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Taurus [April 21 to May 21] :: They say it’s your birthday, Taurus – and luckily May’s awesomeness is written in the stars. The whole month is lit, but particularly the days leading up to the New Moon in your sign on the 15th. This is your moment to make your annual magical manifestation list. Set intentions for all that you want to bring into your life within six months. Include both personal and professional accomplishments, creative visions, travel, wellness – whatever your heart desires. Pin this list someplace and check it once a month – trust that you’ll start crossing items off within two weeks, if you truly focus your mind. Note that focusing your mind could become a tiny bit complicated after the 15th, because on the same day as the New Moon, the planet of radical change is moving into your own stars. Yes, lovely Bull – for the next seven years mighty Uranus, ruler of instant change and innovation, will be in Taurus. This might make you feel slightly shaky at first, mostly because standing your ground is your everything, and this is a planet that likes to keep moving. Mars, the planet of passion and drive, moves into your career zone the next morning, insuring that the next few months will amp up your professional prowess. The last few days of the month are spectacularly dramatic in the best possible way: the Full Moon in Sagittarius wakes up your desire on the 29th. Whether you’re single or in a long-term relationship, this could make your bedroom into a very adventurous place.

Gemini [May 22 to June 21] :: May is made of miracles, Gemini, but they’re not likely to announce themselves flamboyantly – you’ll have to look for them within. With the Sun in your house of dreams and subconscious thoughts and the New Moon on the 15th, there is a strong emphasis on inner work this month. Set intentions for both physical and psychological wellness at midmonth and give yourself a six-month deadline to attain them. The 15th is unstoppable – the very same day Uranus, the planet of radical change, moves into the same part of your horoscope and he’ll remain there for seven years. Your quest in life is to quiet the stirring of your mind, Ms. Mad Genius, and with Uranus hanging out in your dream zone you could become the creative visionary you’ve always known you were meant to be. However it could be a bit crazy-making at first, and cause some insomnia and/or anxiety. This would be a good time to refresh your apothecary – calming herbs and homeopathic remedies will come to your rescue as you adjust to the pace. Mars moves into Aquarius, your sister air sign, the very next morning – this is the third major astro-event in 24 hours. This will amp up your craving for wisdom and stimulate your wanderlust over the next few months. The most delicious moment of the month comes at the end – there is a wildly fun Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th. This is your relationship zone, so try to avoid drama with your bae, if at all possible – but do embrace adventure. 

Cancer [June 22 to July 22] :: May is about getting out of your shell and staying out, at least for a while. The planets demand that you experiment with your comfort levels around other people – even when you’re feeling shy. The New Moon arrives on the 15th, and the reigning theme is simple: socialise, socialise, socialise. For the next six months you’ll get the opportunity to test your limits and broaden your circles – both personally and professionally. This applies to friendships both on and offline, but you should set intentions to go to at least one IRL event a week, if not more. Creative collabs forged under the power of this lunation are totally unstoppable. On the very same day as the New Moon, Uranus moves into the same part of your chart. See what we mean by a theme? With the planet of radical change in your social zone for the next seven years, you may find yourself surrounded by a totally new tribe of compatriots. This is not the time to keep your squad small and boring. The more you open your mind to new and different people, the closer you’ll come to achieving your lifelong goals. If you thought midmonth was busy, you haven’t even heard it all yet. Mars, the planet of desire, moves into your house of sex on the 16th, and will remain there through the summer. It’s as hot as it sounds, Cancer. May’s finale is a Full Moon in your work zone, so you might find yourself building toward a deadline. Do what you can to avoid burnout and don’t forget self-care – your body will thank you.

Leo [July 23 to August 23] :: You start living up to your own hype this month, Leo – and the world is about to take notice. Professional dreams are coming true with the Sun in your career zone for the first three weeks of May. And when the New Moon arrives on the 15th, you can set industry-dominating intentions to last you for the next six months. Think ahead to next December and set goals that are worthy of your ambitions – don’t forget to write them down. The reason that we’re so sure you’ll achieve them is that Uranus, the planet of radical change, is moving into the same part of your horoscope on the very same day. Yes, Ms. Kitty – midmonth is wild and it’s all about the proverbial rise to the corner office. Whatever area you work in you’re about to turn heads and take names – and if you’ve had your eye on a change, the stars will grant you that wish. So that’s a lot for 24-hours – but it’s not even everything. The next morning passionate Mars moves into Aquarius – your opposite sign. The Red Planet will heat up your relationships for the entire summer – so just be careful about getting overly irate with your boo – unless you plan to make up in bed. When the Full Moon finale arrives on the 29th, prep yourself for endless love, romance and inspiration – schedule a date night or swipe right: you’re mega-lucky in love. 

Virgo [August 24 to September 23] :: The planets are poppin’ this month, and “can’t stop, won’t stop” is your theme. With the Sun in your travel zone for the first three weeks of May, get your booty on the road or in the air posthaste. By the 15th the call to adventure will be loud and relentless thanks to the New Moon. If you can’t book a holiday this month, the good news is that you’ve got six months to make that dream vacation happen. As you do best, make a list and map out your plans at midmonth, when the energy is fiercely hot. The 15th is a big deal because there’s a lot more than merely the New Moon on the agenda – there’s a major planetary move. Uranus, the ruler of all things innovative, is moving into Taurus – the same constellation as this month’s adventure-laden New Moon. Yes, Virgo, a theme is emerging, and that theme is simple: wanderlust is about to start ruling your world in a major way. The very next morning Mars, the planet of passion and desire, moves into Aquarius. This fuels your work life and gives you considerable energy to work on multiple projects for the next few months – but you must avoid burning out. One yoga class for every deadline, Virgo – it’s a must. The Full Moon arrives on the 29th, closing out the month on a super fun yet homey note – gather your loved ones for a night in. 

Libra [September 24 to October 23] :: May is amorous and adoring, Libra. The stars are aligning for all of the romantic vibes of the season. First, weed out any residual early spring dross because you’ll need the space for the fabulous new opportunities on the horizon. It’s also an excellent time to start a new wellness regime as you’re in the mood for real change. This is the month to relinquish anything and everything that has been holding you down. On the 15th, the New Moon brings you all the financial savvy and resourcefulness you’ll need for your financial toolbox. Bad habits are so 2017. Get your love buzz on after 16th when sexy Mars revs up your romance and pleasure zone for an epic four months. It’s definitely the season to fall in love, or fall in love all over again, darling. Your career stars are also stellar this May. Your ruling planet Venus moves up to the top of your chart after the 19th, gracing your professional path. Watch your status and popularity rise over the next several weeks. You’re more willing to experiment and shake things up which bodes exceptionally well for your creativity and ingenuity. Finally, the Full Moon lights up your communication sector on the 29th. Conversations that have hung in the balance will reach a fever pitch now. Resolutions, solutions and bottom lines are possible. Crystal clear clarity is assured before June arrives. 

Scorpio [October 24 to November 22] :: You’re one passionate love machine this spring, Ms. Femme Fatale. When Scorpio falls, she falls deep, so be sure you have backup plans for the other areas of your life that will quickly go on hiatus if you’re obsessed with romantic pursuits. You’re consumed with building something that lasts over the next six months. Only the tried and true will do for you, darling. The New Moon in Taurus lights up your partnership zone on the 15th, planting sexy seeds for the next six months of dating, mating and relating. Watch between now and your birthday for a brand new series of wishes to unfold in the relationship department. That said, be careful what you wish for, because you’re infamously all-or-nothing when it comes to love (and everything else). Home becomes a competing obsession after the 19th. Mars, your guiding planet, moves into your home zone from midmonth until August (an exceptionally long time). Your homebody instincts could go next level until late summer. Keep your social commitments light or centered around your domicile for best results. If you’ve wanted to upgrade your sanctuary, this is the season. The Full Moon highlights financial themes on the 29th. Look back to December for the storyline that is culminating now. The desire to burn through your cash is real, so be sure you have the funds to cover the inevitable splurge. Scorpio wants what she wants!

Sagittarius [November 23 to December 22] :: May is your month to rise and shine, Sagittarius!  You can feel it in your bones—your time has arrived, bb! The fierce and fiery Full Moon is building in your fabulous stars all month long. This long-awaited peak relates to a storyline that began close to your birthday last year. You adore grand finales and this. is. it. But first things first, on the 15th, the New Moon asks you to get back to basics including work, deadlines, wellness and scheduling. Be sure to get as grounded and organized as Sagily possible. Yes, this might require slowing down a bit, but that is so good for you. Because you’ve got Mars powering up your communication zone for the next four months (an unusually long spell), you’ll need plenty of breaks and pauses. It’s all too easy to get lost in scrolling feeds and tethered to your devices under this influence. Stay balanced by setting alarms to remind you to come back to real life on the hour. Addiction to social media could reach new levels this summer, so engage your gadgets with caution. And the big event you’ve been waiting for, the Full Moon in Sagittarius, arrives on the 29th, highlighting you and your relationships. Fireworks in May? Yes, please!

Capricorn [December 23 to January 20] :: You’re switching up drudgery for pleasure this May, Capricorn. You can’t be all work and no play without hitting the burnout button. This is your month to get it right and realign yourself with a much-needed break. In fact, May starts out with a super romantic vibe. The New Moon falls in your love zone and sets the tone for the next six months of goodness. This also marks a new creative phase unfolding between now and next November. If that’s not enough of a love buzz, Venus (the love and beauty planet) moves into your relationship zone on the 19th, bringing all of the flirty vibes you need to prove irresistible to everyone. You’ll likely be relieved to know Mars, the mojo planet is finally living your stars on the 16th, giving you a break from the non-stop action and strategizing that you’ve been engaging in over the past several weeks. The new focus is finances and you’ll have plenty of time to master your next set of financial goals. Mars enjoys an epically long stint in your money zone between now and August. Lastly, the Full Moon brings the opportunity for travel and retreat on the 29th. If you’re not already on a getaway, you’ll pack your bag come early June. Late spring is for lovers drunk on wanderlust. 

Aquarius [January 21 to February 19] :: May demands a potent blend of introversion and extroversion. Luckily you’re a rare breed who can master both domains and switch them up at will. The first chunk of May is ideal for leisurely pursuits and sticking close to the home-front. A slow and mellow tempo works best as we lean into the New Moon on the 15th. Put the focus on simple but beautiful things like taking care of your body, your possessions and your sanctuary. Less screen time is advised to assist you in getting out of your head and back into your body where you belong. Tech-fasting is the ideal way to get back to earth and center yourself for a new cycle. The first half of May is ideal for introspection and beauty treatments, but part two will be anything but mellow. Mars, the mojo planet, moves into your very own stars starting the 16th, where he will camp out for an unusually long visit (until August). Pace yourself, because Mars will definitely keep you burning the candle at both ends. Take extra good care of your nervous system for the next few months to avoid adrenal burnout. The Full Moon hits your house of friends on the 29th, so prepare to be totally in demand during the entire week leading up to this lunation. You’re a serious force to be reckoned with this season, Aquarius.

Pisces [February 20 to March 20] :: May is a delightful cacophony of innovation and experimentation. Curiosity makes you a tour de force all month as you gobble up information and insights galore. Your mind is totally on fire, Pisces. The New Moon (on the 15th) could bring the new course of study or interest that you’ll develop over the next six months. Whether it’s a new language, professional specialty or just hobby you develop, you’ll be completely committed and devoted between now and November. Communication is a big theme this spring so expect loads of writing, correspondence and conversation to consume your free time. But note that taking your vision to the next level will be the theme of the summer. Watch your creativity surge after the 16th, when action-planet Mars moves into your house of dreams and imagination for the next several months (until August). Fantasies can transform into reality during the next few months, mostly because you’re willing to work hard and team up with the best people. You’ll attract the right community and potential collaborators to help you make it happen. In other fabulous astro-news, your love life takes a super sweet turn when Venus graces your romance zone starting on the 19th and lasting for the next few weeks. Love, beauty, and even cash are in ample supply through early June. Look to the Full Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th if you’re hungry for ambition – your career is in focus now. Late spring looks so good on you, Pisces. 

Aries [March 21 to April 20] :: May is all about moneymaking, Aries – you’re totally unstoppable in the financial arena. Thankfully the hot mess of Mercury Retrograde in your sign is so over at this point that you can start fresh, with a lovely and luxurious slate. You’re not usually this obsessed with going first-cabin, but as you near the New Moon on the 15th, attune yourself to your material needs, because you can increase your income exponentially over the next six months. Midmonth is crazy busy – on the same day, Uranus leaves your sign and moves into the same part of your horoscope – your financial zone. The planet of radical change has been in your own sign for the last seven years, pushing you forward on multiple fronts at once – even when you didn’t think you were ready to take a leap. The good news is that you won’t constantly feel like you’re sticking your fingers into a socket anymore – your nerves will get a break. Now you’ll need to expect the unexpected when it comes to money, income and earning – and considerably broaden your horizons, which will help you spread the wealth. Early the next morning (we told you it was busy) your ruler Mars moves into Aquarius, where he’ll help you focus on your friendships for the entire summer. The Full Moon in Sagittarius brings your travel dreams to life on the 29th. You might just close the month out on the open road, Ms. Ram. 

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