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Happy Birthday Taurus!! Taurus:  [April 20 – May 20] :: It’s #TaurusSeason, and you are in your unapologetic element this month, taking charge and manifesting magic at every turn. Take advantage of this clearly lit path to the top and let your competitive nature out to play. Not sure what your next move will be? That’s fine, too. With the sun beaming through your sign until the 20th, you can experiment to your heart’s desire. Dive into fresh experiences; open yourself up to new people. The 3rd is a “go big or go home” day, as the sun and lucky Jupiter push you to take a chance. And the annual new moon in Taurus on the 6th will swing open doors to opportunity. There’s only one catch: Communication planet Mercury is retrograde — and in your sign, no less — until May 22. Be strategic about what you reveal, and don’t jump the gun with debuting your grand ideas. Some are best developed in private and only shared with a select few.
Romantically, you’re turning a happy corner this month. On the 9th, big-hearted Jupiter snaps out of a four-month retrograde and powers forward through your true-love zone — plus, it makes magic with Venus on the 10th. Around these days, sparks could fly with a cutie from a different culture or someone traveling through your hometown. If you’re in a relationship, take a couple days off work and enjoy a long vacation (maybe one that starts with the new moon on the 6th) to celebrate your birthday with all the seductive trimmings. The full moon on the 21st — the first in a rare, consecutive pair — lights up your playing-for-keeps eighth house and could help you lock down long-term love, or find someone worthy of sharing your bed each night. You could reconnect with an ex when Mars dives back into your relationship zone on the 27th, but don’t open that door if you know it will bring you pain. Work heats up after the 20th when the sun moves on to Gemini for a month. No cutting corners or getting by with “just enough.” Use the last third of May to rebuild your rep, and you could be tapped for a prominent position or assignment in early June.

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Gemini [May 21-  June 20] :: Weave your hair into that crown braid and let your inner boho babe out to play. With the sun cruising through your dreamy, nomadic, 12th house this May, every day feels like a festival — and you’d rather be lounging in a hammock in Tulum than dealing with anything reality-based, like, say, work. But instead of escaping and avoiding, try adding more creativity and fun to the tasks you consider drudgery. Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde until the 22nd, making it hard to just run away from it all without having to deal with annoying scheduling details. So, if you DO plan a beach getaway, book everything with extreme care to avoid snafus. Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde in your domestic sector on May 9, which makes being at home more enjoyable, anyway. Set up Chateau Gemini to feel like more of an oasis. Hang art (even make some yourself), create a meditation altar, music studio, or yoga room — and above all, make sure you have ample privacy, as you’ll need more solitude in the first part of May. Friction with a female friend or family member could ease up with Jupiter’s forward pivot, too. Hug it out — or at least stop the pettiness and start communicating again. 
Everything does a 180 on May 20 when the sun bursts into Gemini for a month and kicks off your birthday season. Those vague conversations and loose ends you forgot to tie up will no longer do. You want clarity and completion right now, so you can move ahead without a question mark. The Sagittarius full moon on the 21st lights up your relationship house and could illuminate a powerful partner for business, pleasure, or a creative collab. And lucky you! There’s a second Sagittarius full moon on June 19, so these duos will grow even MORE dynamic by then. One catch: Fiery Mars is retrograde all month, so even if you know you’ve found The One, pace yourself and let the connection grow organically. Someone from your past could even reappear to fill the role. This time around, make sure you agree up front about where the relationship is heading and what you both need.
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Cancer [June 21-  July 22] :: Your popularity just keeps on expanding this May. Forget about hiding out in your shell; it’s time to get social. Rally the troops to gallery openings, record release parties, oyster happy hours, and weekend getaways. With Mercury retrograde until the 22nd, ping your pals from the past, too, because you could rediscover some common ground. A new squad could form near the 6th or 10th, or you could find an extracurricular that speaks to your soul. Hint: It may have something to do with politics or activism as you’re ready to change the world this month. Spruce up your web presence while you’re at it: refine your posts and put up current photos. Consider putting yourself on YouTube or getting in on Periscope or Facebook Live.
When you’re not out toasting the town (and even when you are), Mars retrograde insists that you take better care of yourself. There’s no reason you can’t meet friends for green juices instead of Bloody Mary’s or hit a yoga class instead of a movie. The full moon on the 21st could bring a lucky opportunity with work, one that might involve traveling or interfacing with an office in a different city. On the 20th, the sun slips into Gemini and your 12th house of escape, followed by Venus on the 24th. Dial down the extreme socializing and create more space to relax, rejuvenate and get creative. You might even start a meditation practice or take an art or music class. Romantically, the last third of May will be a fantasy-fueled phase, and Mars’ retreat into your romance house could churn up some buried passion. Drop your guard but don’t forget to run the background checks on any new candidates. Coupled Cancer, assume nothing about your partner. Instead, turn your pillow talk into heart-to-hearts — you’ll get honest answers when you’re both relaxed and receptive to hearing what the other has to say.

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Leo [July 23 – August 22] :: Your ambitious nature is on full display this May, Leo, and you are in it to win it. With the sun and cosmic creator Venus paired up in your 10th house of success, keep those career goals in your crosshairs and let your originality shine. You could be tapped for a promotion or a leadership position near the new moon on the 6th. But your ego is not your amigo on this ride. Getting to the top is as much about staying humble as it is about impressing with your masterful moves. A seasoned pro — likely a woman — could take you under her wing near the third or 10th. When Jupiter snaps out of retrograde on the ninth, your money mojo will rise again too. Be more “intrapreneurial” if you have a 9-to-5, initiating projects and acting independently, for the good of the company and for your own growth. Jupiter’s pivot could also inspire you to start your own business. What do you want to do next?
Circle the 21st as a romantic high point — not only in May but 2016 overall. The full moon in Sagittarius lights up your fifth house of passion and true love, and a romantic situation that’s been building since December could finally manifest. Or, you could meet someone who has soulmate written all over ’em. This full moon is extra special as it’s the first in a rare, consecutive pair. The embers you stoke on the 21st could REALLY ignite during the lunar sequel on June 19. Mars, planet of lust and drive, is retrograde in your romance house this month, however, so following your heart might also require you to backtrack a bit. Were you too quick to dismiss a date? Have you been holding a grudge against bae? Forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting but it DOES mean gleaning the lessons and growing together. Stop blaming and see it all as “meant to be” and you could have a huge romantic breakthrough. 

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Virgo [August 23 – September 22] :: Forget the small batch bourbon and frozen margaritas. In May, it’s truth serum that you’re meant to down as the sun blazes through your “keep it real” ninth house. But that’s not your hall pass to go calling people without filters. Turn the spotlight on yourself, Virgo. With your ruling planet Mercury retrograde until the 22nd an introspective voyage can help you realize what’s truly right for you — and what you’re ready to let go of. By the time this month is through, your entire life could look different, or at least on its way to a major transformation. A long-distance or travel opportunity could be part of the equation, especially near the new moon on the 6th. Festival-hop or vacation for the fun of it before the 20th. There could even be the bonus of a vacation romance. Just book wisely and with reputable agencies (read those Trip Advisor reviews!) because Mercury retrograde can create the kind of mirages that make a roach motel look like a retreat center at first glance.
The 9th will be an epic turning point too, as lucky Jupiter ends a retrograde and powers forward through Virgo until September 9. Jupiter only visits your sign every 12 years and you’ve been hosting the planet of good fortune and expansion since August 11, 2015. The time has come to leap, Virgo, and like signmate Bernie Sanders, live your unique truths out loud. You’re not just a leader, you’re a pioneer. If it’s time to relocate, the full moon on the 20th could hasten your departure to a new zip code. And when the sun bursts into Gemini on the 20th your career takes off at full speed. Venus moves into this part of your chart on the 24th and sparks could fly with someone you meet through a work function. Coupled Gems should focus on shared goals in May’s final week. You could build something major together — an amazing way to bond.
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Libra [September 23 –  October 22] :: Passion! Mystery! Intrigue! There’s nothing surface-y about the first half of May for you, Libra. With the sun, Venus, and Mercury retrograde slipping through your esoteric, alchemical eighth house, you want to know what’s REALLY going on. Run your own quiet background checks and let people show (not tell) you who they are. Under these intimate skies, you can build rock-solid relationships, but it’s essential that you choose trustworthy people to partner with in every way. Prime candidates may appear with the new moon on the 6th, but look out! Truth-bearer Jupiter might reveal people’s shady hidden agendas on the 3rd and 10th. If you have to cut ’em loose, don’t forget: A goodbye is also a hello to a far better option. Sexier, too, as the eighth house is the erotic zone. A Venus-Jupiter mash-up could usher in a soulmate on the 10th — someone whom you feel safe being vulnerable around. You could meet on the dance floor or while doing something spiritual, like a group meditation. Mercury retrograde until the 22nd might even bring a blessed second chance with “the one that got away.” 
Everything lightens up again on the 20th when the sun blazes into Gemini and your adventure-seeking ninth house for a month. A trip out of town — after Mercury is direct two days later, on the 22nd — can reset your internal system software and restore your joie de vivre. (Why, yes, you should buy those Gov Ball tickets, Libra.) Travel in the figurative sense, too, as this is the time to expand your horizons with workshops, summer classes, and by meeting friends from new walks of life. This is an excellent time to do teacher training or develop your own entrepreneurial venture as a way of padding your pockets with extra income.
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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] :: Who is the Zayn to your Gigi? May’s relationship-focused starmap flips on the searchlight for single Scorpios. On the 3rd, you could meet your match through mutual friends. The new moon on the 6th could also illuminate a hot prospect. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll be wondering, “What’s next for us?” Talks could turn to exclusivity and if you’ve been together for a while, there could be a proposal or co-signed lease before the month is through. Alas, Mercury will be retrograde until the 22nd which could stir up lovers’ quarrels. Timing is everything when having conversations about the future. Don’t let emotions overtake you, Scorpio, because badgering bae right before a big meeting or making a public scene could be the death knell of your relationship. An ex could also make a reappearance but make sure they’ve REALLY changed before offering a second chance. 
Jupiter wakes up from a retrograde on the 9th bringing out the social butterfly in you. Having an active extracurricular life is the key to staying balanced (read: not desperate or obsessed). Fill your calendar with non-romantic hangouts and make a point of pursuing group activities. Work will be busy too, so don’t slack off on your daily duties. Your diligence could land you a raise during the full moon on the 21st. 
The sun slinks into Gemini and your seductive eighth house on the 20th, ensuring that you’ll end the month on a sexy note. Everything will feel charged with greater intensity though, so take some cool-down breaks before making any big decisions. Although it may seem exciting to rush in — or dive in deep — with Mars retrograde retreating into Scorpio from May 27 until June 29, you want to be 200% sure that you’re not getting stuck in anything that will limit your growth — both personally and professionally. Take. It. Slow.
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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: Two steps forward, one step back. That’s the dance you’re doing this May, Sagittarius, which can be a frustrating tango if you’re not expecting it. But if you keep a foot in both camps, you’ll sail through the month like a boss — and even end with an impressive feather in your fedora. Through the 20th, the sun is chugging along through Taurus and your “taking care of business” sixth house. No shortcuts, Sagittarius. You have to pay your dues to get to the next stage of the game, especially with go-getter Mars retrograde in your sign until the 27th. Humble yourself and play the happy helper. Working alongside a master (even as a volunteer) will bring priceless tools and insights. Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd so you may even have to RE-do a project — or an aspect of it — in order to get the quality up to snuff. Grit your teeth and get through it, ensuring integrity and quality control. On the bright side, this May 9, your ruling planet Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde and blasts ahead in your career zone until September 9. Stalled ambitions will get back in motion again, despite a few curveballs from Mars and Mercury. And on the 21st a full moon in Sagittarius throws your talents into the spotlight and could bring some well-deserved fame. Double bonus! There will be a rare, second Sagittarius full moon on June 19 which means anything you set in motion this May 21 will get another burst of positive energy a month later. 
Relationships are your focus after the 20th when the sun flows into Gemini and your partnership house for a month. Romantic Venus follows suit on the 24th making it easy to magnetize interested parties. But the right one for you could actually be an “attractive opposite.” It’s the differences that create the chemistry, after all. If you’re already attached, you’ll long for more togetherness. But don’t expect smooth sailing. Relationships are the greatest mirrors, illuminating areas for growth. If you’re butting heads with bae (and you probably will), you may be expecting the relationship to provide something that you need to give to yourself. Focus on being whole and independent, cultivating YOUR interests and your bond could flow back into a harmonious place without any effort.
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Capricorn [December 22 –  January 19] :: Embrace the maximalist way this May, Capricorn! With the sun and fashionista Venus brightening your flamboyant fifth house for most of the month, you’ll be a shameless head-turner. The stage could even call your name — did you have any clue that there was a performer living inside you? If not, the new moon on the 6th could call the ham out of hiding; or, you could attract media attention for your unique gifts. Mars is backstroking through your divinely inspired 12th house until the 27th, calling for museum dates, music lessons, or just an immersion in the arts — anything to awaken the muse! You might even travel to find fresh material when Jupiter spins out of retrograde on the 9th. One hitch: Mercury will be in reverse until the 22nd so these journeys should be carefully planned to avoid unpleasant breakdowns with reservations and scheduling. 
Love-wise, May will be epic as the fifth house also rules true love. Lucky Jupiter helps you take a chance on romance on both the 3rd and 10th. Wear your heart on your sleeve and get real about what (or who) you want! The odds are stacked in your favor, but no matter the outcome you’ll feel a sense of victory because you put yourself out there. Mercury retrograde could even bring an old flame back into the picture. This could be your opportunity for closure or to say no to a bad romance for once and for all! But if it was only bad timing that kept you apart, you may finally get that sequel you’ve been dreaming of. The fireworks die down a bit on the 20th, when the sun settles into Gemini and your sixth house of healthy routines. Swap the frozen margaritas for green smoothies and legit catch up on your sleep. (No, disco naps don’t count.) Venus joins the sun here on the 24th and you could find love anywhere from the CrossFit studio to the outdoor running trail. An office romance could even spark up while coupled Caps could decide to go into business together. As a sign that likes to work (work, work, work, work) as much as you do, these blurred lines are a total aphrodisiac.
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Aquarius [January 20 –  February 18]  :: No apologies: You’re doing spring in reverse this May, Aquarius. While birds and bees are fluttering out of their nests, all you want to do is retreat to yours. Take a well-deserved break from being the monarch of the social butterflies. With the sun and Venus co-piloting through your domestic zone until the 20th you’ll feel happiest, and most creative, at home. At some DIY magic or incorporate the pastel-rainbow magic of
these wares from The Tassel Fairy. Not loving where you live? The new moon on the 6th reveals a lucky listing — and thanks to jetsetting Jupiter’s influence, you might even relocate farther from your current zip than expected. You could also rent a beach house or give nomadic Airstream living a go. Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, however, so review all leases with a fine-toothed comb. Women are the star players of May too so don’t be surprised if the head count of your girl gang expands to include both new faces and some old friends from back in the day, thanks to Mars and Mercury driving in reverse.
On the 9th, add Prince’s iconic Erotic City to your playlist. Bold and adventurous Jupiter ends a four-month retrograde and powers forward through your seduction zone. Mojo rising! Feelings you’ve kept buried could come out in a candid flood. Warning: this emotional range includes everything from exhilaration to envy, passion to possessiveness. Before you have The Talk, release the charge with a helpful GF or a therapist so your legit conversation can be productive. When the sun heads into Gemini and your true love zone on the 20th — followed by Venus on the 24th — you’ll experience a total romantic renaissance. This could even include a proposal or pregnancy…and most definitely, PDA.
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Pisces [February 19 –  March 20] :: Flex those social butterfly wings. May’s extroverted starmap appoints you queen of the scene — or at least your corner of the world. But careful not to take on too much responsibility. You’ll also want to fly free this month, dabbling in new hobbies, interests and activities. On the 6th, the new moon could illuminate a BFF or creative collaborator — this match has “dynamic duo” written all over it! Kindred spirits pop up out of the woodwork, but so do old friends, as chatty Mercury will be retrograde in your amigo zone until the 22nd. Mercury’s backspin could bring a double whammy of communication breakdown, however. Anything you say, text, tweet or otherwise put into words should be edited with excruciating care. If you have something serious to discuss, face to face is the ONLY way to deal if you want to avoid epic misunderstandings. Romantically, Jupiter flips out of retrograde on the 9th, helping you get back in the game. A long-distance or cross-cultural relationship could take flight; or, start planning that summer vacation you want to take with your sweetie.
Career-wise, you may have some backtracking to do as motivator Mars will also be retrograde all month. Are you presenting like the pro you are? Putting your best foot forward is a must, so polish things up and you could land a huge professional victory with the full moon on the 21st. You’ll flutter on back to the cocoon when the sun hunkers down in Gemini and your domestic fourth house on the 20th. Tend to your nest, Pisces, decorating, cooking, hosting intimate gatherings. If you’re ready to move, you’ll have the motivation to check out apartments or look for new roomies then too. Visit your mom, or another important woman in May’s final third, for some soul-nourishing comfort.
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Aries [March 21 – April 19] :: Keep your mind on your money this May, Aries. At every turn, fresh income streams could flow in and flood the coffers. And while some elbow grease will be required, think outside the 9-5 grind. The sun and cosmic creatrix Venus double up in Taurus and your financial zone until the 20th. Maybe it’s time to start an Etsy store to hawk some of your crafty wares that your friends are always drooling over. Take a more personable approach to your fellow employees. Being the one to rally them all together will make you an irreplaceable part of the machine. Lucky days for a promotion or job offer abound, especially during a sun-Jupiter mashup on the 3rd and the new moon on the 6th. But Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, so budget with extreme care so you don’t burn as fast as you earn. A colleague from your past could point you to a fresh income stream. Surf LinkedIn to see who’s working where.
Lift your nose from the grindstone on the 20th when the sun grooves on to Gemini and your extroverted third house. Your social butterfly nature returns with a vengeance so fill your calendar with festivals, rooftop soirees, road trips and picnics in the park. A new BFF could pop up on the scene, or you could add a benefits package to a friendship. Coupled Rams will need to work on being better communicators — and that means remembering to listen, not just deliver a killer monologue. With Mars backstroking through your travel zone until the 27th, you may be pondering an overseas getaway or feeling inspired to revisit a place that holds special meaning to you. The full moon on the 21st could prompt you to book tickets, although you’re best waiting just a couple extra days — until Mercury is fully out of retrograde on the 22nd — to make your actual reservations.
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