Astrology :: January 2018 Horoscopes

Capricorn [December 22 to January 19] :: 2018 starts off with an emotional bang, Capricorn! The Full Moon lights up your relationship zone on New Year’s Day. A storyline that started last July is now coming to its fullest expression. There is a sentimental “make it or break it” quality to the first week of January. Don’t underestimate the power of feelings, as they will dominate the scene this month. The Last Quarter Moon (on the 8th) has you finding balance with regard to your career goals. Note that the clearest New Year’s vibe might not kick in until after the New Moon in your stars on the 16th. This sets the template for the next six months of goals. The Sun will leave your stars on the 19th, and you’ll enter a new phase focused on money. The Second Quarter Moon (on the 24th) is excellent for redefining what you want in the realms of romance and pleasure. Mars will take some pressure off your social life after the 26th, and you’ll be ready to put your energy into more rest and relaxation – this is a very welcome change. Finally, the Full Moon/Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse brings some dramatic changes on the 31st. Think back to a dramatic plotline that started last August. This is the culmination point, Capricorn. Letting go will bring you the intimacy that you deeply crave – this may end up being one of the sexiest Full Moons of the year.


Aquarius [January 20 to February 18] :: 2018 has officially arrived and it won’t waste any time getting you down to rawest of your emotions. You’re not always comfortable in the realm of feelings, but you’ll be surprised at how much comes up for you right at the start of the New Year with an intense Full Moon/Supermoon on the 1st. The Last Quarter Moon requires some letting go and recalibration to get the balance back into your life on the 8th. By the time the New Moon rolls around on the 16th, you’ll be ready for a serious break from the action. It might be the perfect time to finally plan a vacation just in time for your birthday season, which officially drops on the 19th. Getting back to the essentials is your focus on the Second Quarter Moon on the 24th. Mars will begin to power up your social world starting after the 26th. You’ll be one busy little bee, Aquarius, so pace yourself. Relationships reach a fever pitch on the 31st, compliments of a rare Full Moon/Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse. Think back to your partnership patterns since last August. Major epiphanies around relationships are on the rise. Your modern ruler Uranus comes out of retrograde this month, too, so it’s all systems go, go, GO.


Pisces [February 19 to March 20] :: Get ready for a year to remember, Pisces! 2018 starts off with a Full Moon/Supermoon in your love and pleasure zone on the 1st. What better way to get started on the New Year? Money could be a bit wonky or surprising with Uranus coming out of retrograde on the day after the Full Moon, but trust that any chaos will help you gain some momentum in the coming months. It’s a blessing in disguise for sure. The Last Quarter Moon (on the 8th) is the perfect opportunity to stop, pause and rebalance whatever isn’t working for you as you forge ahead. The New Moon in Capricorn (on the 16th) is excellent for making a list of intentions for your long-term goals, at least over the next six months. You can add discipline and structure to the mix now. The Sun will move into your rest and retreat zone starting on the 19th, so looking for some much-needed R & R is at the top of your agenda. The final ten days of the month are ideal for an early winter jaunt. Mars will start to power up your career zone on the 26th. You’ll be super ambitious and ready to move your professional stature next level during the next few weeks. Finally, a mega-intense Full Moon/Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse arrives on the 31st, bringing your work life to a head. Think back to what was happening last August to make sense of the full story. If something didn’t turn out quite as you’d hoped, the stars are giving you a chance to make it right as January closes out.


Aries [March 21 to April 19] :: Well hello there, 2018 – you’re looking limitless! The New Year begins with an emotional Full Moon/Supermoon on the 1st – one that might have you a bit moody. If you’re also hung-over from New Year’s Eve, just commit to taking it easy over the next few days. Home and family play a huge role in the current dynamics, and something from your ancient past might finally be resolved. Once you get over the initial emotional hump of the month, things start to look ambitious and promising. You’re in one of the most successful phases of your life, and the professional choices you make over the next few weeks, leading up to the New Moon late on the 16th, really matter for the rest of your year. With most of the planets direct, you can move swiftly forward and begin to see your dreams come true in a sweeping, almost magical way. But it’s not magic, Ms. Ram – it’s a result of your commitment to hard work. After the Sun moves into your house of goals and collaboration on the 19th, this intensifies even more. And wait for it: there is yet ANOTHER Full Moon on the last day of the month, in the form of a Lunar Eclipse. This is a second Supermoon AND a Blue Moon and it delivers so much creativity and romance you may not know quite what to do with yourself. Here’s the answer: JUST HAVE FUN.


Taurus [April 20 to May 20] :: Welcome to 2018 – the next and best year of the rest of your life. January begins with a Full Moon/Supermoon on the 1st, when you may feel all your feels and then some. Communication is the main focus of this lunation, so tend to your conversations with love and gentleness now. Things will rebound quickly and your craving for adventure may speed up exponentially as the month progresses – you have the urge to learn, grow, and spend as much time on the road as much as possible. This peaks at the New Moon on the 16th – a perfect lunation for mapping out your long-distance travel schedule for the next six months. By the 19th the Sun moves into your career zone, stoking the fires of professional ambition. By the end of the month the planets bring a stellar surprise, a THIRD lunation, but this one is no mere Full Moon – it’s also a Lunar Eclipse/Supermoon in your house of home. Yes, Taurus, this one is intensely emotional, but it’s also intensely healing. You can work out complex personal issues from late last summer, perhaps connected to events that took place near the 21 August eclipse. Think back to that time and recall what was going on in your life – then take steps to make it right once and for all.


Gemini [May 21 to June 20] :: 2018 begins on a ridiculously lucrative note, Gemini. With a Full Moon/Supermoon on the 1st, New Year’s Day is deeply emotional but also insanely lavish. You may have spent quite a lot on your year-end festivities and are now feeling the financial bite. If that’s the case, you haven’t much to worry about, as the first few weeks of January will power up your pocketbook. You’re especially talented after the 10th, when your ruler Mercury moves into your house of debt and “other people’s money.” Focus on paying off your credit card bills for now, and by the time the New Moon arrives on the 16th, you’ll be ready to use it like a money-seeking missile. Bonus: this lunation is also SUPER sexy. After the 19th, turn your attention to travel and adventure, because the stars are daring you to open your mind and get on the road. By the time you get to the third lunation of the month your focus returns to your communication zone. There is a rare second Full Moon/Supermoon on the 31st, but it’s no mere Blue Moon – it’s also a Lunar Eclipse. Think of this to the follow up eclipse from last August – what came up for you then, and how can make it work best for you now? Your mind is sharp and your ideas are world-changing – write them down.


Cancer [June 21 to July 22] :: It’s 2018 and January is all yours, Cancer. With a Full Moon/Supermoon in your very own sign on the first day of both the month and the year, the message is clear: it’s time to make your mark. If pent-up emotions from the last few weeks of 2017 are still locked inside of you, this powerful lunation in your stars asks you to let it all out on New Year’s Day. Whether you cry with friends over a boozy brunch or loll about in bed all day, make time for self-care before you rev up for the rest of the month. Partnership is your major focus for the first two weeks of January – culminating on the 16th when the New Moon lands in your relationship zone. This is your moment to set the agenda for your one-to-one alliances for the next six months. Both personal and professional relationships fall under the umbrella of this lunation, so set intentions for all manner of partnerships now. This moment is particularly powerful for single Cancers, as you can manifest your perfect lover/best friend now. Write it down in detail to really show the stars what you want. Part of what makes this month so magical is that it comes with a rare third lunation, and not just a mere Full Moon. There’s a radically powerful Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse on the 31st, one that can help you to achieve your financial dreams. This astro-event harkens back to the Solar Eclipse that took place last August. What came into your life then, and how can you tap into it right now, Cancer?


Leo [July 23 to August 22] :: When you wake up on the first day of 2018, it might feel like you’re in a dream within a dream. There’s an intense Full Moon/Supermoon on New Year’s Day – one that opens a deep door in your psyche. Combined with a hangover, this lunation can be quite a doozy, Leo, so remain in bed as long as you like and stay hydrated. Note that you may be overwhelmed by emotion, but that’s perfectly normal for this kind of Full Moon. You’ll be back to your usual perky self within about 24 to 28 hours, so give yourself a bit of time to recover. The next two weeks of January have you consumed with work, work and more work. This culminates with a potent New Moon in your employment house on the 16th – and it’s stirring up loads of activity. If you’ve been underemployed, this is the perfect opportunity to send out your CV and call your contacts – there is something waiting in the wings. You can steer the direction of your projects now, Leo – think forward into the next six months and set intentions for living your best life through work you adore. After the 19th you begin obsessing about relationships – both personal and professional partnerships are on your mind. January’s most important moment comes on the very last day of the month with a rare second Full Moon/Supermoon. But it’s not merely a Full Moon – it’s a Lunar Eclipse in very own sign. Think back to your birthday last summer – what was going on in your life at that moment? The events, people, and emotions of last August are back now, and you’re getting a second chance to make things right.


Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: Can you believe that 2018 is actually here, Virgo? It may not be clear when you wake up on New Year’s Day. This is complicated by an emotionally overwhelming Full Moon/Supermoon, one that falls late at night on the first day of the year. This lunation takes place in your house of friends, so watch for a bit of drama with your girl squad. It’s possible that this already happened in the lead-up to the Full Moon – in the waning hours of 2017. But if you have a brunch planned, the combination of collective hangovers and unaired feelings could set the scene for a row. On the other hand, this can be an occasion for an incredible creative collaboration, potentially based on seeds that were planted last summer. In fact, the first two weeks of the year are superbly creative – and irrepressibly romantic. This lovely phase culminates in a powerful New Moon on the 16th. This is your best opportunity to set intentions for both your love life and your biggest creative dreams. Write it down or at least talk about it, Virgo. The more concretely you define your wishes, the better the universe will be equipped to help you manifest them in the next six months. Adding to the magical mixture of the month is a rare second Full Moon/Supermoon on the 31st. This isn’t just a normal lunation, it’s a Lunar Eclipse that speaks to an experience, idea, or interaction that you had last August. A dream you dared to dream is starting to blossom now, and you must tend to this delicate cosmic flower with love and gentleness.


Libra [September 23 to October 22] :: It’s a brand new year, Libra, and your career prospects are looking especially stellar. A magnificent Full Moon/Supermoon is shining brightly at the top of your chart on New Year’s Day. This sets the stage for professional recognition and a mega upgrade in your status. Your popularity is soaring now, darling. Next up, the New Moon is ideal for planting seeds around what you want to build over the next six months, especially where your home and family are concerned. This lunation takes place on the 16th, but continued and sustained work on these themes is accentuated until the 19th. The First Quarter Moon (on the 24th) is a time for letting go and getting grounded, as you start to really feel your feet firmly planted in 2018. After that, your focus will shift towards love and pleasure almost exclusively. The rest of the month is all about your social and love life. You’ll be flying (perhaps literally) after the 26th when Mars starts to power up your communication and short-distance travel zone. Finally on the 31st, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse/Supermoon could bring about some interesting epiphanies regarding your long-term goals and friendships. There is a huge amount of movement in your social world this year, and this eclipse will shine a light on setting your 2018 intentions – especially any that involve creative collaboration.


Scorpio [October 23 to November 21] :: Welcome to 2018, Scorpio! Your lucky streak continues with so many planets doing your bidding this month. The Full Moon/Supermoon on January 1st brings you all of the emotional flow you could ever hope for, helping you to kick off the New Year right. When you’re in touch with your feelings, everything else just works in your life. The New Moon in Capricorn (on the 16th) is your annual reset for your mindset. Picking up a meditation practice or deepening your current one is highly recommended now. You may go into a bit of an introverted phase starting on the 19th, when the Sun enters your home zone for the next thirty days. The Second Quarter Moon (on the 24th) helps you feel grounded in your relationships. Take your time, slow down and get clear on what you value most in your partnerships and build upon that in 2018. Mars leaves your stars on the 26th, taking some pressure off. You’ll be quite energized and focused on making more money over the next several weeks. The month ends on a high note with the Full Moon/Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse in your career zone on the 31st. Think back to last August and marvel at just how far your status and success have skyrocketed in a mere six months, Scorpio. If it hasn’t gotten there, this is your moment to course-correct.


Sagittarius [November 22 to December 21] :: 2018 is here and it’s packed with many moods and emotions. The Full Moon/Supermoon arrives on the 1st, setting the stage for big changes all month long. You might be quite charged up about removing anything and everything in your life that no longer serves you. The Last Quarter Moon (on the 8th) has you relinquishing old goals and potentially even some friendships that belong to 2017.  Finances are a potent theme all month long as you continue the long-term process of getting your accounts in tip-top shape. The New Moon (on the 16th) is the ideal time to sit down and create a structure for your 2018 strategy, at least for the next six months. Communication is your priority after the 19th, as the Sun lights up your talking, texting and thinking zone for the next thirty days. Mars (the planet of energy, courage and drive) enters your stars on the 26th, where he’ll power up your life and your libido through March. On the 24th, you can use the Second Quarter Moon to get grounded in your daily schedule and rituals. Create a wellness plan that nourishes and supports you. Last but not least, the Full Moon/Supermon/Lunar Eclipse brings the finale to a story that started last August. Something major is coming to a head now concerning your faith and your belief system. It could also involve your own teachings or working with a teacher or mentor. The month ends on an extremely strong and passionate note, Sadge – pay close attention to what comes up on the 31st.


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