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Happy Birthday Geminis!! Gemini [May 21-  June 20] :: Move over, #Gemini Amy Schumer. You’re a regular one-woman show this June, as the sun and charming Venus align in your sign, blessing you with chutzpah and nonstop appeal. No filters please, Gemini! Your witty one-liners and eccentric notions contain the seeds of genius. Record them, because they could sprout into something truly awe-inspiring from an edgy piece of performance art to a profitable small biz. 
With your birthday season in swing until the sun moves on to Cancer on the 20th, you’re in your playful element. But Mars is retrograde until the 29th in your “taking care of business” sixth house, evoking the parallel urge to streamline and organize the heck out of your life. An opportunity to raise your pay grade could come as soon as June 4, when the annual new moon in Gemini brings your talents and leadership prowess to the fore. Even if you’re not quite at pro-level yet, your stellar people skills and ability to organize information leaves you miles ahead of the competition. Mars’ retrograde will rev up your healthy-living goals all month, too. But avoid extremes! You don’t need to become an overnight CrossFit superstar here. Let your body build up to that burn level so you can avoid injury. Oh, and wear a helmet.
On the 17th, Venus slips off to Cancer and your sensual second house. You’ll have an easier time focusing on that special someone then. On the 20th, the sun joins Venus and there will be a full moon — the second in a row — in Sagittarius and your seventh house of relationships. A partnership that’s been percolating since May could become Instagram-official. Already attached? This full moon will bring a heart-thumping milestone…or the courage to spring free if you know it’s time to move on. A little retail therapy is sanctioned, too, as long as you balance the books. Keep practical luxury in mind and invest in a timeless piece that basically makes your entire wardrobe pop.

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Cancer [June 21-  July 22] ::  Fantasy or reality? In the first half of June, you’ll gladly take the former as the sun and hopeless romantic Venus hook up in your dreamy 12th house. Slip off on a sweet escape to recharge your batteries, follow your favorite band on a leg of their tour, or visit a nurturing loved one who just lets you be. At home, you’ll also need plenty of privacy and dreamtime. The muse comes calling with the new moon on the 4th, so make sure to capture the divine downloads that flow in. Start a yoga or meditation practice. If you’ve been blocked, pick up Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way to get back in touch with your sublime creativity.
Romantically, you won’t be a fan of boundaries in June, but alas, they are necessary. Passionate Mars will be retrograde in Scorpio and your fifth house of love until June 29, which will definitely make your mojo rise. The trouble comes with detecting a player from a keeper — and hey, Cancer, if it’s only a hookup you’re looking for, it probably doesn’t matter. But real talk: Your sensitive sign is prone to attachment, especially once the sex goggles are on. Also, Mars retro can bring an ex back into the picture. Don’t recycle trashy options, even if you’re having a “fuck it” moment. More reason to be picky? On the 17th, glamorous, amorous Venus makes her annual stopover to Cancer, making you a favorite right swipe. It’s better to have no one than the wrong one, so save that final rose for a worthy contender. If you’re in a relationship, Venus’ tour of Cancer gives you serious negotiating powers. Let bae in on your hidden desires, because it’s “ask, believe, receive” time. 
Your birthday season begins on the 20th, when the sun blazes into Cancer for month. With a full moon in your healthy living zone the very same day, gift yourself something truly life-affirming, like a membership to an amazing fitness studio, a high-speed blender for green smoothies, or a week-long yoga retreat (in Costa Rica or Tulum, maybe). Work opportunities could flood in near the 20th, too. A leadership, managerial, or executive position could have your name written all over it. But don’t just take the first offer people put on the table. Your negotiating powers will be strong in the last third of June, especially during a charmed alignment of lucky Jupiter and profit-loving Pluto on the 26th.

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Leo [July 23 – August 22] :: Get your geek on! The Gemini sun lights up your tech-savvy 11th house until June 20, making this the month to update your electronic device and your software skills. You could become a bona fide YouTuber or a Snapchat superstar…or even develop a profitable website or app. The new moon on the 4th will definitely bring some “Eureka!” visions — or the courage to launch your digital dreams. Popularity is on the rise in real time, too, so get out and mingle with new groups. You could become a card-carrying member of a cool activist crew or spearhead a new scene in your own zip code. More is definitely the merrier this month! But there could be some friction with your old friends and family as aggro Mars will be retrograde in your intimate fourth house until the 29th. Put those arguments with your sister or mom on ice. You don’t have to give them the silent treatment, but a little space could do wonders.
Digital dating could be your quickest path to love in June — especially while amorous Venus is in Gemini until the 17th. Or you could meet your match through mutual friends. On the 20th, the full moon (a double-strength blue moon) in your romance house could bring rapid developments. There could even be proposals, pregnancies, or other major milestones to announce. Be bold, too, because you may have to take the lead in affairs of the heart now.
The sun heads into Cancer on the 20th and your 12th house of rest and rejuvenation. Your energy may be a bit lower before #LeoSeason begins on July 22, so don’t push yourself to be super-productive. Lounging by the pool and treating yourself to spa pedicures may be more in alignment with what your soul needs (read: a break!). In-between daydreaming and long naps, do dive into a decluttering mission. The last thing you need is a bunch of baggage dragging into your next year of life. Haul last year’s festival dresses to Buffalo Exchange and purge your fridge and cupboards. Detox your emotional life, too. There are far too many fabulous people on the planet to fill up your time with needy or manipulative energy vampires!


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Virgo [August 23 – September 22] :: Ambition, aspiration, and motivation: June’s astrological algorithm is rigged for your success. As the month opens up, the sun and charming Venus team up in your 10th house of prestige and leadership. Rarely has the saying “it’s all about who you know” rung quite so true, Virgo. Earn loyalty points with the movers and shakers in your office (or your industry) by playing the eager apprentice or spearheading a project of your own — one that also makes them look good. You could be offered a fancy new title or challenging assignment with the new moon on the 4th. Take it — or make it. With daring Jupiter in your sign all month, write up a job description and pitch it to the powers that be. Or go pro-level on your own and file the paperwork for Virgo LLC. One hitch: Fierce Mars is retrograde in your communication zone until the 29th, so play the game strategically. Cooperate, don’t get all crazy competitive or you could alienate an important supporter in your ascent.
On the 17th, Venus moves on to your 11th house of technology and teamwork and the sun follows suit on the 20th. Embrace a collaborative approach at work before it gets lonely at the top. Romantically, right-swipe liberally as you’ll have a high click-through rate with digital dating. You could also meet your match through a group hang or the introduction of mutual friends in June’s second half. On the 17th, a clash between Saturn and Neptune reminds you to listen to your heart instead of constantly opinion-polling your friends. They just won’t get it. But honestly, Virgo, this is your life. Cupid’s also in your corner big time on the 2nd, during a brilliant formation called a Grand Earth Trine. Circle the 26th for romance, when fierce Jupiter and ultra-sexy Pluto amplify your magic and mojo.
While home may largely be a place to nap between engagements, the full moon on the 20th rouses your nesting instincts. If it’s time for a move, a lucky listing could be revealed and you’ll promptly rent the U-Haul. This is the second in a pair of full moons, so if you’ve been discussing a new roommate situation or even moving in with bae, developments will happen swiftly before June is through. 
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Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: Ready to go global, Libra? Wanderlust washes over you this June, so let’s make that a yes. Until the 17th, your ruling planet Venus is synced up with el sol in Gemini and your ninth house of travel. Bali, Berlin, Burning Man: You could already be booking tickets by the new moon on the 4th. Your adventurous spirit is stoked and you’ll need more room to roam. Even if you’re not hopping a 747, spend more time on Mother Nature’s playground. If you can’t get down with the camping thing, well…glamping or a canyon-hiking meet-up group could sing a sweet siren’s song.
When it comes to expanding your horizons, put your feelers out a little — okay, a lot — further. Cross-cultural connections percolate with possibility and you could find fortune way beyond city limits. Online contacts could even morph into business opportunities under these entrepreneurial stars. Or hey, maybe you convince the execs to send you to London as the office delegate later this summer. But don’t break the bank on high-end luggage or flower crowns. Impulsive Mars is retrograde in your money house until June 29, insisting that you adhere to a budget. Pay your dues at work, too, showing and proving your diligence and dedication. Your algorithm for success in June involves a visionary idea and a solidly practical plan. 
On the 17th, your guardian angel Venus heads into Cancer and your 10th house of ambition, followed by the sun on the 20th. Power, prestige, and high-performing people: that trifecta will be your poison for the second half of June. Mingle with the suit-and-tie crowd, because connections. Going into business with bae could be a plan worth pondering if your skills align. If you’ve already met a promising collaborator, you could seal the deal on your dynamic duo under the full moon on the 20th. Though you’ll be one of the hardest-working zodiac signs in the business during June’s second half, on the 26th, a soulful alignment of Jupiter and Pluto insists you recharge. Take a beach vacay or go visit the most nurturing family member you know. Spa treatments? Check. Pampering yourself will put fuel in your tanks for an equally bustling July!
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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] ::  Fasten your chastity seat belt, Scorpio. June will be an intensely sexy — and also, just plain intense — month for you. For the most part, that is exactly how you like it. But there will be moments. For the first half of June, the sun and Venus are synced up in your eighth house, which is the part of the chart associated with Scorpio-like energy. You’ll feel in your element, drawing intriguing and enchanting people your way — and wooing them with your god-given charms. The new moon on the 4th welcomes you to Erotic City. You could meet a soulmate-grade match or have The Talk that begins a legendary love affair with someone you’ve been quietly crushing on. The catch? Your co-ruler, passionate Mars, will be retrograde in Scorpio until the 29th. This could make you feel everything a little too deeply. While it’s in your nature to put all your eggs in a single basket, you MUST keep your interests diversified if you want to keep that jealous, possessive, obsessive streak of yours at bay. So, don’t ditch your girls just because you’re sure you met The One. If this person is worth keeping around, these moments spent apart will only make your hearts grow fonder.
Thankfully, Venus heads into Cancer and your freedom-loving ninth house on the 17th, followed by the sun on the 20th. This lightens the mood visibly and helps you remember that there is a wide world to explore beyond the dimly lit doorstep of your sex den bedroom. June’s final third is the perfect time to take your first summer vacation, avec passport, ideally. Cross-cultural connections will heat up at this point, too, and if you’re still single, enjoy some memorable vacation romances! 
Pour yourself into your work this month, too, developing plans behind the scenes until the 20th. The full moon that day lights up your income zone and could bring word of a job offer or dream client before June is through. Circulate on LinkedIn, Scorpio! If you see a gap in your skill set, sign up for a summer semester course or specialized training. With the sun in Cancer from the 20th, the entrepreneurial bug could bite. When Mars turns direct and powers forward through your sign from June 29 until August 2, you’ll have all the drive you need to get Scorpio, Inc. in motion. Shop for a record deal or convince HR to give you that VP title you know you can rock. A team effort could also pay in spades when your ruler Pluto hits the jackpot with enterprising Jupiter on the 26th. Make. It. Rain. 
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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: Move over, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom. In June, you’re living proof that opposites attract. With the sun and amorous Venus traveling in tandem through your partnership zones all month, you’re a fully magnetic, Korlando-wired force of nature. The new moon on the 4th refreshes your relationship feed, leaving you with plenty of options; or, it will kick-start a thrilling chapter with your sweetie that brings you much, much closer. The challenge? Setting healthy boundaries, both with others and yourself. With such a strong urge to merge, your personal passions could get sidelined — never a good idea for an independent spirit like you, Sagittarius. But Mars is retrograde in your codependent 12th house until June 29, which could bring out the people-pleaser in you. Yikes! Go out of your way to keep a fully balanced life with friends, hobbies, career goals, and “me time.” And know that you’ll secretly feel needy and clingy at times— especially after Venus moves into Cancer on the 17th. Combat that “you complete me” myth by investing in your own interests, even if you have to drag yourself away from bae’s side. Besides, there are other great partnerships to explore, like joint business ventures and creative collaborations. A full and vibrant social life is a great insurance policy for a balanced love life.
Fortunately, you’ll have some major support from the heavens when on the 20th, the second (so rare!) consecutive full moon in Sagittarius lights up the skies. This blue moon will bring a bounty of opportunity your way. Flip back to May 21, the date of the first Sagittarius full moon. What doors started opening then? Maybe you just realized that there was something you needed to do for yourself like booking a trip to Peru or signing up for sessions with a business coach. If you have yet to take that leap, no more hesitating! Ambitious moves you make could really pay off on the 26th, when your ruler Jupiter forms a golden trine to transformational Pluto. With the sun in Cancer and your house of shared finances from the 20th on, an investor could put dollars behind your dreams — or you could take the plunge into the investing pool yourself, learning what terms like “portfolio diversification” and “Roth IRA” mean. Check out Refinery29’s very own Work & Money section to raise your financial IQ.

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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] :: High-speed blender? Check. Now, how about whipping up some green smoothies along with the frozen margs? With the sun and vibrant Venus in your healthy living zone this June, it’s time to hop back on the wellness wagon. This isn’t about shaving off the pounds or getting caught up in the bikini-season bullshit. Focus on how you feel, with a goal of being more energized and productive and less stressed out. Of course, sticking to these goals will be tough if your friends are basically barflies who can barely muster the bicep curl required to lift a PBR to their lips. With motivator Mars backpedaling through your community zone, there could be some casting changes in your social life. Form a friend group of active, balanced, outdoorsy types who are as down for yoga in the park and vegan potlucks as they are a wild night of dancing. Your interests could flow to more esoteric or creative realms, too, like learning how to read tarot cards or hand-making accessories that you could even sell at festivals if the business bug bites (and knowing you, it probably will). When Mars turns direct on the 29th, you might even take your talents online with an Etsy shop or another e-venture.
The new moon on the 4th could bring a work assignment that’s challenging — just the way you like ’em. Put your name in the hat, Capricorn, even if you have to apprentice alongside a pro for a while. Keep it humble, but show ’em what you’re made of: An industry influencer could take you under their wing near the full moon on the 20th. Hello, mentor!
Cupid puts you in his crosshairs on the 17th, when Venus heads into Cancer and your relationship zone for the rest of June. On the 20th, the sun joins Venus there making you even more magnetic! Coupled Caps, make more time for your other half: A relationship won’t just run on autopilot, you have to create the romance after a while. Single? Dating dry spells are a thing of the past. You could wrap June with some legit options to explore. Thinking about a vacation? Circle the 26th, when adventurer Jupiter and soulful Pluto team up — bonus points if there’s an educational component to the trip, like a retreat or even teacher training. 

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Aquarius [January 20 – February 18] :: Take a bow, Aquarius! The stage is calling this June as the sun and charming Venus team up in Gemini and your fifth house of fame. You could make a name for yourself — as a personality or the great mind behind an invention or creative work. One thing’s for sure: It’s time to play a bigger game…and with a broader audience. Show up more frequently on Snapchat and Instagram, maybe even build your own site or Tumblr. People will clamor for your broad-minded perspective and wit-laced brand of wisdom. That said, you could also benefit from reaching up the ladder and working alongside someone with more experience than you. Motivator Mars is retrograde in your career zone until the 29th, which is an optimal time for training with a master teacher, or working with coaches and consultants who can help you sharpen up your strategy and overall game. If you were a “brand,” Aquarius, what would your mission and message to the world be? Ponder that.

Romantically, June’s stars turn up the heat. You’ll top Cupid’s favorites list during the new moon on the 4th. That day, a dashing hottie could sweep you off your statement sneakers or a casual crush could turn into a legit relationship. Already attached? Talks could turn to serious business, like making babies or trying on engagement bling…or maybe just taking a summer trip to Paris together. Circle June 26 for a romantic high: You’ll be so open-hearted that day that love — and your confessions thereof — will just flow
Though June is filled with festive times, on the 20th, you’ll go from hedonist to health nut when the sun dips into Cancer and your wellness zone for a month. Lock down your summer fitness routine; the more outdoorsy, the better! Add more green to your plate andyour wallet: work will get busy in June’s final third and you might even find yourself vaulted into a management or organizer’s role. With a full moon in your teamwork house on the 20th, you’re the perfect person to play this part. When Mars turns direct on the 29th, you could speed up the ladder to a leadership position, too. Hello, #Girlboss.
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Pisces [February 19 – March 20] ::  No one needs to tell you that home should feel like a haven, not a hovel. But when you catch those moody blues, you can let everything fall to the wayside. In June, let your nesting instincts take the helm — and decorating like a design star will lift you out of any doldrums you may have felt in May. It’s time to turn your place into a sacred oasis, creative studio, and entertainment hotspot. You might even host a lavish dinner party (or slumber party) while decadent Venus rests in this zone until June 17. Has communication been strained with a close female friend or relative? The new moon on the 4th helps you clear the air. You might have to start by writing her a long letter — that way, she’ll know you’re trying to make amends, not stir the pot. Have bridges been burned beyond repair? This new moon beams on a new crew. Start fresh, Pisces, and enjoy the creative sparks you’ll feel with these potential kindred spirits. 
When it comes to work, you’ll be eager to expand, but go-getter Mars remains retrograde until the 29th. Take time to research and study new processes. Growing organically is better than racing ahead and making costly mistakes. On the 17th, stern Saturn checks your ruling planet Neptune making it essential that you streamline your goals so you don’t get distracted from your own success. On the 20th, the full moon in Sagittarius and your career zone — the second of a powerful pair — can help you knock it out of the park! You could make a killer connection near that day, or hear good news from a lead you made near the first Sagittarius full moon on May 21.
Romance heats up on the 17th, when ardent Venus blazes into Cancer and your fifth house of true love. Everywhere you turn, there will be eyes on you, Pisces — and that only gets hotter when the sun heads into Cancer for a month on June 20. Enjoy this romantic renaissance, but save some time for your creative pursuits, too, which could bring you a spot of fame before the summer is through! On the 26th, a lucky collab of Jupiter and Pluto could reveal true love on Tinder or through a group activity. A business partnership could be “so money” that day too, especially if you’re developing a cutting-edge dream.
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Aries [March 21 – April 19] :: Schedule those disco naps. Your social butterfly wings get a serious workout this June, Aries, as the Gemini sun pairs with charming Venus until the 17th. Your apartment may just be a pit stop between networking events, weekend getaways, and festival tours in the first half of the month. C’est la vie! But don’t besuch a moving target that no one can pin you down. The new moon on the 4th could illuminate a BFF-grade acquaintance or a creative collaborator. Your ruling planet Mars is simmering in seductive, intimate Scorpio all month, setting the stage for sexytime — but it will be retrograde there until June 29. Plunge into deeper waters with a few (or just one!) select souls. You could even tap into a few shadowy emotions with Mars in reverse: jealousy, obsession, vengefulness, and a desire to win at any cost. Hey, Aries, you’re only human. Don’t act upon these, but do listen to the hidden message of the madness: These feelings can flag some buried dreams or reveal when it’s time to stop playing it cool and get honest about what you really want. Instead of “coveting thy neighbor,” put your own fresh spin on what they’re doing. You’re sure to deliver an Aries original, especially near the full moon in your enterprising ninth house on the 20th.
Travel plans could come together beautifully near this full moon on the 20th, too. Consider a solo vacation: Without familiar faces nearby, you’re more likely to expand your horizons by talking to strangers and trying things you normally wouldn’t — an epic growth experience you won’t regret. Matters on the home front will heat up after the 20th as the sun heads into Cancer for a month, accompanied by Venus. Does your idea of a dream home sit 20 floors above the ground with a wraparound terrace…or does it have a white picket fence? Maybe four wheels and a vintage “tin can” body? Start visualizing, Aries, because you could be making an important investment before June is through. Not there yet in your life-plan trajectory? Spruce up the space you do have and make it your own. Relocating to a different rental could be necessary if you need more privacy. 
On the 26th, a profitable alignment of enterprising Jupiter and power-player Pluto gives you serious career swagger. Circle this day for pitches, presentations, or that “let’s talk raise” conversation. When Mars turns direct on the 29th, your money mojo starts to rise, too. Think of creative ways to earn, like developing digital downloads or investing some of your savings into a friend’s promising startup. Got your own business plan bubbling? Come out of the closet with it, because someone could offer to put dollars behind your dreams. Don’t forget to lawyer up! 

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Taurus:  [April 20 – May 20] :: Plant your Vans back on solid ground. June’s progress will be the slow-and-steady variety, and you’ll welcome the more manageable pace. With the sun and your ruling planet, Venus, side-by-side all month, you’ll have plenty of time to stop and smell the roses, and indulge in a bit of luxury here and there. But do work from a budget, Taurus, because you won’t enjoy those treasures if you break the bank. The new moon on the 4th could bring opportunities to boost your income — like a job offer or a side gig. Circulate your résumé and polish up your LinkedIn profile, even if you’re just moving up the ladder at your existing job. 
Romantically, June will have some definite bright spots. On the 2nd, the Taurus moon glides into a lucky triangle called a Grand Earth Trine. Make a bold move near this day, because Cupid is completely in your corner! The full moon on the 20th could cement a sultry connection that’s been percolating for the past month, or even since last December. An existing relationship could go next-level with this full moon — one that merges your lives, and your money, in a more permanent way. Traveling could bring a sexy vacation romance on the 26th. But there could be a few tense moments, too. Until June 29, hotheaded Mars is retrograde in Scorpio, your seventh house of relationships. No sweeping lovers’ quarrels under the rug! Mars will force you to deal directly, but also proactively. A little anger management goes a long way when you start seeing red. An old flame could return to the picture, causing confusion. Wait until Mars corrects course on the 29th to sign on for a sequel. 
Your social life starts buzzing happily when the sun heads into Cancer on the 20th. New friends enter the picture — the drama-free variety who just know how to have a good time! Enjoy some festival-hopping and general culture-vulturing close to home, because the local scene will be popping. If you’re in the market for a new set of wheels — maybe that hybrid crossover or cruiser bike — or another digital device, shop around in June’s final third.

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