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Happy Birthday Aquarius!  Aquarius [January 20 – February 19] ::  It’s your new moon this month, which means it’s time to go live with the projects, hatch the plans, and begin on all of the big dreams that you have brewing for 2016. February 8th is the exact day of the new moon, but you can use the two weeks following it to do what you need to do if you want a little extra witchy-woo magic to accompany you. You have a lot of assistance with all of your projects that require behind-the-scenes love, but by February 16th you are off to the races and looking like you run things. Because you do. You’ve got plenty of energy to tackle tremendous and totally impressive amounts of work right now. You are in it to win it. Put your big boss skirt on and show the people that you mean business.
Keep your eyes and ears open for folks that offer you opportunities to join their band, their club, or their bright idea. Others can bring you lucrative liaisons and teach you a lot about how to share your talents, your energy, and your specific sparkle.

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Pisces [February 20 – March 20] ::  The weeks before our birthdays are powerful ones. We get to take stock of what the past year has brought us. We get to highlight, underscore, and add up the points that helped us move into our power. We get to meditate on, make peace with, and make up for the things that we did that we weren’t so proud of. We get to look at, understand, and critique what others did that impacted us negatively that we no longer wish to have occur again.
This is your cosmic homework until February 18th when the sun will move back into your sign. Spend some time considering how you would like to re-align your self for the next 12 months. Spend some time, especially on or around the new moon on February 8th, designing your next year. Consider how you want to feel this year. Consider what you are willing to risk. Consider how you are breaking out of old fears and finding new ways to support yourself. Consider the kind of relationships that you want to grow yourself into. Consider the kind of role you are naturally gravitating to in your public life/at work/in your pursuit of discovering a career that is made for you.
The full moon on February 22nd will light up your love life. This moon will magnify the nature of what you need in all of your intimate relationships (platonic and not). Listen to your heart and give it what it’s asking for.
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Aries [ March 21 – April 19] ::  This month your social situation is lit. You’ve many a reason to enjoy this season. Your best features will be on blast and you’re primed to begin a new adventure with your friends, your people, your posse.
Think of your hopes and dreams for 2016. The new moon on February 8th is the perfect time to gather your woke witches round you to scheme and team up for collective greatness. Each time we gather with folks that lift our spirits we are forming a magical cauldron of creation. Each time we uphold the beauty and the brilliance of our besties we are made so much stronger than when we try to compete with them. Each time we join forces with the people that love us high-key and always challenge us to be better we are helping our whole life unfold. Never underestimate the power of putting yourself in situations where you are with the ones that you resonate with the most.
This month asks you to break out of old fears and anxieties about not fitting into the group by radically accepting your quirks and celebrating your unique kind of cute. In short, love yourself enough to hang out with the ones who do too and have the courage to ask them to do the things that you’ve been dying to do.
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Taurus [April 20 – May 20] ::  This month is beautifully set up for you if you want to learn about love, pleasure seeking, joy, and intimacy. You’ll have to set aside your desire to have everything to run your way though. You’ll have to see people as completely independent, free agents that can come and go as they please. You’ll have to deal with envy, fear of abandonment, and a seemingly unending appetite for attention.
But when you do you’ll get to learn about how beautiful you are. Beautiful without trying. Beautiful without pushing. Beautiful without wanting to be anything but what you are. You’ll learn about how easy it is to find folks to love. You’ll learn about how society tries to sell us lies about belonging, about looking a certain type of way, a certain type of relationship in order to be deemed attractive. You’ll learn how so much of what you learn about love is trash. Recycle that nonsense and redefine your love life.
Love can be given and received between any two living beings. You don’t need any type of specific situation to experience love. Love is free. Love is high-key. Love is now. Love is you. Love is living. Live it.
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Gemini [May 21 – June 20] ::
  Wander and root. The new moon on February 8th wants you to set off on a new path. It wants you to find your spirit of adventure. It wants you to open your mind to new ideas. It wants you to remember that you are more than just the surroundings that enclose you.
It also wants to help you heal old heartbreak almost effortlessly. There is something about actively seeking to expand your vision of your life that automatically helps you to heal negative beliefs that you may hold about your worth, your attractiveness, and your self-image. This is a healing new moon for you. Keep it.
The full moon on February 22nd wants to bring you home and help you heal something there. There may be an issue with your parents that you are learning to get more perspective on. Parents are just people. They are rarely as good or as bad as we make them out to be. They are flawed, sometimes fabulous, and always complex, just like you. If you need space, take it. If you need comfort, ask for it. If you need family, build it for yourself if you don’t have it ready made.
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Cancer [June 21 – July 22] :: 
For all of the tough-love lessons that you learned in January, most of February will try and make up for it. I say most because there is one last little bump in the road that you need to travel over between February 5th and 6th. It’s a kind of wrap-up and test of your resolve as it relates to asking for what you need in relationships and not being too scared to advocate for what’s most important to you. The good news is if you can do that there is no doubt that you’ll be able to then experience love on a whole new level.
We can’t really know what it is to be loved until we risk being seen. Being seen involves showing all sides of ourselves: the good, the not so great, the beautiful, and the not so pretty. But it also involves speaking up for what we need, speaking up for what is right, and speaking our truth no matter what someone else might think about us. When we do that freely, we give others a chance to actually get to know us and then to love us, the real us, or not. It’s risky, but it’s so rewarding. This month has you lucky in love with a lot of good coming to you through other people, just make sure that you are being as honest as you can be about who you are and what you really need in relationships.

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Leo [ July 23 – August 22] ::  There is a tremendous amount of attention that is heading towards those that you are in all kinds of intimate and important relationships with. With a new moon/new start in this area of your chart on February 8th you have every reason to think deeply about what kind of commitments are working well for you and which ones aren’t. The relationships you start and or stop right now will have a lasting effect so try to be very conscious about who you feel good around, who lifts your energy, and who makes you want to be a better person. Give those relationships top billing. Also notice who leaves you feeling not good enough, more alone than when you aren’t with them, and like you need to change yourself in order to be lovable. Give those relationships your regards and keep it moving.
Spend time with babes that blow your mind. Spend time with baes that inspire your best. Spend time with loves that light you up and spend time being loving to yourself when all else fails.

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Virgo [August 23 to September 22] :: After February 6th, this month is far easier than last in the love department. All those rough-and-tumble love lessons that you learned since the beginning of the year can now be integrated and put to use. These past six weeks may have been especially intense for you, take note of what you learned about yourself and how you deal with difficult conversations especially as they relate to speaking up for what you need in romantic partnerships and creative collaborations.
It looks like you’ll be less sidetracked by the intensity of your feelings and more open to making the most of your free time this month. Something quite lovely floats your way around the 9th of February. It may be a romantic situation that lifts your spirits. It might be a creative project that begins taking shape. It might just be that you feel more confident, more at ease, and more comfortable in your own skin. Whatever the situation try to take in the good things that flow toward you without going overboard on the fun factor. Sometimes too much of a good thing is and you’ve still got some tasks to see to and some fanfare to show up for. With a full moon in your sign on February 22nd you’ll be in the spotlight and recognized for your ability to keep it real and keep it rocking.
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Libra [September 23 – October 22] :: 
 There is still an issue that needs resolving at home, with those you live with, with family and/or with parents. Not everything can be folded up into a neat little answer, but giving our attention to the issues that refuse to let us rest can help us make major strides in our maturity. Remember that what you really want here is peace, not at the cost of your own mental health, but in the end you don’t want to burn too many bridges just because your feelings get hella hurt momentarily.
The sweet piece of your astrology is that whatever was so difficult starts to get resolved after February 6th. And not only does it get resolved it gets majorly helped out. In fact much of the first two weeks of the month have your thoughts and feelings wrapped up in a cozy little cocoon of good feelings and healing.
The new moon on February 8th may have you looking for love, so do so in all the right places. Whatever romantic relationships that you start now have the power to last a while so start the fires that will warm you, not leave you burnt.
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Scorpio [October 23 – November 21] ::  You still have a tremendous amount of energy at your disposal. You still have the courage of a thousand warriors in your pinky finger. You still have to work on learning what to do with all of that you’ve been given. How do you want to use your power? What do you want to be known for? What are you spending your time building?
You have a very potent and poignant opportunity this month. It’s about saying something and being heard. It’s about spreading a message that attracts to you those that you want to roll with. It’s about being a messenger for peace, love, and possibly even justice. It’s important for you to have a cause to work toward right now. A mission to move into. A social movement to be a part of. It’s important that you are giving something to the world. Something that you feel proud of. Something that you feel passionate about. Something that you are learning from. Something that you want to be recognized for. Being flashy, fine, and fabulous just isn’t enough. Aim higher; your soul will thank you for it later.
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Sagittarius [November 22 – December 21] :: The month opens up with you understanding your superpowers. Currently there is a special kind of influence that you have socially. There is also a boost to your reputation that you are receiving. This is especially potent until February 10th so use it for good. This little cosmic cocktail could help you bring in some extra coinage, but it will also help you spend it so beware of getting sucked into buying things that you don’t need. This astrology is here to encourage you to build the self-confidence you need to do all the big things that you are beginning.
So. Many. Big. Things.
So often we don’t really appreciate the effort that we put in. We don’t tend to value the hard work that we do. We don’t tend to validate the tasks already achieved. The full moon on February 22nd will highlight all the strides that you have taken toward achieving your bigger goals. Take in the praise. Turn it into fuel for your future. Our minds need to be encouraged by self-appreciating statements. We are more efficient in the long run when we are able to hold in balance what we have done well and what we are committed to working on.
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Capricorn [December 22 – January 19] :: This month’s new moon on February 8th wants to make some money magic with you. Is there a business idea that has been tugging on your sleeve, one that you have yet to take seriously? Stop that. Take your ideas seriously. Not all of them will turn out how you were hoping but they will all teach you something that you need to learn and lead you toward what you’ll need next.
Your insight and your way of seeing things are more important than trying to fit into any specific type of business model or social scene. Celebrate how you are different. Move in social circles that love that about you. Don’t waste any energy impressing imposters.
What you have is exactly what you need and this month wants you to believe it. Don’t keep your talents low-key and your self-criticism high-key. Switch it up so that you can build on what you’ve been given. It’s up to you to recognize what you’ve already got going for you and then to move boldly forward with it.
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