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Happy Birthday Pisces!!  
Pisces [February 20 to March 20] :: Ready, set, monetize! You’re rarely at a loss for good ideas, Pisces. Now, it’s time to get practical. Could you charge for a skill you’ve been taking for granted because it comes naturally to you? This month’s answer is a resounding yes. Mars will tour Aries and your second house of finances, joined by charming Venus until the 17th, and the bold sun after the 20th. Get a plan in place to pitch or present. If you’re more of a “company woman,” give your résumé some polish and tap your social network for leads. Don’t forget to celebrate in-between all those ambitious quests. The sun hangs out in Pisces until the 20th, bringing birthday energy galore. Treat yourself to a gift that makes your life easier and healthier, like a biweekly housecleaning service or a cold-pressed juicer. March 20 is MAJOR. A solar eclipse in Pisces — the first of a two-year series of eclipses on the Pisces-Virgo axis (and the first in your sign since 2008) — launches a brand-new life path for you. Move quickly on opportunity that comes near that date. There won’t be time to mull it over; you’ll simply have to trust your heart and leap.
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Aries [March 21 to April 20] :: Ram on fire! With your ruling planet Mars in Aries all month, you are ready to rock and make those epic life changes you keep SAYING are past due. Take action! But, do so strategically. To avoid an “FML” meltdown, start by cleaning up the past before you go balls-to-the-wall with a new initiative. The sun lingers in Pisces and your 12th house of completions until the 20th. Fling open your closet and that overstuffed junk drawer. If you haven’t worn it in over a year, haul it to Buffalo Exchange. Clear some space on your calendar. Your road may be paved with good intentions, but if you’re perpetually two chapters behind the rest of your book club or AWOL on a networking group, bow out gracefully. Romantically, you’ll be in high demand, especially with Venus joining Mars in Aries until the 17th. You can afford to be pickier in March, and if you want to fly free, be upfront about it to avoid breaking hearts. Coupled? Autonomy can strengthen your bond, so give yourself space to pursue solo interests. Your birthday time begins on the 20th, the day after a soulful spiritual eclipse. With the sun in your sign for four weeks, invest in your self-development. Think: sessions with a coach or trainer, a spiritual pilgrimage, or a membership to a high-end fitness studio.

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Taurus [April 21 to May 21] :: Summon those spirit animals. March is off to a soulful start, as Mars and your ruler Venus join forces in your mystical 12th house. You’re more interested in what’s happening behind the scenes than what’s bubbling up on the surface. Your own gut instincts will be strong, so don’t ignore your intuitive flashes. Surrender to the muse! Your creativity could put FKA twigs to shame. The one thing you WON’T be (for a change) is super-practical. Keep a levelheaded friend around for feedback when you’re feeling foggy. Seek out a stronger support network while you’re at it. Teamwork makes your dream work, and the solar eclipse on the 20th could reveal the perfect collaborators. This eclipse creates a stellar opening for launching a digital project or officially joining an organization that speaks to your soul.  As for love? You’re rocking the rose-colored glasses until Venus heads into Taurus on the 17th. The full moon on the fifth could bring a romantic rush, too. But, mid-month it may be time to do the Single Ladies dance or call out an errant lover on that bad behavior.
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Gemini [May 22 to June 21] :: Geek is chic for Gemini this March, as a posse of planets convene in your tech sector. Whether you’re launching a YouTube channel, going big with a blog, or flooding your feed with gorgeous ‘grams, the virtual connection will take you far. Friends you meet online could turn into collaborators or couch-surfing hosts for your spring break. Need to make some extra ends meet? One girl’s outdated duds are another girl’s vintage treasures. Don’t left-swipe the whole digital-dating scene. A crackling connection could heat up on Tinder or OkCupid before the 17th. Friends could inadvertently play Cupid for you, too — a bonus reason to be more of a joiner. If you’re in a relationship, socializing as a couple refreshes your bond. You’ll make big strides professionally in March, too. A solar eclipse on the 20th could vault you to a leadership position or bring word of a prestigious opportunity that has “Gemini” written all over it. This eclipse could also bring an important love interest into your world, so pay attention to who appears in the last third of the month.
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Cancer [June 22 to July 22] :: Have standards, will travel. You’re flying first-class in March, Cancer, as planets convene in your ninth house of adventure and your prestigious 10th house. Pack the flowing caftan, aviators, and chic pantsuit. Then, join the jet-set while the sun tours Pisces until the 20th. An eclipse on the 20th could bring a major opportunity from afar. Some Cancers may even relocate; if not, you’ll be holding meetings on Skype or doing some work-related travel shortly thereafter. Got an entrepreneurial venture buzzing? Or, maybe a media project or book you’d like to write? This eclipse hits the “start now” button and gets those dreams in motion. Go-getter Mars spends all of March in your career zone, accompanied by charming Venus until the 17th, then the sun after the 20th. Despite rumors of your sign being shy, you’re also a cardinal sign. Translation? There’s an alpha living inside every crab. Let your bossy side out to play, but gently: Be the iron fist in the velvet glove.
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Leo [July 23 to August 23] :: March may come in roaring like a lion — but your trademark roar may be replaced by a seductive purr this month. With the sun slinking through your seductive eighth house until the 20th, you’ll happily slip between the sheets with that special someone. You could get rather attached, but for one hitch: Lusty Mars and Venus blaze a trail through your free-spirited ninth house, making you a restless romantic until the 17th. Being tied down? Sure, if it involved fur-lined handcuffs. Spending 24/7 with one person could get rather suffocating, even though you’ll demand undying loyalty from them. Reconcile your double standard by giving yourself plenty of “me time” between trysts. A spring-break getaway with the girls could fill your fun tank and keep you from straying too far from your fundamentally relationship-oriented nature.  The solar eclipse on the 20th could bring a proposal of sorts — for business, lifelong partnership, or a more exclusive label for love. Your money outlook is bright, too, as this eclipse may bring a lump sum from taxes, commission, or a sale. Time to list those outgrown vintage treasures on eBay.
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Virgo [August 24 to September 23] :: Grab the selfie stick, and start snapping! March 5 marks the annual full moon in Virgo, making you the zodiac’s It Girl for the first half of the month. Seize the opportunity to promote your talents or start a buzz for your latest project. You’ll be feeling quite assertive, too. Make a bold request within the two weeks following the fifth. People just can’t say no to you.  March is major for your love life, too. With the sun cruising through your commitment zones all month, you’re feeling the “serious relationship” vibes. A solar eclipse on the 20th could bring a new contender for the role of your other half — or help you deepen your bond with an existing partner. A contract may also land in your lap — one that kicks your career into high gear. This eclipse is the first of a two-year series to take place on the Pisces-Virgo axis (echoing back to a pattern from 2006 through 2008). Expect some faster-than-usual developments in relationships and personal growth between now and 2017.
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Libra [September 24 to October 23] :: Spring doesn’t officially start until the 20th, but you’re giving ’em fever long before. Mars and Venus are cruising through your relationship and sex zones all month, ramping up your urge to merge. Settling for “safe” over “scintillating” is not recommended. But, don’t veer to the opposite extreme and try to turn a player into a prince. Seek that heady mix of stability and excitement — it DOES exist. First, do you need to burn some pictures of an ex and shed your last few tears? Schedule a ceremonial release during the full moon on the 5th.  Green is your new black this month, too, so make sure you’re getting your fill of kale salads and kundalini yoga. On the 20th, a solar eclipse in your healthy-living house ramps up your wellness kick. Don’t wait until then to deploy self-care. If you’ve been burning the midnight oil and subsisting on coffee and cronuts, you could crash hard during this eclipse. A new work opportunity may also come in then. Put the terms in writing, especially if you’re partnering up for the gig (a strong possibility). Clarifying agreements on the front end sets the stage for a happily-ever-after.
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Scorpio [October 24 to November 22] :: Hedonist or health nut? Strike a balance this March, because you’ll be a perfect hybrid of both. The sun blazes through your celebratory, romantic fifth house until the 20th, while energizer Mars — in your well-being sector until the 31st — blows the whistle on unhealthy habits. Go ahead, Scorpio, and have your (gluten-free) cake. Then, hit the dance floor hard to shake it off. You might even join a competitive sports team or CrossFit gym to up the ante on your workout game.  Cupid has a quiver of arrows earmarked for you, so give the guy a clear shot, would ya? A solar eclipse on the 20th could pierce through even the most toughened Scorpio’s heart. New love could come within two weeks of that date — and from a surprising contender, no less. Chill with the right-swiping during work, though, especially after the 20th when you could gain major ground with a professional project. Save the spring-cleaning until the 20th, when you’ll be in the mood to set up savvy systems and deploy some lifehacks to save yourself time.
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Sagittarius [November 23 to December 21] :: Lights, camera, action! March’s starmap propels you into the spotlight and into the arms of love. With red-hot Mars in Aries and your fifth house of fame and amour until the 31st, you’ll be anything but shy. Venus will accompany Mars on this mission until the 17th, heralding a romantic renaissance. Fortune favors the bold, so scrap any archaic lady-in-waiting notions and make the first move. Already attached? Think like a power couple, and line up some public appearances as a pair. (The Netflix queue can wait.)  The sun joins Mars in Aries on the 20th, helping you go big with your career. Promote shamelessly — you could make a huge name for yourself. In-between romps and red-carpet appearances, don’t forget your inner circle. Family and friends — especially the females — will need some Sagittarius time during the first half of the month. An eclipse on the 20th could bring new developments at home. Renovate, redecorate, or relocate.
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Capricorn [December 22 to January 20] :: You know what they say, Capricorn: The heart wants what it wants. Although you lean logical, March is the month to give your feelings the greater vote. The full moon on the fifth makes it impossible to conceal your truth. Express yourself, and let the chips fall where they may. This full moon governs travel and long-distance relationships. Keep your suitcase handy and your WhatsApp fired up. You could be doing business with the London office or closing out a chapter with someone who lives in a different part of the world.  Motivator Mars spends the month in your home-and-family zone, though, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to nest — or throw one of your legendary dinner parties. Mars can add stress, and a roommate situation could get ugly. Don’t delay if it’s time to rent the U-Haul or issue a “to the left, to the left” eviction to an intractable sloth. The solar eclipse on the 20th reboots your social life. Kindred spirits come flocking, including a potential BFF. You could swiftly turn a solo project into a tag-team partnership, too. Joining forces with women will be lucky for you all month. Let’s hear it for the ladies!
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Aquarius [January  21 to February 19] :: Ready to hustle? With the sun in your second house of finances until the 20th, the hard work you do will pay off in droves. But, no need to become one with your laptop. A social Mars-Venus merger reminds you that it’s all about who you know. Strategic socializing will get you in with a new milieu of movers and shakers. You might also partner up with a sibling, coworker, or close friend on a profitable project before the month is through. Got Jimmy Choo dreams on a shoebox budget? No worries. An eclipse on the 20th could bring word of a new job opportunity or some advancement at your current gig. Have your résumé ready.  Your social life will be abuzz with activity, too, and the local scene delivers all month. Be a dabbler instead of a joiner. Your interests are too varied to remain stuck in one place. Or, you could simply be in the mood to mix it up: Pilates on Monday, SoulCycle on Wednesday, hip-hop class on Friday. As for love? Surprise! It could come right out of the friendzone. Let those lines blur, Aquarius, as someone may be better categorized as “bootylicious” than “buddylicious.” Tinder makes sense in March, since you’ll have a shorter attention span. Coupled? Stock your shared calendar with cultural activities, road trips, and fun with mutual friends.

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