in-the pan (but oh-so-hot) hookups. Your domestic streak kicks in once the sun slips into Sagittarius on the 22nd. While you’ll nest hardcore, Chateau Virgo could become hangout central, too. This could be your year to host Thanksgiving — or even a follow-up “orphan’s Thanksgiving” a couple days later for friends who didn’t get to go home for the holiday. On the 25th, the full moon in Gemini galvanizes your 10th house of career. Your hard work of 2015 could pay off with a major victory and, quite possibly, a promotion.
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Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: Mirror, mirror, on the wall. With radiant Venus (your ruling star) cruising through Libra from November 8 on, you are hands-down the hottest of them all. Her partner-in-crime Mars also moves into Libra from November 12 until January 3, ensuring that you’ll wrap 2015 on a smoldering note. With this planetary pair in your corner, you’ll have them at hello. Use your powers to advance one of your personal goals and ambitions. It’s just a little too easy to get people to do your bidding now. But make sure you’re actually creating win-wins instead of putting people under your spell. If you want something to last for the long haul, there has to be a benefit for all parties involved. This is true for both the boardroom and the bedroom.
Keep your mind on your money, too. The Scorpio sun could put you on an austerity plan — or at least a budget — until the 22nd. With mindful Mercury also in Scorpio this month, you’ll have the patience to track your cash, too. Set up systems so that you can see clearly what’s coming in and what’s going out. This will actually bring relief, freeing you up to indulge responsibly on haute cuisine and over-the-knee boots instead of wringing your hands in fear that you just blew a rent check at Barneys. Your social life heats up when the sun heads into Sagittarius for a month on the 22nd. Kindred spirits come out of the woodwork and you could get involved in a fun neighborhood scene. On the 25th, a long-distance opportunity sparks up under the light of the full moon. If you aren’t actually traveling, you could be scheming via Google Hangout about a future trip or even a business idea.

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