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Happy Birthday Pisces! Pisces [February 20 – March 20] :: Birthday season starts with a bang this year, so get ready for some fast and furious personal developments! On the 8th, a solar eclipse in your sign ushers in delicious (yet unexpected) opportunities and sets you on a new and independent path. Don’t be afraid to step out as a solo star — and even brag about your talents and offerings. Ears will perk up. Do you need to “rebrand,” Pisces? Make sure any images, social media, or other public representations of you fit with Pisces 2016. You might have to stage a photo shoot or hire a web designer. 
Make-it-happen Mars is blazing a trail through your 10th house of ambition from March 5 to May 28, ensuring a successful career ascent. When messenger Mercury syncs up with your ruling planet Neptune in Pisces on the 11th, you could magnetize some amazing people into your orbit. Use the law of attraction liberally — and judiciously — focusing on all the things you DO want and none of the things you don’t.
In love, you might start March off on a melancholy note, since Venus is stirring the pot in your 12th house of healing. If you’re mourning a breakup, revel in the emotions for a couple weeks. Happily involved? Take those talks about “the future” OFF the table until Venus heads into Pisces on the 12th. After that, a lot of insecurities will dissolve and you’ll be in demand! It might be you who is asking for a little space or a longer leash in the second half of the month! If nothing else, Venus in Pisces helps you diplomatically ask for what you need.
After the 20th, make like Pisces Rihanna and work (work, work, work work). The sun moves on to Aries and your second house of income for a month. While this wraps your birthday season, you’ll feel ready to be productive again — and to refill that depleted checking account. Saturn turns retrograde in your career house on the 25th, giving you a time out to learn and train. A part-time internship or apprenticeship can help you get an ankle boot in the door. The lunar eclipse on the 23rd might even bring a lucky travel opportunity or prompt you to enroll in summer semester classes or teacher training!

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Aries [March 21 – April 19] :: Not your jam? Say goodbye and let it go. March is your month to make a clean sweep, Aries, as you prepare for your birthday season to begin on the 20th. Adopt a minimalist mindset instead of racing to replace the bags you drop off at the Salvo (or the frenemy you block from your feed). Having less means worrying less — and that’s a good thing. Start a meditation practice, even a moving one at a flowy yoga class. You have a lot to process emotionally and a solar eclipse on the 8th beams helpful guides, therapists, and mentors to support you. Why go it alone, Aries?
Creatively, you’re on fire! The solar eclipse on the 8th brings divine downloads from the muse. You might even team up on a collaborative project or join a band while artsy Venus is in your group zone until the 12th. Love could emerge from the friend zone then or you could make a fateful right swipe. After the 12th, the quiet, creative ones will surprise you. You could even meet on the yoga mat or dancing at an epic show. 
Dig out your passport! From March 5 until May 28 your ruler Mars burns it up in Sagittarius and your jet-setting ninth house. Expand your horizons with travel and connecting cross-culturally close to home. With structured Saturn also in Sagittarius, invest in experiences with a dual purpose, like an educational retreat (in Bali) or a prospecting trip to Paris to take photos for your street style blog. 
Birthday time begins on the 20th, also the spring equinox, as the sun blazes into Aries for a month. Your adventurous spirit reawakens big time and your vibrant energy returns. On the 23rd, March’s second eclipse — a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Libra and your relationship house — could cement a partnership that’s been growing for the past two years. This could involve a contract on a lawyer’s letterhead or a diamond-encrusted knuckleduster on THAT finger.

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Taurus [April 20 – May 20] :: Hello, superconnector! March finds you at the nucleus of your social circle, fielding invites and playing entertainment director. Forget one-on-ones; you’re far too in-demand for that. New scenes beckon and the solar (new moon) eclipse on the 8th could usher in an amazing crowd with whom you’ll become fast friends. A fresh face could pop up in an existing group, too, someone who can impact the vibe considerably, so vet new contenders carefully. Explore activism, community service, group mural projects — anything collaborative that betters the world will be right up your alley in March. These missions could turn into moneymakers with the lunar (full moon) eclipse in your work house on the 23rd. Score!
With the sun in your tech-savvy 11th house until the 20th, you could find your tribe online. A fateful IRL hangout with a Snapchat friend could even lead to love, especially after the 12th. Spruce up your social media profiles, because you could start a buzz as a YouTuber or with your eye-catching Instagram shots, especially while radiant Venus beams through your career zone until the 12th. 
Mojo rising! Lusty Mars is pulsing through your passionate and sexed-up eighth house from March 5 to May 28, kicking your spring awakening into high gear. And while your nether parts DO have a mind of their own, check in with your prefrontal cortex before barreling into bed with someone you barely know. No judgment, Taurus — it’s just that lust and trust are not mutually exclusive in March and rash actions could send you down an obsessive and jealous spiral. But Mars and Saturn are working together all month, helping you find someone who is dead sexy AND dependable. Run the background checks — especially after the 20th, when the sun is napping in your foggy 12th house, making it hard to distinguish fantasy from reality.

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Gemini [May 21 – June 20] ::  Pick up your power suit from the cleaner’s. March’s ambitious starmap is pushing you to the top of the pyramid. A laser focus is required now, sharp and direct. Instead of being a scattered multitasker, get THE goal in your crosshairs and go! The solar eclipse on the 8th ushers in an epic career win — one that launches you into the public eye or gives you a chance to train alongside an industry great. Jump on it, because eclipse offers don’t last forever. 
With social Venus in your professional sector after the 12th, networking is a must. You’ll charm the pants off ’em, Gemini — but try not to take that literally. A work crush could get complicated, so only go there if the attraction is legit. You’ll have plenty of offers to field, since white-hot Mars zips into Sagittarius and your relationship house from March 5 to May 28! With cautious Saturn also in Sagittarius, however, you’re warned against rushing into commitments. By all means, make a move, but be patient with the process. Those old-fashioned courtship rituals CAN be kinda hot. When Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th, you could even reunite with an ex. 
Circle the 23rd for another walk of fame! The lunar eclipse in your flamboyant fifth house puts your talents in the limelight. Well-deserved, Gemini! You’ve been developing these gifts for the past couple years, as this eclipse completes a series that began on April 15, 2014. Cupid could also bring some happy surprises near this date, so keep your heart wide open. From the 20th on, the sun beams through Aries and your community-spirited 11th house. Bring on the group hangs, but seek out people who challenge you intellectually. Activism calls your name. You could use your gift of gab to rally support for your 2016 presidential candidate of choice.

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Cancer [June 21 – July 22] :: Kick off the fleece-lined slippers and slide into the comfy walking shoes. March is a totally un-Cancerian month, since home is pretty much the last place you’ll want to be. With the Pisces sun heating up your travel zone until the 20th, you could give the spring breakers a run for their Jell-O shots and Brazilian bikinis. But uh, maybe you should grab your passport and follow your boho wanderlust instead? A backpacking adventure or yoga retreat can restore you after the long, cold winter. Close to home, mingle cross-culturally. An intense connection heats up with someone from a different background near the solar eclipse on the 8th. This eclipse could also bring an unexpected travel opportunity. #YOLO, Cancer. The 8th is also an optimal day to start writing that screenplay or to launch your Etsy store, since enterprising ventures will get an epic boost from these moonbeams.

Just don’t stay off the grid for TOO long. With make-it-happen Mars in your work zone from March 5 to May 28, you are primed to get ahead. Projects you’ve been putting off could launch into high gear and you’ll have all the momentum you need for the gruntwork and groundwork. Set up systems, though, or the stress could take you down. Working out will be a sanity saver! Design workouts you can do at home or on the road, so you can stay on point no matter what your day is like. And after the 20th, the Aries sun lights up your 10th house of professional prestige, giving you a month to really put your name on the map. 
Venus slinks through your erotic eighth house until the 12th, starting March off on a spicy note. Privacy, please! You don’t have to share every update; keep it between “the two of us.” Traveling with bae will be epic after the 12th. Single Cancers could find true love in a tiny surf town or with someone from a different background. The lunar eclipse on the 23rd puts home and family in the spotlight. You could help you find a new place to hang your fedora or FINALLY resolve a situation with a relative (or GF) that’s been giving you angst for two years. You could meet an important woman near the 23rd, too, someone who helps you ascend to the next level of the game.

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Leo [ July 23 – August 22] :: They say March comes in like a lion — but you’ll be more of a tiger, Leo. With the sun beaming through your erotic eighth house until the 20th, there’s some intense power in that purr of yours. You’re playing for keeps, too! On the 8th, the solar eclipse could bring a lasting love interest your way. Already involved? Your relationship goes next level under these permabonding moonbeams. If you say yes to a request, make sure you REALLY mean it. Cosmic lovebirds Mars and Venus are also heating up your March forecast. From March 5 until May 28, passionate Mars pulses through Sagittarius your fifth house of romance. Stable Saturn is also in this sign, helping find a strong attraction that’s built to last. And Venus cruises through your partnership zones all month, too. Hello, Valentine’s MONTH!
If you’re not bonding in the bedroom (and even if you are), you could seal some winning deals in the boardroom. The solar eclipse on the 8th could bring some windfalls your way. You might get a lump sum of cash from a tax return, inheritance, sale of goods, or even a business deal. Money could get funny in relationships near the 25th, so if funds are being shared, make sure the terms are spelled out in writing. 
The intensity dissolves after the 20th, when the sun zooms into Aries and your adventurous, optimistic ninth house. Unexplored vistas are calling, so cash in on those miles or rent a car and go for an extended road trip. The lunar (new moon) eclipse on the 23rd would be a fun time to travel with a sibling or close friend. Don’t hit the road with any unspoken tension between you, though, because it could explode under these moonbeams. Align your itineraries and expectations in advance and this could be the bonding moment of a lifetime.

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Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: Relationships are your everything in March, as planets pulse through the partnership-oriented zones of your chart. Expect rapid developments, too! On the 8th, out of the blue, a solar eclipse in Pisces could bring a proposal or a promising candidate for the role of “your other half.” This could be for business or romance, maybe a combo platter of both. Don’t waver! Eclipse offerings are precious, but fleeting. If your insides are screaming “yes!,” move on it fast instead of getting stuck in analysis paralysis. (#VirgoProblems) 
The stakes get even higher after the 20th, when the sun moves from Pisces to Aries, activating your eighth house of permabonding. While you may feel added pressure to commit to people, these sunbeams crackle with seductive allure. Erotic exploration heats up — but the trust has GOT to be there, too, or you won’t be able to relax. Bigger money opportunities flow in too and the lunar (full moon) eclipse on the 23rd could bring a killer job offer. You’ve been working up to this since spring 2014, Virgo, and the rewards are well-deserved!
Give your body some love this month, too. Venus in your health sector until the 12th sounds the call for self-care. Light your inner glow with healthy foods and extra sleep. With excitable-yet-stressful Mars in your nourishing fourth house, what you slurp down or stack on your plate matters. Dial down the sugars and caffeines and opt for an apple and almond butter or a 
matcha latte. Get your home set up to be your sanctuary, too, especially before Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th. You’ll need your space, so if you have roomies, make sure everyone’s on the same page about noise levels, knocking protocols, and cleaning duties.

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Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: Let the lifehacking commence! March is your month to whip life into an efficient groove. That way, you can spend more hours with the people you love and less time chained to your desk. Outsource, delegate, and simplify. That might mean passing on projects and offers that will zap your time without paying legit rewards. “No,” will be your favorite word this month — and a true sanity saver. But there WILL be epic offers, ones you don’t want to turn down. You have two eclipses to thank for that. On the 8th, the solar eclipse in Pisces could bring rapid developments in the office, like a change of guard or a position that opens up with your name on it. Though initially chaotic, these will give you room to grow. 
The 23rd could be your favorite day of 2016! A lunar eclipse in Libra could launch all of your hard work from the past two years into the spotlight. No matter what, celebrate how much you’ve grown since 2014. This is the grand finale of three annual Libra lunar eclipses that began on April 15, 2014, events that shook up your universe and brought sweeping change. Do you even recognize yourself?! You’ll have to make a self-authorized decision near this eclipse. While you don’t want to be “selfish,” prioritize your needs — even if friends and family don’t quite get it. Nevertheless, partnerships percolate with promise and potential as motivator Mars cruises through your collaborative third house from March 5 to May 28. A close friend or sibling could be the other half of a dynamic duo. Pair up for the win!
Spring training is underway this month, too, so give your body some love. Be a healthy hedonist while your ruler Venus is in your pleasure-centered fifth house until the 12th. Jump into dance classes, let yourself splurge on the occasional $10 kale smoothie. The second half of the month is more intense. Think: CorePower yoga and boot camp circuits. If you’re feeling less than optimal about your health, the solar eclipse on the 8th can point you to a great doctor or healing practitioner (acupuncturist, massage therapist). Get tested for food allergies. This eclipse is in your digestion house. And if something’s stressing you out too much, let it go! Life is just too short for that, Libra

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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] ::  Is that your name on the marquee, Scorpio? With March’s fame-boosting planets, you’re a total headliner. Forget about hiding out in your private cave (well, not 24/7 at least). People are clamoring for your enchanting energy — and like signmates Kendall Jenner and (yup) Hillary Clinton, you’re showing up everywhere! A solar eclipse on the 8th could bring a prestigious opportunity AND a surprise visit from Cupid. Love may blossom with someone new — or shockingly, someone you’ve known for a while but never saw that way before. On the 16th, bountiful Jupiter connects to your ruler Pluto, boosting your popularity big time and bringing powerful friends into your orbit.
Before the 12th, you’re more Netflix and chill about romance. But after that, Venus blazes into your flamboyant fifth house and it’s more like IMAX and climax. Dress-up dates and late nights on the dance floor will blaze a trail to amour. Passion planet Mars, however, will exit Scorpio after a two-month stint, moving on to Sagittarius and your money house from March 5 to May 28. Work and money matters heat up now — and you might have to put in some extra hours to pay for all your Q1 indulgences. Careful not to blow the bank on material goods, even if Mars brings some windfalls your way. Set aside savings and splurge only on quality investment pieces.
The Aries sun swoops in with more practical magic on the 20th, helping you organize your universe. Kick off the wedges and get barefoot on the yoga mat. Exercise is essential to keeping stress at bay, especially since work gets BUSY in the final third of March. Shield your field on the 23rd! Unsavory information about a colleague or acquaintance could come to light under the lunar (full moon) eclipse. Intuitively, you knew something was off, but the evidence is jarring. An incredible Yoda figure could take you under their wing then, too. Avail yourself as the happy helper to the people you admire and you’ll gain bottomless loyalty points.

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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: You’re half homebody, half jet-setter this March — a month so active that you’ll be grateful to catch your breath when you can. The frenetic pace kicks in on the 5th, when go-getter Mars makes its biennial visit to Sagittarius until May 28th. Personal missions kick into high gear and you’ll feel like you can take on the world! You’ll probably see a new corner of it, too, so keep your passport handy. Easy though, because you could burn out by overdoing it or spreading yourself too thin. With structured Saturn in your sign all month — and turning retrograde on the 25th — only apply yourself to goals that can legit bring a payoff. The 16th could be one of those days! The money gods smile on you as your ruler Jupiter makes a rare and fateful connection to powerhouse Pluto. 
Back at the ranch, you’ll be eager to get your space set up properly — or find a more fitting address to call home. The solar eclipse on the 8th could hasten your departure from a crappy rental or bad roommate situation. Love where you live? Dive into a decorating mission and make sure you’re nourishing yourself well. Don the chef’s hat and plan the dinner parties. You’ll be inspired to cook healthier meals that are filling and can also be chewed (sorry, juice cleanse). Coupled Sagittarians could talk “cohabitation station” or swap keys when Venus nestles into your domestic zone after the 12th.
On the 20th, the sun bursts into Aries and your fifth house of fame, flamboyance, and romance. Time to see your name in lights, so self-promote courageously — and with the spunk of signmates T-Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Miley. Attached? Add more dress-up dates to the shared calendar. Single? You could meet your match in the DJ booth or on the step-and-repeat. The lunar (full moon) eclipse on the 23rd reminds you of the importance of teamwork…with the right team, that is. Make sure you have the support you need or start casting for upgrades before the month ends.

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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] :: Flex those social butterfly wings. You’re in demand this March, Capricorn, so even if half of you wants to hibernate, you can’t hide out in the cocoon 24/7. Kindred spirits — ones who could play important roles in your 2016 — arrive on the scene with the solar eclipse on the 8th. An old friend could return when your ruler Saturn turns retrograde on the 25th! Pair up on projects, festival-planning, and summer beach house shares. Yeah, it’s early-ish, but you’re a planner and getting the ball rolling now means you’ll have access to better deals and options. Does your transportation situation need an update? This eclipse could bring a killer deal on a car — or you could make the decision to lower your carbon footprint and invest in a scooter, bike, or monthly train pass instead.
Although your ambitious sign can’t dodge the prestigious spotlight, you’ll be developing plans behind the scenes from March 5 to May 28, while your ruler Saturn tucks into your 12th house of transitions and divine inspiration. This may involve study, research, or “making art for art’s sake,” giving zero fucks what the self-appointed critics have to say. When Mars bolts into Capricorn on September 27, you can promote shamelessly. Before that, protect your intellectual property (ideas, creative work, master plans) by liberally stamping your name all over it, even having it copyrighted or patented. One exception? The lunar eclipse on the 23rd brings your hard work of the past two years to an exciting culmination. Share your success openly — you’ve worked hard for this milestone and have so much to celebrate! 
Love will be soulful and sensual until the 12th, as Venus hovers in your old-fashioned second house. Take your time and let attractions build. Some Caps might even take a break from relationships that bring constant friction. Mars supports that move, too, so keep your distance until June even, as you rebuild your core confidence by focusing on Numero Uno. Home is where your heart is when the Aries sun decamps to your fourth house on the 20th. But forget Netflix and chill. Host dinner parties, game nights, and slumber parties with out-of-town guests. Happily coupled Caps will enjoy nesting in the last third of March. Time to give bae a little closet space or even talk cohabitation.

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Aquarius [January 20 – February 19] :: Elbow grease? Check. March is off to an industrious start as the sun spins through Pisces and your second house of income. Handle money matters from a practical angle: How much does your lifestyle cost each month and what can you do to earn more than you burn? An exhilarating job offer could come in with the solar (new moon) eclipse on the 8th — and the tasks may be an intriguing detour from what you’ve done in the past. If you’ve been kicking ass and taking names for a while now, be proactive and ask for a raise. Update LinkedIn and your résumé (
here are some tips) if only to put your name in the hat for an in-house promotion.
With powerhouse Mars barreling through your tech sector from March 5 until May 28, you could honesty break the internet this spring. Go beyond randomgramming and train on new software, design a geofilter, build an online shop, try podcasting, or get to YouTubing. Offline, load up your contact database with important names, too. Get out and mingle with the influencers and up-and-comers in your field. They might not be in the executive suites YET, but five or so years from now, these connections will be platinum as you help each other ascend the ladder of success.
In love, you’ll need a looooong leash while Venus hovers in Aquarius until the 12th. Quick-fire romances appeal more than anything heavy. If you’re in an LTR, plan adventurous hangs and nights OUT. And from the 20th, the sun will zip through Aries and your flirtatious third house. Banter away and send those sultry Snaps, but be careful not to let a good one slip away — especially on the 25th! The lunar (full moon) eclipse on the 23rd could put you on a plane to Austin, Asheville — Australia, even. With your travel house rocked by these moonbeams, start planning your next big vacation, even if you can’t take it until the summer. If you’ve been developing a business plan, book, or blog, this eclipse brings epic developments!

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