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Happy Birthday, Taurus!!  Taurus [April 20 to May 20] :: System refresh! With the sun in your sign until May 21, your birthday season is underway. Whether you want to start over or simply make some upgrades, the stars have your back big-time. High-octane Mars will also be in Taurus until the 11th, giving you the momentum to really go for what you want. Let your competitive streak out to play — fortune favors the boldest of Bulls now. Get the Champers chilling for the 17th, when the annual new moon in Taurus electrifies the skies. This is your cosmic New Year, and the most important date for setting intentions, making wishes, and getting new initiatives into motion. The seeds you plant will manifest in a major way near the full moon on October 27!

But, it’s not ALL about you (le sigh) this May. On the 3rd, the full moon in Scorpio could bring an attractive opposite into your orbit. Let this complementary force back you up, whether you’re surrendering to sweet, sweet love or teaming up for a killer business idea. You’ll need more certainty from your partnerships, though, so put a ring — or some ink — on it. Keep a tight reign over your money. Slippery Mercury turns retrograde in your finance house from May 18 to June 11, which could bring an unexpected bill or some challenges at work. Get everything up to code early in the month, and you’ll sail through with minimal irritation.

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Gemini [May 21-June 20] :: Summon those spirit animals, and wave the sage wand. May is off to a soulful start as the Sun flows through your dreamy 12th house until the 21st. Give yourself the space and solitude you need to reflect, journal, meditate, and heal. What are you SO over? What do you want to release? You will have all the confidence you need to finally (cue Frozenmusic) let it go. On the 11th, prepare for lift-off! Motivator Mars heads into Gemini until June 25 — an energizing boost to your ambitions that only happens every other year. Your dreams will have wings — and might even push you out into the public eye to perform or present. Feeling intimidated by the thought of it? The new moon on the 17th could bring an incredible mentor into your life, someone who can really show you the ropes. Get ready for a download of divine inspiration that day, too. 

But, you will have to look before you leap in May. On the 18th, your ruling planet Mercury the messenger turns retrograde until June 11. Alas, this go-round, Mercury’s backspin takes place in Gemini, creating a few extra challenges for you in the communication department. Watch your words, as there could be some “open mouth, insert ankle boot” moments here. Getting people to understand where you’re coming from could also require a bit of extra explanation. Be strategic about what (and how) you share. It might be best to develop your genius plans behind the scenes and wait until mid-June to hit the launch button.
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Cancer [June 21-July 22] :: May’s vibe is far more “all-access” than VIP — and for a change, you’ll prefer it that way. With the sun lighting up your inclusive 11th house until the 21st, you’d rather be down with regular folk than hang out in stuffy insiders’ clubs. Cut loose, Cancer, and go have fun for fun’s sake: karaoke, drinks at the dive bar, dancing to local bands. Appoint yourself social organizer: This is the perfect month to bring old friends together with your new crew. 
Geek is chic in the first half of May, so give your online presence a little spring cleaning. Refresh your profile pics, polish up the ‘grams and blog posts, or launch a site or YouTube channel. Learning a new piece of software might be a great way to make some extra bank, too. One caveat: Messenger Mercury turns retrograde from May 18 to June 11, which could cause some technical snafus. Make sure all your sensitive data is password-protected, and if you need to upgrade your digital devices, do so before the 18th. Happy news for your love life: Amorous Venus makes her annual visit to Cancer from May 7 to June 5. Hello, It Girl! Your powers of attraction are at their strongest now, so beam them selectively, aiming for the best. In a relationship? Be more vocal about your needs and desires. You might even crave a little more autonomy during this monthlong phase. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
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Leo [July 23-August 22] :: Hello, #Girlboss! With the sun and go-getter Mars traversing your 10th house of ambition, this is a killer month for your career. Make a strategic leap up the ladder, Leo: Become the CEO of your own business, get your work published, or apply for a promotion. Whatever your dream, concrete action will be rewarded. And, while the cream always rises to the top, building a strong network is as important as handing in A+ work. Get out and mingle with the movers and shakers. Devoting a couple of evenings each week to meeting people in your industry could pay off, especially near the new moon on the 17th. Got ideas for a blog, app, or YouTube channel? With your 11th house of technology lit up from the 12th on, start developing those digital dreams. Just do so before signal-scrambling Mercury turns retrograde on the 18th. Back up your important digital data, too!

Mercury’s backspin could cause some technical difficulties, but this one is also ideal for reuniting with old friends. Get the band back together or plan a vacation with pals from back in the day. As for love, Venus spends most of the month in your fantasy-fueled 12th house. Love could be pure poetry, but you’re also prone to a bit of denial. Be proactive, and address red flags when they pop up.
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Virgo [August 23-September 22] :: Choose your own adventure, Virgo! This May, your inner gypset is at the wheel, beckoning you to explore distant corners of the universe. Head to a music festival, visit your expat friend in her Parisian flat, or organize a camping trip with a group of close friends. You can be a worrier, Virgo, but adopt a little more of an IDGAF attitude. Your independent spirit needs to soar free without you worrying about what the rest of the world thinks of your choices.
Just don’t wander TOO far off the grid after the 11th. Go-getter Mars cruises into your career house for six weeks, giving your ambitions wings. You could rise through the ranks or truly make a name for yourself in your industry. The only hitch? From May 18 to June 11, Mercury will be retrograde which is a far better time for working behind the scenes than making any power plays. Retrogrades can revive the past in a positive way. Is there someone stellar with whom you worked in the past? Reconnect to colleagues from back in the day. Your sophomore collaboration could be an even bigger hit.

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Libra [September 23-October 22] ::  Ready for a sultry spring awakening? Your seductive powers are in fine form this May, Libra, as the sun syncs up with red-hot Mars in your erotic eighth house. But, you’re not looking for an ephemeral fling. Real-deal romance — the kind that legends are made of — will be more your speed. You could meet The One (or revive the sparks) before the 11th or during the new moon on the 17th. If your lit-from-within glow has dimmed, restore your sparkle by connecting to yourself. Create a more relaxed schedule so you can catch up on sleep, enjoy some leisurely “me time,” and soak in the atmosphere. Seduction is all about slowing down and being present, not racing against the clock. You might even refresh your lingerie drawer. 
But, as much as you’d like to spend the entire month lounging in bed like fellow Libra John Lennon, wanderlust will also strike! Motivator Mars heads into your travel sector from May 12 to June 24, beckoning you to explore some new terrain. Add some passport stamps, hit the festival circuit, or organize a glamping vacation. One caveat: Mercury will be retrograde from May 18 to June 11, so you’ll need to take extra care with bookings. Read the Trip Advisor reviews, and don’t skimp on safety measures. An entrepreneurial venture could take off at a gallop mid-month, even bringing some fans from far-flung corners of the world!
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Scorpio [October 23-November 21] :: Are you ready for your close-up, Scorpio? With the full moon in your sign on the third, the month begins with a shining moment. You’ve worked hard for these props, so don’t be shy about promoting what you have to offer. Then, pair up: The planets will be illuminating your relationship house all month. And, don’t wait for others to take the lead in love and partnership! Motivator Mars spurs you to be bold. Start casting for an attractive opposite who can pick up where you leave off — for business, pleasure, or a creative collab. In a relationship? There could be exciting developments — and even a dash of drama. Deep. Breaths. 
With stressful Mars traveling alongside the sun until the 10th, one of you may be pushing an agenda hard, causing the other to scurry in the opposite direction. Be honest: Have you been the one coming on too strong? Pull back, give chase. A little cat-and-mouse game can be rather sexy this May. Looking for love? A promising prospect could show up with the new moon on the 17th. An ex could return, too, with Mercury retrograde in your erotic eighth house from May 18 to June 11. This might just be the soul reunion you’ve been fantasizing about, Scorpio. But, beware of your desire to play with fire because climbing out of THAT rabbit hole again could require a rescue team.

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Sagittarius [November 22-December 21] :: You’d better work! Alas, we’re not talking about the Britney song. With the sun and Mars conjoined in your sixth house of healthy routines, you’ll be hustling at the office AND the gym. Whether you sign your own paychecks or collect ’em from corporate, keep your sleeves rolled up: Some important eyes are looking. Bringing your A game could lead to a powerful partnership after the 11th, when ambitious Mars moves into your house of contracts for six weeks. 
Heads up: If you’re going to put some ink on it, try to sign before Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th! Otherwise, it’s best to try and stall until June 11 (or review those finer points with Sherlock’s eye for detail). This Mars phase could spice up your love life, too — and Mercury’s backspin could attract a lover from your past. As indie-spirited as you may be, you’ll crave long-lasting love this month. Make sure anyone you invite into your life (or reprise for a sequel) has the staying power you desire.
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Capricorn [December 22-January 19] :: If April showers bring May flowers, then you are the brightest blossom of them all. As the month opens, both the radiant sun and passionate Mars are in Taurus and your fifth house of glamour and romance. Ooh-la-la! Cupid is definitely in your corner this month. Of course, you might be a bit too impatient to wait for the slings of his arrows. Take the lead in the game of love. Your bold moves will definitely be rewarded. Are you ready to put a ring on it — or, at least, get some clear confirmation that your love interest is hopelessly devoted to you? The new moon on the 17th could bring a proposal or a chance to have The Talk. If the right moment to discuss doesn’t arise with the new moon, however, hold off for a few weeks. A signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde begins on May 18 and lasts until June 11, which could cause emotional conversations to devolve into drama.

Work will be super-busy after the 11th, thanks to motivator Mars. To stay at maximum productivity, exercise and solid nights of sleep will be required. Think of yourself as a healthy hedonist. Squeeze in your yoga class before meeting friends at the club, or turn your romantic interest into your gym AND bedroom buddy.
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Aquarius [January 20-February 19] ::  Roll out the welcome mat and blow up the air mattress. With the Taurus sun chilling in your fourth house until the 21st, you’re in a deeply domestic groove for much of May. Don’t worry: You can still be a social butterfly while hanging in your cocoon. Chateau Aquarius could become a lively hub for your network of friends, relatives, and intriguing dinner guests. Looking to relocate or entice a new roomie? The new moon on the 17th lends an assist. 
Romance sizzles this May, too. On the 11th, lusty Mars slinks into Gemini and your passionate fifth house until June 24, bringing an exhilarating turn for your love life. You’re more laid-back than most people in affairs of the heart, but this Mars phase could crack your resistance to truly falling in love. Warning: If you’ve bottled up your lovin’ feelings, they could erupt dramatically causing you to lash out or come on too strong. Go easy on ‘em, tigress. An ex could come back into the picture while Mercury is retrograde from May 18 to June 11. Already attached? Avoid quarrels by stirring up some sexy nostalgia. Put together playlists and photo albums of your good times, get tickets to see a band you both loved in college, or take a weekend trip to the place where you first knew that you were in love.
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Pisces [February 20-March 20]  ::
  Who you, focus? Um. Early this May, your attention span is shorter than the life of a Snapchat. You need variety, Pisces, and a very long leash. Unfurl those social-butterfly wings and go mingle, as people are your passion through the 21st. Just keep your schedule as light as possible, so you can blow where the breeze takes you. With both the sun and motivator Mars spending time in your house of besties, a few key people could step forward as partners in crime. Or, a new soul friend could emerge with the new moon on the 17th. Collaborate on a project or take a weekend trip together to seal your BFF bond. 
If you’re a creative type, May is the month to start (or finish!) your magnum opus. Just be warned that Mercury, the ruler of communication, will turn retrograde from May 18 to June 11 — never the best time to, say, launch a blog or release an album. But, you’ll get tons done behind the scenes. This Mercury retro is in Gemini and your home and family sector, so you could reconnect with a long-lost relative. Just be careful not to spark any family feuds. The social butterfly in you returns to the cocoon on May 21, when the sun decamps to your domestic zone for a month. You enjoy nesting, bonding with your girls, and forming deeper connections with the people you were too busy to focus on earlier in the month.
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Aries [March 21 to April 19] ::  Finances don’t have to be the f-word in your life, Aries. As May opens, your cosmic guardian Mars teams up with the sun in your income house, motivating you to be a savvier saver and spender. Your laissez-faire attitude about money could be leaving you without proper means to enjoy life’s sweeter joys or feel a sense of stability. This CAN be solved, Aries, but it will require better planning. Check out resources like Girls Just Wanna Have Funds, which also addresses the psychology behind your urge to splurge. Partnering with other people can be your golden ticket to a higher income bracket, especially after the 11th, when Mars heads into Gemini and your house of kindred spirits for six weeks. A lump-sum payout for your work could come with the full moon on the third, while the new moon on the 17th may bring a job offer or enticing project that strengthens your résumé. 
Watch your words! Messenger Mercury turns retrograde in your communication sector from May 18 to June 11 — a bit of a double whammy for Rams. Your shoot-from-the-hip style could actually hit someone below the belt. No, you didn’t mean it that way, but trying to explain an off-color joke will be a lot harder than keeping any questionable comments to yourself — and OFF your social media feeds!

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