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Capricorn [December 22 to January 19] :: It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! Yes, the year that will hopefully wipe out all of the WTH that was 2018. You’re right in the center of the action as we kick off with eclipse season falling in your very own stars as the first major event of the year. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse has your name writ large late on the night of the 5th, and it promises to deliver some colossal changes between now and next summer.

Don’t be surprised if you barely recognize yourself or your life when we reach the Full Moon in Capricorn in July. You’ve still got your badass ruler Saturn watching out for you and pushing you to new levels of discipline and integrity.

You’ll need that stability and fortification to offset the wildcard energy of Uranus coming out of retrograde at the root of your chart (shaking you up from the bottom up). More: the First Quarter Moon stirs up some family issues that need resolving on the 13th. Burn through the frustration. Patience is your best asset to hopefully arrive at a win-win solution. By the time the second big eclipse drops early on the 21st, it will be time to literally head for the hills (hills with luxe accommodations, natch). Finally, the Last Quarter Moon liberates you from toxic associations that were only cramping your style on the 27th. Rise and shine, bb!

Aquarius [January 20 to February 18] :: The New Year is officially on and it’s not messing around. Take a deep breath as another major eclipse season is upon us right from the get-go. This is the follow-up from last summer’s upheavals. We start with the New Moon/Solar Eclipse late on the 5th. This puts the focus on the part of you that would love nothing more than to escape the world and its endless stress. If a retreat or exotic pilgrimage to a faraway land is in the offing, grab it and go! Your soul needs you badly this year, Aquarius.

Communication goes pear-shaped around the 6th, compliments of Uranus coming out of retrograde, so don’t hit the send button until you’ve calmed down. Early on the 21st, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse highlights relationship themes and stories that you’ve been telling yourself since last summer.

It’s the finale eclipse of a series in your relationship zone, so this should bring the answer or clarity you’ve been looking for. The Last Quarter Moon puts the focus on your career on the 27th. Are you ready to rekindle the passion for your life’s mission statement in 2019? Of course you are, Aquarius star!

Pisces [February 19 to March 20] :: Goodbye, 2018! You can finally exhale a huge sigh of relief because you have officially survived one of the most challenging years on record, Now comes time to heal and repair from the turmoil that was last year and come out shining like the glamorous gem you are.

Eclipse season is here and it promises to speed up all necessary healing and changes to take you and your life next level, Pisces. Plus, you’ve got Jupiter shining so brightly at the top of your chart all year long. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse gives you that extra social push to put yourself out there and mix and mingle with the A-list crowd late on the night of the 5th. You’re right on the brink of mega changes when it comes to your friends, goals and community.

By next summer you will see how dramatically you’ve grown. The First Quarter Moon (on the 13th) gives you just the impetus you need to set your finances right for the New Year. A proactive approach to saving your cash will save you from the upcoming twists and turns of the unpredictable influence of Uranus later in the month. Always have alternative or back-up plans just to be safe. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse brings a work situation to a head early on the 21st. Think back to six months ago to see which story is culminating now. Your creativity and ingenuity will see you through, so don’t you dare worry. January’s finale is the Last Quarter Moon on the 27th, stirring up some palpable travel fever. Which distant lands are calling you in 2019?

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Aries [March 21 to April 19] :: 2019 begins with pure fire, Aries. Mars, the action-adventure star of the zodiac and your not-so-humble ruling planet, zapped into your very own sign early on New Year’s morning.

This powers up your entire January, Ms. Ram, making you the fastest, fiercest constellation in the land. It can also make you more prone to sudden outbursts if you don’t channel the energy of Mars properly.

Make sure you have healthy outlets for anger – working out each morning should to it, but a robust sex life won’t hurt either. An intense eclipse begins late night on the 5th when the New Moon lands in Capricorn. This Solar Eclipse begins a phase of professional empowerment the likes of which you’ve not experienced in a very long time.

This part of your life has been under cosmic scrutiny for years thanks to Pluto, and more recently via Saturn, but now the karmic part comes in, pushing you in the direction you’re truly meant to go in. It might feel like a now or never moment for your career, Aries bb. With Uranus going direct on your sign on the 6th, you’ll feel like every part of your life is waking all the way up. A few weeks later another eclipse arrives – this one the final event in a cycle that’s gone on for the last few years.

On the morning of the 21st, the Full Moon in Leo/Lunar Eclipse hits your creativity and romance zone, wrapping up a series of intense changes in this arena of your life. If it hasn’t happened since 2016, expect a life-changing lover or brilliant idea to show up out of the blue. 22 January is perhaps the most adventurous and romantic day of the year as Jupiter cozies up to Venus in your travel zone. Carpe diem!

Taurus [April 20 to May 20] :: Happy New Year, Ms. Bull! 2019 is looking fine and fabulous, but January begins on an exquisitely intense note. The first in a series of ultra-powerful eclipses hits late on the night of the 5th, so take a deep breath.

This New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn begins a two-year phase that will rearrange your relationship to the world. Your fundamental view of culture and politics can shift and deepen now, but if that’s not your thing, expect your curiosity about far-flung locals to explode. You simply need to see, experience and learn about places and people who are unfamiliar. This will expand and open up your consciousness and that’s exactly what you crave right now. The next day Uranus snaps back into action at the end of his most recent retrograde. Now he heads back into your sign, arriving in March, but he may begin to drop some hints about your coming inner revolution as soon as this month.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st is the last in a series that has rocked your domestic scene since 2016. This final astro-event will probably feel like less of a shakeup and more of a reminder that you’ve made the right decisions about your home and family life – even if they’ve been challenging choices to make.

Gemini [May 21 to June 20] :: Welcome to the best year of your life so far, Gemini! January doesn’t build to a slow burn – it starts with an explosion. First Mars moves into Aries, his home sign, overnight on the 1st. The next six weeks bring a super-fast social pace, so make sure your schedule can keep up with the demand for your time. A brand new eclipse cycle begins late on the night of the 5th, when the New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Capricorn descends for the first time.

This is your entry into a deeper relationship with intimacy that will unfold over the next two years. Set intentions for your sex life and be willing to tango with your own desire nature now and for the next six months. This is powerful stuff in the stars, darling. The next day Uranus wakes up in Aries for the final time before it heads into Taurus in March – which speaks to a revolution in your friendships.

Late on the 21st, a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo is the final event in two-year series, one that has fundamentally altered the way you communicate. Your closing out an important karmic shift in your realm of talking, thinking and texting, and your relationship to your own mind should be deeper and healthier now. The last ten days of January are perfect for a spontaneous holiday, with the Sun in your house of travel. If you can take a weekend jaunt, go for it. And OMG, the 22nd is PURE MAGIC for your relationships as Jupiter and Venus go on a hot date. Do. Not. Miss. This.

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Cancer [June 21 to July 22] :: Why hello there 2019! This entire year will be deep and powerful and life-altering, and it starts that way right out of the gate.

An intense eclipse cycle commenced in your own sign last summer, and it really takes off late on the night of the 5th, when the New Moon/Solar Eclipse lands in your relationship zone. Consider this a wholesale karmic cleansing, Cancer luv – you’re about to do partnership in an entirely revolutionary way during the next six months.

Old ways of loving and being loved are giving way to a healthier and smarter way of engaging in one-to-one relationships. Set intentions for the next six months of this now. Uranus wakes up in your career zone the next day as he preps to finish off his last two months of radically revolutionizing your professional life.

The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st is the last in a series that’s brought some upheaval to your financial life in the last two years. That is finally settled, which should come as a massive relief. The very next day is perhaps one of the sexiest, most romantic on the entire calendar this year. As Jupiter and Venus converge, just make sure you make time for love, because things might go so well at work that you forget to leave the office.

Leo [July 23 to August 22] :: Strut your stuff right into 2019 without looking back, Leo luv. This month revs from the beginning, so you won’t have time to catch your breath and reminisce. Mars, the planet of pure energy and desire, launces directly into your sister fire sign late on New Year’s Eve, so the next six weeks are all about being led by your wanderlust.

The new eclipse series that commences late on the night of the 5th is slightly sobering, but not so much that it will slow you down. This New Moon/Solar Eclipse asks you to set intentions for your next six months of work and your daily schedule. What do you want from your day job or from your commute? Most importantly, how will you practice a super healthy work/life balance and make time for self-care? Uranus wakes up from its retrograde slumber the next day, spending the next two months in Aries, and he’s on a similar mission as Mars – make sure you get enough time on the road. Then we get to the best part – the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo on the 21st.

Yes, darling – this is the very last of a two-plus year series of eclipses that hit both your own sign and your relationship zone. You’ve wrestled with your ego, and now you know how to navigate complicated partnerships like a pro. Intense doesn’t even begin to describe what it’s been like since the summer of 2016, but from here it gets better, and better, and BETTER. Speaking of relationships, the Sun is in your house of partnership for the last ten days of the month. And don’t miss this: Venus and Jupiter conjoin in your house of romance, pleasure and creativity on the 22nd. This is pure pixie dust for your love life, darling – you can create honest-to-god magic now.

Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: The New Year is officially here and you’re so ready for it, Virgo.

You said adios to 2018 without regrets, and now it’s time to embrace something a whole lot sweeter. Mars marched into Aries right just after the clock struck 2019, and this will make your next six weeks fast and furious – especially in the love and sex department.

Yes, darling – January could be your hottest month of the coming year. The romantic theme is poignant at the New Moon/Solar Eclipse late on the night of the 5th – it falls in your house of creativity and pleasure.

This can feel like an insistence to honor your needs and desires – to put yourself and your ideas first for a change. Set intentions to support your art and love life for the next six months at this powerful eclipse.

The next day Uranus wakes up from his retrograde and will spend the next two months moving forward through your house of sex – do you see a theme emerging? If you haven’t done so in the last few years, this brings a final opportunity to revolutionize your relationship to pleasure and desire. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo is the last in a series that’s gone on since the summer of 2016 – it speaks to the inner labor you’ve done in the last few years. You’ve healed parts of your psyche that you didn’t even want to face for many years, so salute yourself for the challenging work you’ve done, and know that you’re about to enter a brand new threshold of self-awareness. Drop copious red heart emojis on the 22nd, because it is perhaps one the most romantic days of the entire year – and it’s a heavenly day for you to spend at home with your lover.

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Libra [September 23 to October 22] :: Three cheers for the year that is SO not 2018! You weren’t sad to see that one go. Mars moves into your partner zone early on the morning of the 1st. It’s all about getting your feisty on this month, darling. No more adapt, adjust and accommodate. You have needs and it’s time to assert them. Eclipse season kicks off the year with momentum and monumental shifts in almost every life arena, but starting with family.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse late on the night of the 5th sets the stage for the next six months of new rules, structures and boundaries with family members – or just simply around hearth and home. Many changes ensue between now and next summer.

You’ll be especially in your power near the First Quarter Moon on the 13th. The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (early on the morning of the 21st) strikes your social zone and brings your last six months of new goals, friendships and community to the fore.

The story that started last July reaches its fever pitch late this month. Some friends and colleagues may be on their way out, but trust that this is how you make space for those who are more in alignment with your values and vision. Last but not least, the Last Quarter Moon puts the focus on your finances on the 27th. Work that 2019 budget and get a head start in the game, Libra!

Scorpio [October 23 to November 21] :: 2019 is off to a dramatic start—just the way you adore it, Scorpio! The pace is urgent and the clock is ticking. Wanderlust beckons hard, so start packing ASAP. Travel is just one of the myriad ways you will expand your horizons and consciousness this year. Plus, jetsetting looks so good on you.

You’ve cleared out so much dross over the past month and you’re even starting to prefer the whole “less is more” approach to life. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse (early on the 5th) brings novel modes of learning and communication into your world. Meditation is another major theme not just of this month, but the entire year. It’s just that you’re setting the tone for the mindset you wish to take with you all yearlong.

Mars, your ruling planet, powers up your work zone all month long. Self-care is a must to balance the long hours, darling. You tend to push yourself beyond your max and then your health suffers. Think proactively and get the rejuvenating rituals in place early in the month. The First Quarter Moon (on the 13th) is like your check-in with your daily workflow. Early on the 21st, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse brings the last big hit to your career zone for the grand finale of all that you’ve been working on since 2016. All that labor is totally paying off. It’s time to celebrate before you take on your next major project. Finally, the Last Quarter Moon lands in your very own stars on the 27th, ending the month on a very high and very passionate note.

Sagittarius [November 22 to December 21] :: 2019 is finally here, Sagi bb! This is the year with your name in glowing lights, compliments of Jupiter lighting up your big and beautiful stars. Plus, it’s a hit-the-ground-running kind of month, so there’s no time to rest your NYE hangover.

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse (early on the 5th) lands in your financial zone and brings some serious changes to your relationship with money. Expect dramatic shifts and opportunities to make serious cash between now and next summer. Finding a new tempo somewhere between blowing the bank and saving for a rainy day is the task of the next six months. You’ll never be one to deprive yourself from living the baller lifestyle that just runs through your blood. Plus, your lucky ruling planet, Jupiter will make sure that you always come out ahead in the end.

Your love life is on the verge of a very interesting shake-up as Uranus changes directions in your romance zone on the 6th. In other January news, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (early on the 21st) should bring some big travel plans to fruition. You’re either on an adventure or plotting your next few jaunts. Communication is a big theme after the 20th when the Sun moves into your talking, texting and thinking. Finally, the Last Quarter Moon reminds you to hit the pause button on the 27th—preferably near the ocean.

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