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Sagittarius [November 22 to December 21] :: Party like it’s your season – because it is, darling! The stars are singing your praises straight through to the Winter Solstice on the 21st. The only disclaimer for this fabulous month is Mercury Retrograde, happening in your very own stars. It’s starting a few hours before the Full Moon, bringing a cosmic double-whammy on the 3rd. This Full Moon falls in your opposite sign and lights up your relationship zone. Partnership themes are reaching a fever pitch now, but try not to start any rows with your significant other as the drama is turned up high. Some partnerships are reaching new levels and some require parting ways. Old flames and friends could resurface this month as well, so look out for ghosts from Christmas past. You’ll rethink many aspects of your life during this powerful Mercury Retrograde. It’s also essential to double-check all forms of communication and commitments, as it’s all too easy to miss important details. The New Moon arrives in your very own stars on the 18th, bringing a fresh start just in time for the New Year. Make your wish list and watch all the goodness roll out between now and next June. Your cash flow is off the charts after the 24th thanks to Venus. You can blow the bank the way you do so well (sans the guilt). That New Year’s Eve dress is sure to be spectacular.

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Capricorn [December 22 to January 19] :: You’re on the brink of a whole new life, Capricorn. December is just the preview, and also the review. The second half of the month has your energy written all over it. But first comes the busy Full Moon on the 3rd, to keep you working non-stop to complete all of your deadlines. Be sure to double-down on your self-care game. You have to refuel on the regular to avoid burnout. Work is piling up during, so pace yourself accordingly. Communication and travel itineraries could get messy as December rolls on, compliments of Mercury Retrograde. It’s just in time for the holidays and you must face it: it’s asking you to take a tech-fast. You’ll at least need to break away from any compulsive screen time habits to take time out to reflect on what’s ahead in 2018. The New Moon (on the 18th) inspires a nature retreat and time for solitude. Your official birthday season launches right on the Winter Solstice, 21 December. Finally, Venus, the goddess of beauty and love, moves into your stars on Christmas Eve. Your love life and your finances both get a very sweet boost right before the clock strikes 2018. Yes, Ms. Goat, New Year’s Eve should be lovely this year

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Aquarius [January 20 to February 18] :: December is a love story, Aquarius. The stars are supporting you on so many levels. Some are obvious and some are subtle and behind the scenes, so pay attention to every line. That said, stay woke as Mercury Retrograde comes for a 2017 finale right on the Full Moon on the 3rd. This lunation bodes beautifully for your love life, but you can’t be too vigilant about communication and details. Plus, travel plans need several check-ins to be sure all is good to go. Expect old flames, friends and even conversations to resurface between now and the end of the year. Your creativity is off the charts all month long. Keep a notepad at the ready to catch all the brilliant ideas streaming in. The New Moon (on the 18th) is excellent for your social life. You can start new alliances and collaborations that bring both luck and expansion to your world over the next six months. Get all of your socializing out of the way before the Winter Solstice on the 21st, as you’ll want to retreat and reflect through Christmas. 2017 gave you much to process and you need time to integrate those life-changing lessons. But by New Year’s Eve, you’re in the mood to party once again, and you get everything that you want, darling. Don’t let anyone stop you

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Pisces [February 19 to March 20]
December promises to deliver opportunities and gifts galore, Pisces. The planets are stacking up at the top of your chart to put you and your dreams on the map just in time for 2018. There’s so much to celebrate that it could be a bit exhausting. The only downer in the mix is one last Mercury Retrograde. It shows up right on the Full Moon on the 3rd, triggering deep introspection and some communication chaos. Be sure to double-check everything, especially when it comes to your professional life. Pay close attention to scheduling meetings and make sure not to double-book. It’s also wise to pad in extra time in case of likely travel delays. Everything just takes twice as long through at least the 22nd. Family themes could be dramatic but also healing under the December stars. There are many important decisions and commitments to be made, but give yourself some room to change your mind (ideally until January to clear the retrograde’s shadow phase). Old professional contacts could show up on the scene when you least expect it. Unfinished business and forgotten dreams get a second go. The New Moon (on the 18th) invites you to get clear on your career goals. Make a list of your professional priorities for 2018, and plan to start executing it shortly after New Year’s Day. Give yourself a day or two to recuperate, however, because the 31st could be a long, wild night.

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Aries [March 21 to April 19]
 :: 2017 will not go gently into that good night, Aries, and the key to surviving your December stars is simple: you must live out loud. Starting from the 1st, when Venus moves into your love zone, your life is lit up from the inside out and you’re giving off a major glow. Things get really crazy on the 3rd, when Mercury Retrograde begins just a few hours before the Full Moon in your communication zone. It’s all about what you know and where you want to go right now, Ms. Ram: between messy travel plans and lost data, you’ll have many threads to follow during the next three weeks. Make sure you pay super close attention to all details and don’t add unnecessary plots and plans to your already overfull plate. There’s a powerful New Moon on the 18th, which is perfect for making long-distance travel plans for the next six months – but you don’t have to get on the road immediately. The next day Saturn, the Cosmic Taskmaster, moves into your career zone, where he’ll help you get serious about your professional prowess for the next 2.5 years – the long haul. Get quiet and introspective on the Winter Solstice, and continue that theme through Christmas: it’s all about gathering with your loved ones and hunkering down in sweetness – safe from the outside world. New Year’s Eve is super fun and decadent – exactly what you need after a chaotic, hectic month.

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Taurus [April 20 to May 20]
Take a seat while your read this, Taurus, because December is all about slowing waaaaaaaaay down. What could be more up your alley? The thing is that the stars are going fast, almost too fast at the start of the month –  and you’ll need to react to them by getting super grounded. The first weekend is mildly insane, with Mercury Retrograde starting within a few hours before the Full Moon (on the 3rd.). This is all about your money situation, Ms. Bull – from earning and balancing your budget to saving and paying back debt. The way to stay ahead of any errors is simple: don’t go on crazy spending sprees without first knowing what you can truly afford. With the retrograde moving through your house of debt and intimacy until the 22nd, both past financial transactions and old lovers can come back to haunt you – or help you. The New Moon lands in this same part of your chart on the 18th, so now is the time to align your karma. Speaking of karma, Saturn moves into Capricorn, your sister earth sign, on the 19th. This 2.5 year phase will help you to see more of the world. Christmas is appropriately quiet this year, even a bet somber, but you may find yourself dreaming of long-distance travel if you’re not celebrating abroad. New Year’s Eve is lit and luxe: with the Moon in your money zone as 2017 waves goodbye, you’ll want to pile on all the sequins.

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Gemini [May 21 to June 20]
 :: December is screaming your name, Gemini, but you may be too busy to notice it. The first weekend of the month is the one that carries your imprimatur most prominently: Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde just a few hours before the Full Moon lands in your sign on Sunday. Yes, darling, you may want to sit this one out because there is so much energy coming your way that you’re easily overwhelmed. If you can plan to sleep in and make it a lazy day, with or without company, you’ll be living your best life. The retrograde takes place in your opposite sign and this can knock you out both emotionally and physically. The next three weeks offer an intense relationship review session. Whether you’re currently single or attached, you’re looking at your partnership style and tweaking it – this is how to remake your relationships just in time for 2018. The New Moon lands in the same part of your chart on the 18th: this is when you should set those goals for next year, hopefully in writing. The next day Saturn finally leaves this same part of your chart – the lessons you’ve learned over the last 2.5 years are finally sinking in. Christmas is quiet and can bring a powerful transformation. The vibe switches just in time for New Year’s Eve – which puts the Moon in your very own sign, bestowing you with unlimited charisma.

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Cancer [June 21 to July 22]
 :: December will be more than just a month to remember, Cancer – it may be one that brings back beloved memories of your past. There’s nothing you adore more, and that’s why you’re the only sign that can tolerate Mercury Retrograde. That fated phase returns early on the 3rd, and because it will move through your work zone this month, you may experience a kind of enforced slowdown at the office – just in time for the holidays. Be on top of your deadlines and pay close attention to small details so nothing gets away from you. The Full Moon lands in your dream zone later in the day, so expect many reveries, daydreams, and fantasies of the way it used to be. It can be sweet and healing to sift through this material. The New Moon lands in your house of scheduling and daily activities on the 18th: it’s the perfect moment to work on an early version of your New Year’s resolutions. Think ahead into the first six months of 2018 – that’s when you can make your mark on the job. Because hardworking Saturn has spent 2.5 years of your life in this part of your chart and is now moving on, you’ve learned fundamental lessons about what you want to do with your every day: now you can put that knowledge to good use. Christmas is all about your relationships – it feels both serious and cozy, a combination that you fancy. New Year’s Eve launches you into 2018 on the heels of a dream: expect a festive atmosphere with a distinctly ethereal outline.

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Leo [July 23 to August 22]
 :: The last month of 2017 is not kidding around, Leo! It begins with a major opposition between Mars and Uranus on the 1st, as a kind of metaphorical opening BOOM. Then a few days later (on the 3rd) Mercury goes retrograde in your house of romance and creativity. Cue the wistful love songs as you begin ruminating about lovers lost – and prepare for them to suddenly show up in your Insta feed. Yes, darling, this is the time of the year when exes can appear out of the ether, along with abandoned ideas that you feel ready to pursue again. A Full Moon arrives later on the same day, asking you to reflect on your social life. There’s some potential tension between the people in your life – your friends and colleagues – and the things you hold most valuable and inspirational. The New Moon (on the 18th) is ideal for setting goals for your romantic and creative life – going forward into the next six months. This is especially valuable if issues arise during Mercury retrograde – the New Moon can be a kind of course-correction. Christmas brings quiet cheer – you’ll crave solitude and extra sleep. By New Year’s Eve the vibe is super communal again – you can’t stop socializing like it’s the key to your existence. This night could last well into the first day of 2018.

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Virgo [August 23 to September 22]
 :: December may seem strange at first, Virgo – as if time is speeding up and slowing down at the same time. That’s because the first weekend of the month is a bit of a weird whirlwind, and it has much to do with you. Your ruler Mercury begins his last retrograde of the year on the 3rd, and just a few hours later there is a Full Moon in Gemini (the other sign ruled by Mercury). For the next few weeks, the communication planet will travel backward through your home and family zone. In some ways this is wonderful for the holiday season – it can bring you closer to the people you most love. At the same time it can bring some chaos and misunderstanding, so aim to express yourself with equal amounts of love and clarity. The New Moon lands in the same part of your chart on the 18th, so if any errors in judgment happen, you can fix them at this moment, and aim to improve your close relationships during the next six months. Saturn, the planet of rules, is leaving this part of your horoscope after 2.5 years. The message is that you’ve learned many lessons about your early childhood and formative relationships during recent years, and you’re now ready to make that material work for you. Friends provide safe space around Christmas – try to connect with them, if not see them around this time. By New Year’s Eve you’re all about making some kind of major impact – it’s an “I wanna see my name in lights” kind of night. Whether you dress to impress or just make a mark with sparkling conversation, you should adore the last night of 2017.

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Libra [
September 23 to October 22] :: December is communication central, Libra. Gear up for another Mercury Retrograde, officially kicking off on the 3rd, the same day as the Full Moon. This one is especially potent, as it happens to land in your house of texting, talking and short-distance travel. Be sure to retrace all of your steps and read the fine print. You can’t be too careful before making major commitments this month. Yet the indecisive part of your nature could serve you well, as you weigh out all the consequences carefully. Also important: check your words before hitting send on texts and emails. You’re more likely to launch blunt missives under this influence. Unfinished business could resurface just in time to make amends before 2018. Good news: finances get a boost from Mars after the 9th, but you’re also more likely to burn through your cash. The New Moon (on the 18th) is the ideal reset for healing any miscommunication from earlier in the month. But there is a bonus: it’s also an excellent time to start plotting your 2018 vacations. Family themes come into focus after the Winter Solstice on the 21st through Christmas. In fact, 2018 is all about a new personal paradigm. Start with your with home and family and then branch out into all life arenas. But that doesn’t mean you should stay in on New Year’s Eve – it’ll be too spectacular to sit out.

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[October 23 to November 21] :: 2017 is about to go out with a big bang, Scorpio! December is all about an upgrade for both your income and status. All of your hard work is starting to pay off on the financial front. The Full Moon (on the 3rd) brings a culmination: it’s great for paying off debt and strategizing for new means of income. When you put your mind on a goal, nothing can stop you. This month it’s about becoming debt-free with as many opportunities to grow your nest egg as possible. The only pitfall of the month is Mercury Retrograde, which arrives on the same day as the Full Moon and doesn’t clear his shadow until 2018. Pay close attention to the details of your financial records and spending patterns. Super news: old sources of income could return at this time. The New Moon (on the 18th) is the ideal moment to make a plan for your 2018 budget. The financial goals you set now will pay off between now and next June. Write down your passions, your dreams and your wishes and then map out a plan for how much it will cost to get these goals up and running. You’re more likely to attract excellent financial advisors or money gurus now, compliments of Jupiter in your stars. Your lucky streak continues through most of 2018, so you have much to celebrate on New Year’s Eve – it accounts for your extra sparkle.

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